Astrology can provide a wonderful tool for self-healing, guidance and discovery, that is, if we learn how to unlock the secrets of our birth charts. By looking at the angles formed by the planets at the time of our birth, as well as their concentration in the zodiac signs, we can identify the energies that have the strongest influence on our behavior. A conglomeration of planets in Pisces will indicate a strongly intuitive, artistic and empathic approach regardless of the natal sun. This could also lead to some of the shadow aspects of the fish – every sign has them – in this case escapism, lack of grounding and the tendency to freeze under pressure. Study your natal chart and soon you will recognize yourself in the stars, going deeper everyday.

While this is all very interesting, the magic happens when we approach our natal chart proactively. What we could call difficult traits become opportunities for growth. Accepting ourselves for who we are is the first step. Then we can start to harmonize these energies with the help of the plant kingdom. Working with flowers and plants makes it possible for us to take the edge off some of our more influential signs. For example, coolly detached Aquarius will benefit from the inclusive nature of Water Violet, bringing her into the fold. If we know our charts we can surround ourselves with the right flowers, although bottled remedies may be a more practical approach.

Bach Flower Remedies are part of a modality known as vibrational healing. The theory is that each of our mental and emotional states has a mirror in the natural world. Edward Bach designed a simple system so we could read the descriptions and know for ourselves which ones to take. For example, Scleranthus promotes decisiveness. Impatiens is for hasty types who want everything done yesterday and the frustration that creates. We can also turn to our astrological birth chart for guidance, choosing flower remedies that complement our signs. The following is a summary of the zodiac signs and the flower remedies that balance their energy.


Full of fire and charisma, Aries is quick, incisive and inspired. As the kickstarter of the zodiac, the Ram is a strong leader who learns from his mistakes and adapts. His enthusiasm can lead to impatience or frustration if plans do not take off soon enough. In some cases the thought of defeat leads to an unwarranted retreat. Strengthen that Aries resolve in the face of delays or setbacks with Gentian Flower Remedy.


Never one to rush the job, the Bull values quality, tradition and family. This sign also embodies the beautiful and sensuous aspects of Venus. As a fixed earth sign, Taurus often digs in his heels. Oak Flower Remedy can dissolve that stubbornness, especially when Taurus insists on pulling more than his fair share of weight.


Gemini’s glyph depicts a set of twins in reference to the sign’s multitasking, adaptable and versatile nature. Interested in a wide variety of subjects and personalities, Gemini is easily influenced. Walnut Flower Remedy brings the Twins back to their center, so they will know their mind, regardless of what others believe.  


Ruled by the moon, Cancerians are sensitive, nurturing and protective. Their soft interior is often hidden behind a thick shell that only grants entry to family and friends. Sensitive to criticism, the Crab has a tendency to retreat when feeling judged. Larch flowers can be a powerful remedy for doubt and self-consciousness.


The Lioness is a proud, commanding, and natural leader. Leo energy is fiercely protective though it also craves adoration and respect from the family. Sure of her own success, Leo wants others to do just as well, thinking she knows best. Vine Flower Remedy encourages Leo to take a step back so others decide their own fate.


Down-to-earth, practical and meticulous, Virgo is a natural problem solver. Helping others is always part of the Virgin’s equation. The Virgin is aware of her flaws and works to improve them, though at times she can be too critical of herself and others. Crab Apple Remedy helps Virgo focus the big picture instead of insignificant flaws.


Represented by the scales of justice, this sign is diplomatic, peaceful and intelligent. Libra is a loyal friend, loved by many though he also feels the pressure of trying to please everyone. Centaury Flower Remedy can give Libra the courage to say no.  


Scorpio has more intensity than any other sign. The Scorpion has the capacity to go deep into the subconscious, healing and releasing patterns that hold him back. Fear of losing control is the only barrier and in these cases, Chicory Flower Remedy helps Scorpio tap into the ocean of unconditional love at his disposal.


The Archer is fascinated by adventure, foreign cultures and anthropology. He wants to understand what makes the human spirit thrive whether its faith, philosophy or Mother Nature. A restless fire sign, Sagittarius may have trouble settling down. Wild Oat Remedy helps the Archer throw down his roots when the time is finally right.


The Goat is grounded, surefooted and determined. Capricorn’s focus makes him unstoppable as he slowly climbs the mountains of material success. Represented by the Devil in tarot, this sign can motivated by ambition and fear of scarcity. Rock Water Flower Remedy enables the goat to make a life and not just a living.


The rebel child of the zodiac is independent, open minded and analytical. The Water Bearer’s vision is focused on equality, universal love and the common good but personal relationships can be tricky to navigate. Water Violet opens the Aquarian heart, and Elm Flower Remedy keeps him from giving up on his larger than life goals.


As the last sign in the Zodiac, the Fish carries weight of the world on his shoulders. Pisces inhabits a watery world of empathy, intuition, dreams and fantasy. Clematis Flower Remedy will help the Fish find solid ground when he is lost or overwhelmed.


We can learn plenty by studying the stars, especially if we approach any perceived flaws with compassion and faith in our own power. Trust your intuition to identify the remedies that suit your personality. The original descriptions are available on the Bach Centre website along with dosage instructions. Peter Damien’s Twelve Healers of the Zodiac can also shed some light on the subject. Start with your Moon Sign and let that Bach Flower Remedy transform your inner world and emotions. Move onto the others when you feel ready.


Note: Vibrational Healing is not a substitute for Medical Care.



Author Bio:  Can anyone learn to channel healing and shift his or her life in a new direction? Of course! This startling discovery led Regina Chouza to become an Accredited Healer, blogger and teacher. Her first book A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love, is available on Amazon. Visit for details or tweet a question @reginachouza.











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Comment by Regina Chouza on November 24, 2015 at 11:50pm
Wonderful! Thank you Shelly!
Comment by Regina Chouza on November 23, 2015 at 8:56pm
Sorry I've been gone for a while - the past six months were intense with lots of travel but it's finally settled down and I'll be able to submit regularly again. Reiki hugs, Regina

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