By Kathy Biehl

Don’t sit idly and let life happen to you. Get off the couch. Put on your shoes. Pick up your keys and take the driver’s seat. It’s time to grab those recent developments and run with them.

After all the tumult of the past month, the skies are extending the invitation and incentive to engage consciously with the ongoing growth imperative, instead of being batted about like the toy of some relentless cosmic cat.

The process begins, as always, internally and continues externally.  You know what just ended, who left, what broke, what started falling into place and what morphed into wondrous new directions. Processing all that occupies your attention and subconscious this week, but not uncomfortably so. You’re on board (or at peace) with much that’s happened. You’re ready to move on with the good developments; as for the not-so-good ones, well, see if you aren’t relegating them more and more in the past.

Friday brings the first inkling of the sea change coming this summer, when a succession of bodies complete a circuit of free-flowing energy called a grand trine with Saturn (structure and the status quo) and Neptune (illusion, transcendence and higher love). The eruptions, seismic shifts, wrecking balls and rollercoasters of April and June are giving way to rushing water of every imaginable kind -- feelings, movement,  developments and likely rain, rivers, lakes and oceans.

The first planet to move into the grand trine is Mercury, ruler of our minds, mouths and modes of getting around. He begins the approach this Friday when he leaves the comfortable freedom of his Gemini home base for the warm waters of Cancer. Be prepared for thoughts and talk to become less rational and more emotional, sentimental, sensitive and touchy. Sponge tendencies will be on the rise, so be sure to squeeze yours out regularly. (Tips are in my free talk Navigating the Shift With Ease.)

His switchover into Cancer won’t be as absolute as in some years, at least at first, until the grand trine kicks in next week. On the same day he moves into Cancer, action planet Mars grabs the baton as if in a relay race and moves into Gemini. This hand-off  will put a mental cast onto our drive, ambition and modes of expressing energy. He’ll be keeping our minds active, scheming ways to respond to, capitalize on and implement all the recent shifts. Gather data, work with it, and then let the currents lead you.

Monday:  What an active overnight. Guidance poured into the dreamworld, which put you to choices regarding responsibilities, obligations and commitment. Information flew like crazy, to the point that you could wake up feeling as if you had a conversation with someone. The cosmic change agents get personal with you today. You could succumb to subterranean impulses, or you could shed layers of skin and baggage and step more into your truth and power. The last few weeks have reshaped you. Acknowledge and admit the extent, then take one bold action. At minimum.
Tuesday:  The predawn hours put your heart through a workout. Dreams could play out a kinder way to approach a situation, or perhaps even deliver outright guidance on the matter. Motivation -- maybe laced with frustration, irritation or power hunger --  kicks in before your brain wakes up. What to do with that occupies the Moon’s short void, which lasts from 2:41 PM to 5:49 PM EDT. The role and importance of your heart comes back to the fore inside the void. Venus is making a lovely expansive link to Jupiter, who always counsels “more, more, more.” This is a spectacular influence for creativity, self-indulgence and the blossoming of love and happy connections.  Let your heart guide your actions. Enjoy and express appreciation to your companions. Run all over the place, if that’s what feels good. Once the Moon clears the void and enters Aquarius, there are no aspects until after midnight. Uranus rules the evening; be open to inspiration and sudden impulses.

Wednesday:  Personal growth is the overnight theme. You’re exploring metaphoric walls and bridges; there’s every potential for going easy on yourself and reinforcing your self-confidence, respect and trust.  Still, the day begins with an edgy air. Everyone’s figuring out new ways to set up our worlds in response to the developments of the last month. Proceed with that in mind and don’t take other people’s behavior or statements personally, even if they appear to be directed right at you. All the fidgetiness gives way to stability by mid-evening.  Make sure you have writing materials near your bed; the overnight hours are going to be cinematic to an extreme.  Remember:  if you ask for answers to a question or insight into a situation, specific that the dream use imagery you can understand, and that you remember the dream.

Thursday:  The Moon dances with grand illusionist Neptune overnight, making dreams more exaggerated and fantastical than usual. If you’ve asked for answers or insight, guidance could come through in metaphoric, even magical form. Optimism and warm-heartedness drive the day. It’s an optimal time to initiate conversations, connect with important or dear people, and let your heart soar. The evening’s high energy could spark arguments and opposition, or could just as easily spur you to get out of a chair and get some physical exercise. Run errands, or multitask on machines at the gym.

Friday:  The Moon’s dance with Neptune continues tonight as well, with the same impact on dreams as yesterday. A heavy emotional content is also probable, since cosmic messenger Mercury moves into Cancer near the witching hour.  Action god Mars marches into Mercury’s Gemini base with the dawn in the East, inspiring mental liveliness and a willingness to dive into the day. Take a moment to center and ground before you jump in. (It’ll come easily.) If you’re calm and relaxed, you can better navigate the twists and turns of the day. They’ll land you at an opportunity to strip away something that doesn’t serve you. Do it without emotion (that’ll come easily, too) and maintain an open mind about what the evening may bring.

Saturday:  You’re still processing and assimilating all the upheaval and radical changes of the past few weeks. (And will be for some time.)  The overnight hours lead you to decisions about your identity -- how you are shapeshifting in response to all the pressures and shifts you’ve been experiencing. This process has everyone slightly preoccupied during the day so, as always, do not take other people’s words or actions personally. Pay attention to yourself. Open up the windows. Let fresh air blow through. Take a step toward a more independent, authentic expression of yourself.

Sunday:  Venus is spending her last day in free-flying Gemini before sliding into the warm, homey waters of Cancer this evening. Go with the day’s active vibe.  Let your mind roam wildly. Spend time with as many different people as you like. The to-and-fro impulses settle down by midday, but don’t let that send you into isolation. Satisfying exchanges are possible, especially if everyone puts aside competition from texts, social media or TV.  (I love the idea that’s been going around Facebook of diners stacking their cell phones on a restaurant table, and the first person who checks his/her phone during the meal picks up the check.) The end of the day brings the agitation that many of us experienced as children and teens on Sunday nights, when going back to school the next day loomed large. This time, the agitation’s from a personal growth spurt. Purge; streamline; free yourself.

For another take on this week’s events, listen to my five-minute podcast.

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Kathy Biehl is a professional astrologer and Aquarian who has lived on the bridge between intuition and the rational mind for more than 30 years. Visit for her podcasts, recordings and information about her services. You can also find her on Facebook, and at the Professional Aquarian YouTube channel.

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