Does the Law of Attraction Work?

Since the premiere of the movie, “The Secret” there has BEen, in addition to the fantabulous Positive Awakening to TRUTH, a huge buzz as to the legitimacy of

the tenants to which the movie is based.

These tenants BEing, The Laws of Energy, or as some call it, The Laws of the Universe, or has BEcome commonly KNOWn as “The Law of Attraction”.

The “Law of Attraction: is in FACT, but ONE of the many laws governing the ‘workings’ of our Universe, and thus our BEingness, however, was the biggest law discussed
within the movie and the one that has, shall we say, ‘caught on’ with the
general public.

The Laws of the Universe are based upon the construct upon which ALL exists…..that BEing, ENERGY.

EVERYthing is Energy in some manifested form or other, whether LIGHT or Human BEing, vegetable, mineral, animall, ALL in its essential BEingness, its core make up
IS ENERGY, and thus acts in accord to the laws thereof.

This is NOT a ‘sometimes’ thing, EVERYthing acts in accord to the “Laws of Energy” ALL the time, in fact, irrespective of time and space, as ALL IS ENERGY.

In other words, a computer acts like a computer ALL the time – it DOes not suddenly get up and go for a walk one day, or start driving down the street to do some
grocery shopping. A computer is a
computer and acts in accord to the system by which it is built, period.

Well, we are ALL built of ENERGY, and thus there is simply NO circumventing this TRUTH.

That BEing said, many have, after seeing the movie, “The Secret” or reading up upon the “Law of Attraction” in the countless resources available, BEen left with
quite the ‘sour taste’ in their mouths and disappointment in their experiences.

Many have DOne exactly as they saw, were told, or read regarding the “Law of Attraction”, BElieving WHOLE HEARTedly {or so they BElieved} in its TRUTH and yet
encountering, shall we say ‘stumbling blocks’ a plenty along their way. The disappointment expressed has BEen
AWEsome. Some have lost their
homes, careers, loved ones, and have delved into the depths of depression as a
result of their CHOOSing to ACT upon that which they have seen, read or heard
regarding the “Law of Attraction”.

Why is this so?

How is it that one can DO EVERYthing according to the principles, insights, lessons they have seen/heard/read about and STILL, after ALL that, after the visualizations,
deep introspective thinking, complete Positive emotional FEELings, NOT see the
results of their divining???

There MUST BE something amiss!

The Law of Attraction must NOT work!


Or, perhaps there is much more to the picture than that which one can SEE, even more so, than one understands and is AWARE of.

Let’s face it, we’ve ALL BEen there, something seemingly horrible occurs, from great tragedies to the more minute negatives we are faced with in our lives.. Everything looks bleak, whether it is a
diagnosis of Cancer or missing a plane trip to a very important meeting, in the
moment of NOW of that experience, we see ALL as HORRIBLE………..and yet…………in our
next moment of NOW, we realize just what an AWESome Blessing this seemingly ‘Horrible’
situation turned out to BE. The
diagnosis of cancer turned out not to BE fatal and led to a much more exciting,
healthy lifestyle, happier and more fulfilled than ever imagined or even
thought possible BEfore, and the plane that was missed wound up crashing into
the Atlantic and ALL passengers ‘lost at sea’…..I KNOW, I KNOW, the Atlantic is
an Ocean – it just DOesn’t sound quite as ‘right’ to say ‘lost at ocean’ now,
DOes it? Hee hee

I think we ALL get the point though, n’est-ce-pas?yes""> Something we can ALL relate to, something, even if it has NOT happened to us directly – in so far as we can remember – has been
exemplified through one whom we KNOW and hold dear in our lives.

Well…….this is quite similar to the ‘disappointments’ many have experienced pertaining to the “Laws of the Universe”.

We have just seen evidence of ONE reason why seemingly ‘bad’ things sometimes happen, EVEN WHEN we are DOing everything ‘right’ and in accord to the L:aws, and that
is, that sometimes, we are unawares of the good that will ultimately result
from them. Sometimes we are
unawares of the Gifts we are receiving, the Opportunities to HEAL that are
BEing presented within our experience that we may transcend to a life that is
Greater than we could have ever imagined.

