Extrasensory Perception versus Spiritual Living - part one

Walking a spiritual path is a commitment to authenticity. In this, the first article, we’ll explore how beliefs in extrasensory perception can inhibit authenticity thus stunting spiritual growth. 

The Psychic Personality

In my book, The Rational Psychic, I detail how extrasensory personalities do not develop in a vacuum. Long before the onset of reliable extrasensory perception in adolescents and adults there are usually events that condition one toward heightened sensitivity. Failing to accept this truth can cause rationalizations that presuppose seemingly psychic people are, in some immeasurable way, metaphysically special due to processing sensory information paranormally. Over identifying with said rationalization creates a pseudo-spiritual false self. A persona that from an objective vantage point is a very clever adaptation of the ego. Let me explain.

During spiritual maturation, there is a softening of the personality's more jagged edges. The result is the ego becoming less impulsive, more cooperative, flexible, compassionate and emotionally transparent and honest. Among many psychic people though, the ego never softens. Instead it becomes hard and candy-coated. Under a lacquer of sentimental sweetness that conceptually indicates spiritual liberation, the ego simply hardens as it rigidly adheres to the often-unsubstantiated metaphysical beliefs that define it's presumed purpose and specialness. So while psychics may find it appealing to be referred to as touched or blessed, the archetypes and flattery they love actually blinds them to painful realities that require healing for genuine spiritual evolution to occur.

It is difficult to confront what conditions the mind to function paranormally. it can send you into a dark night of the soul. I know this because I have gone through cycles of self-analysis over my twenty years as a professional psychic. And I have mentored hundreds of highly sensitive and psychic people. What I have learned, after all, is if we do not look at our lives honestly as psychic people, we miss vital opportunities for developing both spiritually and psychically. Let’s define spiritual versus psychic development so we can learn why using these terms interchangeably can be problematic.

Spiritual Development & Psychic Development

Spiritual development includes our gradual unmasking. It is a way to loosen the reactive and defensive grip our most deeply ingrained schemas and superficial selves prevent exposing who we really are. Spiritual development takes time, concentration, equanimity and the willingness to be vulnerable. On the other hand, psychic development is simply a process of conditioning the mind to perceive the world in a slightly self-centered manner. Self-centered meaning in such a way as the private thoughts and experiences of others un-naturally appear in your conscious awareness.

Once you’re accustom to consciously recognizing normally unconscious impersonal information, all manner of data can potentially be remotely discerned without regard for time or distance. Perceiving information through feelings, and what is best described as a mentally disembodied awareness, stimulates a ubiquitous experience of self. One becomes directly aware the five physical senses are not the only way of ascertaining facts. But when highly sensitive people fail to separate the psychic from the spiritual, the vulnerability that comes from subjectively merging with others can trigger a variety of unhealthy personal results including vain and attention seeking, competitive and self-centered impulses that only embolden and preserve the psychic identity.

An allegiance to the psychic persona harms interpersonal relationships. The most damaged relationship being the one the sensitives has with him or herself in the form of an ability to express their authentic underlying being. Those who perceive themselves as spiritual because they're supposedly psychic are prone to vigilantly concealing their basic humanity. So we must remember that developing spiritually is an effort to become increasingly more human - not super natural.  So why then, do psychic aspirants commonly craft superhuman identities based on occult powers to be more spiritual? 


Developing psychic power as process for spiritual evolution is an erroneous and outdated concept reinforced by Spiritualist philosophy. How does spiritualism discourage authenticity you might ask? By teaching that extrasensory perception is the language of the soul. The inference is that by developing ESP you ever so slowly embrace your true soul self. Thus, by developing psychic ability you become an authentic spiritual expression of your soul. What following this logic actually produces, however, are woefully complex, defensive and emotionally avoidant psychic personas.

Spiritual living fosters mental and emotionally embodiment. The ability to live fully in the present and in tune with psychologically sound spiritual principles that don't conceal your basic humanity.  

For psychic people wanting to step outside their comfort zone, know that committing to genuine spiritual practice may ignite an inner conflict between wanting to uphold your special psychic identity and feeling driven to heal the wounds you don't realize inspired extra special sensitivity. 

In my next article, we’ll continue examining authenticity as it relates to extrasensory perception and spiritual living. 

I know that much of what’s written here may challenge what you’ve been taught. You might even feel aggravated in response to what’s shared here. If so, I invite you to notice the degree to which you feel compelled to attack the aforementioned ideas or defend the psychic identity. Aggressive feelings can indicate reliance on a conceptual self that does not represent the truth of who you spiritually are.

Keep in mind I am not challenging the value of ESP as a spiritual service. Nor am I denigrating psychic people. Instead what’s being pointed to here is that by stripping away a psychic veneer we discover an integrative path that when followed leads to your living your most powerfully authentic you.         

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