This is a week of bridges. Pathways are firming up between people, between you and your goals and, most of all, between components of your being.

Your heart, mind and will are turning into solid, reliable and committed collaborators -- and not just with each other, either. They’re linking firmly as well as with your guidance, intuition, higher self, or whatever label you use for the non-physical influence you sense in your life.

Their interaction is why so much in your life is working, at last. And if that statement’s not true for you, this is the week to rectify that.

Mercury (mind and messages), Venus (desires and values) and Mars (drive and action) have a simple but winning formula for their teamwork: Think it; feel it; go for it. That formula takes on nuances this week as each of the players makes contacts this week to both the most nonphysical influence in the sky and the most mundane:  Neptune, spinner of illusion, dreams and miracles, and law-abiding, order-loving, rule-enforcing Saturn. Add trust, faith, guidance and love to the formula and watch it deliver tangible, practical, real-world results.

This line-up is giving us the first taste of the aspect that will define the summer:  the round-robin of energy known as a grand trine,  connecting the early degrees of the water signs. This will have the sensation of riding rapids, or surfing, or jet-skiing -- think the all-consuming, sensitive, immersing qualities of February’s atmosphere, but with forceful, powerful, terrain-reshaping movement.

Neptune and Saturn provide the static points in the trine, while a succession of bodies complete the circuit one after the other. Mercury launches the grand trine on Monday, heightening emotional expression and knowing; Venus follows on Friday.  Our minds experience the rush first, then it sweeps away our hearts, in the constant framework of connection to both spirit and physicality.

Because of this influence, the next stretch of time promises the opposite of the upheaval of the spring:  Calming. Grounding. Solidifying. Becoming real, palpable, supportive. (Scout’s honor!) This is particularly true for relationships and situations that are valuable to your heart (and, let’s be honest, bank balance). We’re moving from wishing and hoping and praying and crying to realizing the extent to which a dream is already in existence.

Though these impulses are building all week, Friday is the target time, when the floodgates open between the planets of earthly and heavenly love (Venus and Neptune) and then between the love goddess and the rulemaker (Venus and Saturn). The resulting rush of emotions leads naturally to commitments, but also to ramifications and responsibilities. No trifles or flings are on this summer’s schedule. The currents we are riding require responsible, mindful actions, with eyes fixed on both the present and what’s ahead downstream.

And if you’re not paying attention, well...circumstances will grab it, sooner or later. Saturn contacts have staying power. Whatever our hearts engage in/with now will be with us for some time. If specific people or situations fade or depart, ramifications will remain. For some people, this could mean a baby (which could, of course, be the answer to prayers even if the other parent isn’t).  You’ll be fine if you periodically ground and empty yourself, check in with your guidance and heart, and let your mind and actions follow.

It comes down to knowing yourself -- to distinguishing between your true voice and guidance, and all the chatter in and around you that is not You. We’re all so much better at that now, after the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses that reset our belief systems over the past two and a half years. Saturday’s Gemini New Moon is the first lunation on that axis since the eclipse cycle wrapped up last month.  Watch for opportunities to put your newly honed thinking to work. I’ll have more in my mooncast, which will be posted on the site by Friday.

And speaking of thinking:  do play with the metaphor of bridges this week. Put that in your frame of reference and you will detect them everywhere. You may well come to see that you are yourself living on a bridge -- maybe even that you yourself are the bridge. That bridge spans spirit and matter, and they come together in you.

THIS MONTH ONLY I am giving daily conscious living astrology tips  -- free! -- as part of the OMTimes & Gaiam TV 30-Day Conscious Living Challenge. Read my tips and post questions and commentary on my Challenge page.

I hope you will follow as many other Challenges as appeal to you.  There are a couple dozen, covering such topics as intuition-building, juicing, yoga, career development and relationships, and you are free to participate as fully or as minimally as you like.  View the full list here. Experts will be answering questions in the Challenge forums, and the more you take part, the more you are eligible to win prizes.

Monday:  Cosmic messenger Mercury launches the grand water trine today by simultaneously linking to formlessness and order. Messages are magical and reassuring, somehow straddling fairy tales and spreadsheets. Speak and listen with your heart. Ask for the right words to come through you. Ask to be shown, and to grasp, how the weird information you are encountering applies to your daily life. Because it does.

Tuesday:  The good vibes start well before dawn any place in the Western Hemisphere. In fact, don’t be surprised If you enter the day feeling lazy and not inclined to anything much productive. The Moon is void of course for the morning, from 2:10 AM to 11:55 AM EDT. Afterwards, your heart and attitude will gravitate to fun and socializing. Work those into your day, if you have to be productive. Otherwise...Can you head outside and lounge? Are you sure you can’t?

Wednesday:  Monster Moon void alert! Be prepared to hang back and watch the movie of your life play out today and tomorrow, because the Moon is void of course from 9:26 AM until 11:33 PM Thursday night. Today’s stretch has us processing and assimilating the tumult and changes of the past six weeks. Look for evidence of the shape-shifting you have undergone, and the relative ease and freedom with which you are now moving through life.

Thursday: Another day to hang back and let life play out, with the Moon void of courseuntil 11:33 PM EDT. Today’s featured topic is how you go about getting your heart’s desires met. Relationship developments are likely to demonstrate the topic for you. It’s not the same old tune, though. You’ve changed, and so have the dynamics of every situation you’re in.

Friday:  Neptune is stationing for his annual retrograde, which will last till mid-November. His apparent backward motion will add an undercurrent of tension to the summer’s ongoing grand trine. Today it’s as if he’s cutting the engines for a moment. This stillness creates the sensation of time-stopping, particularly when we look into a special person’s eyes or encounter poetry or music that speaks directly to our soul. Your heart is moving into a different gear. Possibly a relationship is moving, too. Venus is linking to Neptune and Saturn. Mercury is in a stand-off with Pluto, overseer of the treasures, impulses and demons that lurk within. Mars and Neptune are colliding and demanding action. We’re poised for magic and romance, for a chick flick playing out within real-world parameters. We sense a deep, dark, unavoidable call (though we may hesitate to give it voice). Something is pushing the situation off dead-center. Ask to be guided to beneficial action, and let it rip.

Saturday: Today’s Gemini New Moon doesn’t merely call for a new outlook on life. It is bombarding us with new perspectives, ideas and approaches. Keep a loose attitude toward your schedule. The unexpected is inevitable and also probably exactly what you need. And if something doesn’t get accomplished, well...what of it? There are other days. Besides, it might not have turned out to your expectations, because the Moon is void of course just before noon EDT until a little after noon tomorrow. The quieter and more open you are, the more startling and wonderful the insights (and fun) could be. Cue “Que Sera Sera” and go with it.

Sunday:  Allow yourself a morning of ease and reflection. The Moon is void of course until 12:17 PM EDT. We emerge from the stillness of the void into a talkative, social buzz. Head for people and places that feel like home (in a good way). Chosen family is fine; in fact it may be better than blood. Your homing signal is nurturing, loving, stabilizing.

For another take on this week’s events, listen to my five-minute podcast.

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Kathy Biehl is a professional astrologer and Aquarian who has lived on the bridge between intuition and the rational mind for more than 30 years. Visit for her podcasts, recordings and information about her services. You can also find her on Facebook, and at the Professional Aquarian YouTube channel.

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