Dying to Heal

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

 ~Kahlil Gibran


Dying-disappearing, falling, fading, vanishing and becoming extinct.

Heal-restore to health, mend, make well, and repair.

Are you ready to repair, mend, make well your desire not to disappear, fall or fade?


Questions to start:

*Do you have to die to heal?

*Do you need to be at the bottom to rise? 

*Are you a believer in self- healing?


With so much possibility to achieve change, many continue to shy away. Rather than believing in the possibility of change on a cellular level, must continue to seek the magic bullet, the immediate relief, a miracle elixir.

To take the journey to the heart of the matter, not so much. Why? The answer is pretty simple. It takes work. It takes stepping outside the box and trusting there’s some other solution you might not even be aware of.  It takes fortitude, gratitude and a strength that only comes from within. It’s never outside you and clearly, never from someone else.

In the past, when healers told me I would heal completely, I was terrified yet, it only took a few minutes to say, “Yes, of course, I want to heal, why wouldn’t I want this.” Thus, the deep dive into an intensive healing journey began. Trusting it was my best option, I dove in with all I had.  How grateful I am for saying yes to possibilities. Over the course of a few years, I witnessed the healing of my heart and the physical manifestation of heart pain. Today the journey continues with equal excitement and calmness, every moment, every day.

The path to deep healing is a mystery to be reckoned with.  The question is, “What are you so afraid of? What’s all the fear about?” Is it that it might not happen or that you aren’t capable of such miracles?  Because of this very thing, much of our life is lived in a state of discomfort holding onto past patterning as if that’s all there is.  

Are you comfortable in your un comfortability?

Helpful tools to support becoming comfortable in your comfortability.

  1. Hold hands with your fears. You’re not alone. Most people stay because change is scary and unknown. It is perfectly acceptable, and almost necessary, to experience fear as you enter into the unknown. That’s what Darwin spoke to in his ‘survival of the fittest.’
  2. Make a decision to go for the gold. Commit fully to the process of discovery. Allow your energetic body to feel the excitement, as if you’re trying on new clothes, testing different waters, experiencing life through a new lens. Step out of the proverbial box surround by piles of past beliefs and transform stale behaviors into attitudes which enhance your life and truly matter.
  3. Let the truth be known. Your entire life will change. Your DNA will change. And here lies a huge choice point; this may be perceived as frightening or it may be perceived as illuminating. It is a path, a journey to wholeness. It will take an abundance of courage to let go of what was and open to what is, and what is yet to come.
  4. Embody your breath. Trust you belong here. That it’s your birthright to stand tall in the finest rendition of you. And breath, deep slow, expansive breathing, as this will assist you to stay grounded and in your body. Breathing from the core activates your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) Shallow, short breath, which comes from the rib cage, activates your sympathetic nervous system (SNS) which will excite you quickly into fight-freeze-flight. This work can only be achieved if you are grounded and centered. Can you remember how much fun you have had when you are in your body?
  5. Healing happens within. It takes courage and tenacity to heal. You have to be willing to relinquish every thought, feeling and attitude that seriously interferes with mastering your existence (relax, this is a lifetime adventure) This is the only way you heal for real™ I have a mantra associated with true healing I will share with you. Slow-Steady-Turn.  Take it slow. Live steady. Turn your life around. You can always put on a temporary band-aid, but remember, that’s all that is, temporary)
  6. Complicated simplicity. You will notice the mind games that play out between your personality self and the self that knows best. This happens mostly when you begin to embark on your healing journey. Acknowledge the dance between your mind, which primary desire is to keep you safe within the walls of what is already known. On the other hand, your excitable heart wants to flow, be increasingly more playful and lighter as you enjoy a new level of passion and expansiveness in your a-live-ness. It’s all good. Ride the waves. This too will shift if you remain steady and on track.

 Testimonial- When I began my extraordinary healing journey, I asked myself,” Do I really want to heal?  I learned from a teacher/healer who practiced the art of kinesiology, that what our mind wants isn’t always congruent with our knowing body. It took me a few years to understand his deeper wisdom. In my naiveté, I thought, of course, I wanted to heal from a lifelong physically crippling disease. The question for my ‘body’ was I willing to make the commitment to healing my #1 priority?  Was I willing to do the deep dive, go in, flush out the junk and get to the other side, filled with a renewed sense of purpose and promise? Better yet, was I willing to bring my gift(s) to others in deep selfless service.  An AHA moment. When I said yes in that level of awareness, my body responded brilliantly to the intense work it required to rewrite my DNA. I took the leap, knowing the net would appear. That’s how significant healing happens.

In conclusion, if my personal story moves you into action, empowers or inspires you to get up and take the leap, with an inner resilience to do just about anything-even die-I know you will be as successful as I. For this I sit in awe and gratitude.

Are you dying to heal? Are you ready to mend, do the repair work, learn what makes your heart smile and voice sing? Are you ready to be enlivened by the possibilities of your life? If so then go ahead and look at the exercise and deeper dive below. It’s a guide to assist you in understanding how magnificent the road will be when you say yes to all of you-no piece left behind. Enjoy the ride.


When you invite in the healing process you open to all possibilities.

Nothing shy of a transformational miracle!

I. Exercise:

Make a list of the ‘stuff’ keeping you from taking action: ie. passivity, unworthiness, fear of being alone, anger at self and other (always a mirror), depression, feeling out of control/too much control. Stay in your gut. Trust whatever “pops up” is that which is clearly getting in the way of your truest healing and wellness.

II. Do the Deep Dive:

What keeps you alive and well?

What do you want that you don’t have right now? (visualize the life you ache for.)

What would you change about yourself? (behaviors, patterns, and reactions

How do you love yourself?

What do you honor about yourself?

If you feel stuck, what keeps you stuck?

Write it down. Understand it. Own it.

No judging! You’ve had enough judgment for this lifetime!


Healing begins with opening your heart to the person you are.



Laura Mayer, MA, OTR,  Founder of SoulDancing Healing Practice.

As an Integrative Therapist, Medical Intuitive and Healing Coach, Laura engages the "inner game" by intuiting the energy field for tremendous growth, clearing and transformational healing to happen.

Laura works with people who, despite outward success, still feel disempowered. She helps them live a more empowered life without sacrificing success.

Opening doorways to new possibilities is the heart of Laura's work. Her personal story and extraordinary intuition offer unique keys for your transformation.

To learn more visit www.doorwaytoanaudaciouslife.com/Laura@doorwaytoanaudaciouslife.com







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