How to Improve Your Meditation and Clear Negative Energy with a Candle

You can find a lot of consciousness awakening schools as well as scientific research that offer evidence on the benefits of meditation. There are many people who meditate daily as well as those who are just discovering this great practice of spiritual self-discovery. There is always room to improve your meditation and it does not really matter if you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner. Certain techniques can help you raise awareness during your meditation, reach higher levels of consciousness and some of them can even help you clear negative energy.

The process of energy clearing can be simply described as a self-guided meditation with an intention to remove negative vibes that are preventing you from enjoying your life to its fullest at the point of here and now. If energy cleansing still sounds too woo-woo, think of it as an enhanced meditation technique to help you concentrate attention and clear your mind from pessimistic thoughts. Everything is energy and you need to make sure that your energy flow is free from the negative patterns that are in the way of realizing your full potential. When you remove energy blocks, you can better direct your own energy flow with your willful attention (energy flows where your attention goes). A common result from an energy clearing meditation is a clearer communication channel with your higher self, which leads to the insights of how you can deal with the challenges in your life and/or manifest your wishes.  

In most cases, an energy clearing meditation employs the power of your mind to visualize certain images. Human innate ability to visualize is the key to communication and interaction with the higher levels of consciousness as well as your higher self. The power and the outcome of an energy clearing self-guided meditation (e.g. seeing yourself under a white stream of light, cutting the cords, etc) depend on your skill to vividly create certain images in your mind.  The art and science of visualization meditation together with energy clearing techniques can be learned and improved with proper guidance.

There are certain generally accepted ways to enhance your meditation and/or energy clearing process by involving a symbol or a combination of symbols representing the elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Each element in its material form represents a certain energy archetype to empower the meditation process. The Earth element can be represented by salt and crystals. You engage with the Water element to clear negative energy when you are taking a bath, a shower or swim in the sea. The Air element is embodied through scented sticks and sages and the Fire element is enacted through burning fire or a candle. You often clear negative energies in your daily routine without realizing it, however, when you begin to do it consciously you do get much better results. 

There is one meditation technique that helps you unify the power of all four elements. It is a meditation with a beeswax candle. The body of the candle represents Earth element, melted wax symbolizes water, smoke from the candle is air and the flame clearly stands for fire.  Beeswax is more natural and thus has a higher vibration than the paraffin wax, which is a byproduct of oil production. Thus, it is important to use beeswax candles rather than regular wax candles you can find in a convenience store.

The natural qualities of beeswax allow it to record your intention and make it an exceptional energy-informational conductor (you can find a similarity with Dr. Masaru Emoto experiments with an exception that he used water instead of beeswax. Energy-informational properties of a beeswax candle are most likely the main reason why it is used in many different religious as well as occult practices.

You can conduct a self-guided meditation with a candle from your home. You simply need a beeswax candle, a candleholder (preferably metal) and a box of matches to light it up. Make sure to find the time and place where nobody would bother you at least for the time of the meditation. It is also advisable to turn off your mobile devices. When you are ready, you can place the beeswax candle in the candleholder on a table in front of you. You light up the candle with matches and start your conversation with the candle flame by greeting it. It might sound strange, but what really counts is your intention. When you give respect to the elements that create our Universe, they treat you with respect as well. Mindfully gazing at the flame of the candle can help you reach a meditative state much quicker, relax, silence your inner dialogue, get rid of anxiety and reach the higher state of awareness. The whole process gives you a chance to discover what is really happening in the energy field around you. During your meditation with a candle certain images, people or situations from the past may come up. If it is something negative, you can simply ask the candle to remove the effect they are having on your energy flow.  The meditation with the candle is empowered by all four elements, thus with the right intention, you can achieve wonderful results.

The burning candle creates an atmosphere clear from negative energy. The fire element by itself is very powerful when it comes to clearing negative vibes. You might even remember the cozy atmosphere when you were sitting by the campfire with a hot cup of tea. Nevertheless, please make sure to keep your house safe and follow all fire hazard instructions.

Another important part of this self-guided meditation technique is allowing yourself to release emotions if they reveal themselves. Emotional energy is very powerful, and when it is blocked for a long time it can ruin your energy flow.  Don’t hold yourself back if you feel like crying even if there is no apparent reason for it, just let yourself go and release those possible negative feelings through tears. Give candle a chance to “burn away” the negative energy blocks that are in the way of realizing your full potential.

There is a lot more to meditation technique with a candle than described in this article. There are more advanced ways to use beeswax candle in order to improve your meditation and/or clear negative energy. The meditation with a candle can be used as a diagnostic tool to unveil the source where the negative energy is coming from. Different colors and shapes of the candle are also used for different purposes. To learn more advanced methods you might want to look for guidance, but you always have to remember that you are the one who holds the answers to the questions you might have. Any meditation technique acts as a guiding compass to assist you in the process of getting those answers, so you can live a fulfilling life of purpose.

When you improve your meditation and clear negative energy you get a much clearer understanding of the world around you. You learn how to eliminate the noise that is clogging the communication channel with your higher self. As a side effect you get the energy you need to fully enjoy your life, so you can share the experience of living the life of purpose with others.

About the Author:

Originally from Ukraine, Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor) has profound knowledge in meditation, manifestation and visualization techniques, energy self-healing practices as well as other consciousness awakening fields (SPAS, Numerology, Runes, etc.). He guides people on their road of self-discovery and healing that help reveal true causes and resolve problems with health, personal and/or professional life. You can connect with Dmitriy and learn how you can improve the lifescript you are writing every day by visiting:

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