This is actually quite HUGE and a theme that reoccurs through out– for anytime we CHOOSE to see something as negative, CHOOSE to label it as tragic, horrible, ‘not
going our way’, it is precisely BEcause we are UNAWARE, and thus CHOOSing to
ONLY see the perceived negative aspects of the situation.

What we are unaware of on the other hand, can BE a myriad of things.

Let’s take our friends whom, after seeing the movie “The Secret” chose to quit their jobs, give away their home, and wait for their visualized dreams of winning the
multi-million dollar lottery to manifest.
They had spent ALL their time DOing what they were told, visualizing,
thinking and feeling all the positive emotions associated with their dreams
BEing realized and………………NOTHING……….they didn’t win the lottery, they didn’t
have jobs and now, on top of it, they were homeless.


Talk about disappointing!!!

DOes this mean the “Laws: did NOT work?

NO, it DOes NOT mean they didn’t work, it DOes however, illustrate a very important aspect of the ‘Laws’ that perhaps were ‘missed’ or more aptly stated,

Sometimes, we can DO everything ‘right’ or at least we BElieve them to so BE, when in FACT, we really DOn’t BElieve on ALL levels of our BEingness, on levels that
perhaps, we are NOT even awares to.

We are intricate fabrications of energy, with 80 TRILLION cells making up our BEingness, that’s right, it takes 80 TRILLION CELLS to comprise just ONE human
BEing. NOW, think about this for a
minute……when YOU were conceived, the ALL that YOU are today, there were ONLY
TWO CELLS, the spermatoza and the ovum that made YOU – just TWO CELLS made ALL
of YOU!

Those TWO CELLS contained within them, ALL the information that was required to create the rest of the 80 Trillion cells {minus 2} that created the Miracle that is


Let’s take a moment and just let that sink in.

Two cells BEcame 80 Trilliion!!!

2 : 80 TRILLION!

And……….EACH of the 80 Trillion cells within YOUr BEingness is just as POWERFull, just as FULL of information and ability as those initial TWO.

That is A LOT of information contained within one BEing, contained within YOU!

And each of YOUr 80 Trillion cells has BEen affected by YOUr life’s experiences, YOUr thoughts, emotions, interactions, dreams, goals, situations, YOUr Life!

In fact, there are cells within YOU that have BEen affected by other people’s experiences, emotions, thoughts and lives, lest we forget, the two cells that
started it ALL, came from two other people- YOUr parents, whom in turn,
received their first ‘founding cells’ from two other people each – that’s an
additional four other people in the picture now, YOUr grandparents, and they
received their two founding cells from their parents, and so on and so on and
so on, to the BEginning of the BEginning of WE.yes""> That’s an INFINTE amount of information and affect/effect we
are carrying around within us.

Let’s take a moment to ponder our Magnificence, shall we.

Getting back to our couple, whom gave up everything they had for the winning lottery ticket that never manifested, though they did everything they were told, and
TRUEly BElieved they were really DOing everything they were told. Is it possible, even slightly, on some
level, they were not? Is it possible
that some part of them, didn’t BElieve?
Is it possible, that on some level they did not see them SELF as worthy,
on some level they were NOT LOVing SELF? Is it possible there was some FEAR
they were harbouring, some unresolved issues within their past that they had
yet to face? Is it possible that
there existed something WITHIN them that was working against ALL that they were
DOing that was ‘right’?

Ahhhhhhhhhh FEAR………it’s a BIGGIE and we are GREAT, in fact, FANTABULOUS at repressing, hiding, ignoring, and denying its existence within our SELVes, and yet, exist,
it surely DOes.

DOing everything right towards manifesting our dreams, goals, aspirations and desires whilst harbouring feelings of self-hate, in any way, shape or form, ACT in
accord to the “Laws” and in so much, if there is negative energies one is
holding regarding SELF, these can NOT BE ‘swept under the rug’ no matter how
much Positive thinking, feeling and visualizing we DO. Until we Face our Fears, they ARE and
as long as they are, they emanate a vibration all unto themselves and this
vibration will work in contrast to, in other words, AGAINST the vibrations of
positive thinking, feeling and visualization.

