Abstract: Thoughts are the raw material of our life and dreams, the rudders that steer us from one reality to another.  Admitting that our thinking has been contributing to the chaos and destruction we see in our world today? Embracing our addictive thinker within and discovering that our mental heath is our natural state of being, not something we can get or lose, nor is it something that comes and goes. Choices we can make to restore our mental wellness.

Thought is the missing link between formless world of pure potentiality and form”, Michael Neill 

Thoughts are the raw material of our life and dreams, the rudders that steer us from one reality to another. They have the potential to connect us with our feelings that guide us along the way. Meanwhile our source is letting us know that we are not alone in guiding our lives! Many consider that our thinking is more evolved than any other species. But are we really move evolved thinkers? What if we admit that our thinking has been contributing to the chaos and destruction we see in our world today? What if we acknowledge how our addicted societies have promoted stress, resistance, environmental crisis and remaining stuck in old paradigms of thinking? What if we had been listening to our greater wisdom? What if we embrace our addictive thinking and clear the pathways for new ways of thinking that bring forth the best in our world?

Mental heath is our natural state of being. We often have a nagging sense that something is not right, we feel unsatisfied, stressed and work harder to make a better life. When we admit that the harder we try, the more we are cutting ourselves off from our loving source and it’s greater wisdom. What if we remember that our well being is not something we can get or lose, nor is it something that comes and goes. Wellness is always with us. Just as the sun is always there for us, even when it is covered by clouds floating by.

Many of the mental conditions we see today stem from wrapping ourselves up in our thinking. Dwelling on events in the past or things that we have little control over creating disorders such as depression, anxiety and compulsion. What if we admit how much we are occupying ourselves with anything, just so we do not have to be alone with our thoughts and feelings? What if we decide to restore our thinking to our natural state of whole being wellness? 

Restoring our mental wellness is not getting more advice or trying to…

  • Fix ourselves.
  • Prove ourselves
  • Work on ourselves
  • Figure things out
  • Control our thoughts
  • Obsessively ponder what we should or should not do
  • Figure out the people in our lives, try to fix them and wonder why it isn’t working.
  • Work hard to get rid of stress and struggle
  • Figure out how to manipulate our outside to make us happy on our inside
  • Monitor, analyze and judge ourselves
  • Nag ourselves and others
  • Overthink
  • Try to be spiritual
  • Do endless planning
  • Making endless goals
  • Worry
  • Focus on the problems
  • Stop analyzing our thoughts as either “good” or “bad”
  • Obsess with details to get things perfect, right and done

Once we realize that our happiness comes from the inside, we can let  of trying to manipulate our outside to make us happy. We can embrace our addictive thinking, step back, calm down, relax and clear the space for our mental wellness by choosing to…

  • Breathe, dance, move and meditate. Enjoy the feeling of letting our physical and mental energy circulate freely.
  • Let go of stressing on the details of life. Enjoy allowing our innate wisdom to offer and provide insights, information and inspiration. We recognize them because they make us feel happy, exhilarated, inspired and satisfied which is our natural state of being.
  • Let go of the trying. The moment we clear our minds, if only for a moment, we are already on the path to returning to our natural state.  Knowing this take the pressure off.
  • Remember that everyone is on their own evolutionary path. No one is more spiritual or connected than anyone else. We all are one with the source that is guiding and co-creating the show with us. Enjoy the freedom from trying to figure anyone out or fix them and wonder why it is not working!
  • Let the chicken out the door! Clearing our minds returns us to our natural mental state. A fun metaphor is to imagine a chicken running around in our kitchen, frantically trying to find a way out. Imagine our minds clearing just by opening the door and letting the chicken out!
  • Let go of  judging what is happening as “good” or “bad”. Embrace the ride, with all its highs and lows and everything in between. Accept our experiences without putting labels on them. Acknowledge whatever arises into our consciousness without having to react to it, just let them be. “Our consciousness is always making new forms of manifestation. As one sensation and manifestation leaves, a new one arises.”- Steven Handel
  • Let go of looking for more advice and then resist it.
  • Be willing to go through withdrawal. Most likely we experience  withdrawal as with any other addictive habit. We may feel a strong pull or discomfort as we let go of our old ways of thinking. Hang in there, that too will pass!
  • Allow ourselves to be “in but not of” the addictive society.
  • Let our thinking be fluid. Let go of trying to to think in a certain way. Clear our minds and let ourselves cultivate a sense of inner peace. “Be grateful with our highs and graceful with our lows”-George Pranksy
  • Get comfortable with our all of our thoughts and feelings. Embrace them, allow them to pass on by. “If the only thing people learned is not to fear their experiences, that alone would change the world.” Sid Bank.
  • Explore not using any particular technique on ourselves or others.  Let our minds relax, knowing that when we clear our mental paths there is no ending to our potential!

About the Author: 

Crystal is a certified expansion guide with the Total Integration Institute. An author, multidimensional coach and facilitator for the live event called Freedom at the Core. She is the instructor and coach for her online course, Freedom From the Inside Out.  She draws from her own experience and the experience of the thousands of people she has worked with over the past 35 years. Crystal is known for the fun and empowering way she supports people in bringing forth the experiences they want in their lives. Currently she is writing a series of children's books that embrace the principles of living freedom.




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