If I could have a superpower then it would be infinite energy. Imagine that. Never getting tired, always being at the top of your game. Of course, I don’t get to have a superpower. Fortunately, there is a second best. You can get around not having infinite energy by making sure that you can keep studying even if you are tired.

That’s what we’re going to look at today, for there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to keep going. So no, you won’t be able to keep up with Iron Man or Wonder Woman, but you’ll be able to hold your own against some of the less likable heroes. How does that sound?

Eat the right things

Okay, if you’re already tired then this one is already a bit too late, nonetheless for the next studying session make sure that you’ve got the right food and the right snacks to get you through it. The foods you want are foods that release their energy slowly. These are wholegrains, nuts and other wholesome foods like that, including fruits and vegetables.

The foods you don’t want to eat are all the ones you also shouldn’t eat for other reason. You want to avoid sugars and things like processed flour and foods. If it’s bad for you, it’s generally also bad for your energy levels as it will release its energy all at once, cause your sugar levels to spike and then cause your energy levels to crash.

What you also want to do is eat steadily. Again, the moment you’re hungry it’s generally already too late, as that hungry feeling is your body telling you your energy levels are low. It’s far better to snack on healthy things as you go. This will keep your sugar levels steady and keep you going for much longer.

Change your environment

It is best to make sure you have an environment that you use almost exclusively for studying. In this way, it won’t become associated in your mind with other things. This makes it far easier to actually keep studying. After all, the best way to beat temptation is to avoid it entirely.

To help yourself along, remove all reminders of things that you’d like to do instead, so that you don’t prime yourself with other activities. So don’t sit in view of the television or of magazines. Don’t put up posters of your favorite hobbies that you could be spending time on and avoid things that you frequently procrastinate on. All this will mean that you can spend the little energy that you do have left actually studying and not fighting with yourself.

Another good strategy is to turn down the temperature of where you’re at. It’s been shown that our brains work better when the temperature is a little lower than we find comfortable, while a little higher will make us sleepy.

Try to write down in your own words what you’ve learned

It happens so often. You’ve just read a page and you realize that you haven’t caught a single word of it. That’s both discouraging and a waste of time. To prevent it, take active notes that reword what you’ve read. The idea is to use your own words as the very act of taking other people’s words and turning them into your own makes you a more active participant in the storing of information.

In this way, it is far more likely to stick around in your brain (as well as allowing you to keep going longer, as being active keeps the exhaustion at bay). And don’t worry, your notes don’t have to be worthy of RewardedEssays. That’s not the point. Instead, the only person who needs to understand your notes is you.

Turn off music, social media and the TV

You’ve only got so much bandwidth normally and when you’re tired, this narrows even further. So, to help yourself along, don’t let it get taken up by other things. It’s a good idea to turn off music, particularly if it has a lot of words, is fast paced, or is something that will often pull you in because you like it so much.

An absolute must is to not have the TV or your cellphone on. These will constantly pull you out of your concentration and that is incredibly exhausting (and makes it incredibly hard to retain information).

Get your heartrate going

Very quickly do a few pushups, or run in place, or shadow box. This will energize you for a short time, which will allow you to get back to it. Of course, the point here is not to tire yourself out, as that’s counterproductive. So don’t go for a full on workout session. It’s only short bursts of energy that you’re looking for.

Another good strategy is to take a cold shower. If you can, throw yourself under some ice cold water, then that’s good. If you find that too hard to do, then get under a lukewarm shower and turn the cold water off. It’s not exactly pleasant, but if you can stand it for twenty seconds, the shock will serve to make you right back up again.

Last words

It’s tough and frustrating to study when you’re tired. Fortunately, it’s not impossible. What’s more, if you can push yourself ahead for a little while longer, generally the sleepiness will abate. From there, it will be much easier.

So keep at it and you’ll get through your material before the night is done.

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