NOW, DO not get me wrong here, Positive BEingness FAR outweighs negative BEingness,, and thus we are GIFTed the infinite opportunities by which we may FACE our
Fears that we may overcome or HEAL them and THEN manifest ALL that is positive
and wonderFull awaiting our grasp.

As I stated, we must Face our Fears,, in order that we HEAL them. IF we are not able to so do on our own, within our own BEingness, through our thoughts and feelings, meditation,
introspection, enLIGHTenment Guidance, writing, reading, creating artistically,
traveling, and the list goes on and on and on, ALL tools by which we may CHOOSE
to CHANGE how we otherwise perceived, received and responded to these fears,
the situations that created them and the individuals whom were involved within
their creation YOU CAN BE Guaranteed, the Universe, through the “Laws” WILL MANIFEST
these fears in varying forms within YOUr experience of BEingness to give YOU
the Opportunity to FACE them and CHOOSE to release and thus Heal them,

When we realize that we ATTRACT whatever it is that we REQUIRE to realize whatever it is we came here to achieve, even if we never achieve it, BEcause – more likely
than not, we ourselves are unawares as to the magnificence of that which we
came here to achieve, we realize that EVERYthing that manifests within our
lives is a GIFT, a Gift to get us where we need to BE to BE Fulfilled and

When we greet everything with this KNOWledge, EVERYthing as a GIFT, instead of getting pissed off that something has not gone our way, we look for the lessons
available, the opportunity to grow and learn and thus our pathway to the
manifested realization of our dreams is one of smooth riding, enjoyed,
appreciated and positive, YES, even in the ‘seemingly negative’ situations,
POSITIVE! For NOHTING is negative
until WE SAY it is so.

Getting back to our couple, whom “lost it ALL”, putting everything on the line for their lottery winning ticket, we BEgin to see the Great Lesson that was
misunderstood by them in the first place and the lesson is this:

BEfore putting our energies into the outwardly manifestations of our dreams, goals, and aspirations, we need to focus on the ONE TRUE GOAL for ALL of WE, and that

BEfore manifesting ANYthing within our lives, we must first BE in a position WITHIN our SELVes that is Healthy, that KNOWs the Magnificence of YOUr BEingness,
KNOWs that YOU are WORTHY, KNOWS that YOU are Deserving, KNOWs that the “Laws”
work FOR YOU, NOT against YOU, KNOWS that the Universe is YOUr Greatest
Supporter NOT some dark, ugly, scary place out to get YOU at every turn.

BEfore manifesting the material, we must FIRST manifest the physical BEingness of our own TRUTH, we must KNOW this in EVERY ONE of our 80 Trillion Cells, through and

NO, I’m NOT saying ya gotta BE the Dalai Lama, Ghandi, or Krishna to manifest YOUr dreams, I’m NOT even saying YOU have to BE completely rid of ALL of YOUr Fears and
Healed of ALL of the negative conditioning/brainwashing experiences that YOU
have lived through, BUT YOU MUST BEgin upon the pathway to HEALing SELF FIRST
and FOREMOST, to LOVing SELF FIRST and FOREMOST.yes""> As YOU so DO, YOU BEgin to align YOUr vibration with the
positive and thus with ALL the Gifts that the Universe is waiting to shower
upon YOU. YOUr dreams, goals and
aspirations WILL MANIFEST and make YOUr pathway of HEALing that much easier,
smoother and faster for YOU. Every
time YOU face a Fear, every time YOU HEAL some aspect of SELF that is starving
for LOVE, YOU are GIFTed manifestations of brilliance from the Universe, BEcause
YOU open another door, another channel of energy to allow for that which is
ALLready there, awaiting YOUr embrace!!!

Blissedly BE

Radiate Soul Light

Radiating LOVE

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

roni ;

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