Humanity 2.0: The Unstoppability of Singularity

Would it shock you to know that by reading this article, you are presently interfacing with artificial intelligence to enhance personal cognitive brain function?

Technology is a form of external artificial intelligence or AI. As science pushes forward in its quest to upgrade the human experience, what will it mean for human consciousness—and for you?

Self-Actualization, the pinnacle of Maslow’s five-level human needs pyramid is close at hand for a larger segment of the population than ever before.


Let’s first look at how technology has played a part in advancing the evolution of human consciousness. Try to imagine going back to a world without a www in front of it. Even if you’re old enough, it’s difficult.

It was a small, small, world after all—but only in the last half century. Prior, it was much smaller. Access to external stimuli i.e. education, ideas, and information was a lot more precarious. You were highly likely to be born, live, and die nearly similarly to the way your parents did.

Hence, except for a handful of time-honored geniuses ahead of the curve, the collective evolution of human consciousness was tedious, cumbersome, and SLOW.

Then came August 6th, 1991. Tim Berners-Lee’s, world wide web became publicly available without fanfare by global media ushering in the Information Age.


Before we fast forward to today, let’s establish a simplified definition of consciousness as self-awareness.

In reality, scientists are still attempting to quantify the unquantifiable to move beyond theory to answer rudimentary questions such as whether consciousness originates within the brain, or if the brain acts like a receiver that processes non-physical signals.

Information is a form or byproduct of consciousness; consciousness is information as an inseparable feedback loop. That all life is inseparable and interdependent will be one of the most important revelations in modern physics.


At this year’s SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas Ray Kurzweil, Google Director of Engineering and futurist boasting an 86% prediction accuracy rate, forecast, “...2045 for ‘Singularity’ which is when we will multiply our effective intelligence a billion-fold by merging with the intelligence we have created.”

Knowledge is just one byproduct of many feedback loops that run the gamut of physical five senses, or sentience, that makes us human. We might begin to call feedback loops dimensions.

In the same way you look in a mirror and see a living, breathing copy of you, the mirror is only a two-dimensional representation of the you that occupies the 11 dimensions theorized by Dr. Michio Kaku.

Human senses continue beyond five into the sublime and yet undetectable. Technology/AI are tools that can enhance consciousness, aiding in its evolution, but represent only a fractional part of the whole.


If all life is One, there is no line of demarcation where consciousness begins and where consciousness ends.  Consciousness endures, and like the Universe, it expands and evolves.

So far, we’ve mostly explored consciousness and its evolution via external forces from the perspective of separation consciousness.

What happens when we explore consciousness by tapping into our internal world as taught by the Masters, accessing unseen forces or higher dimensions of consciousness?

The greater shock may be that Singularity has already been occurring 
throughout history without the aid of technology

What the Masters knew and today’s awakening collective mass is “realizing” comes from a “sense” (level of consciousness/dimension) no machine will ever experience.

Recognizing the oneness of the Cosmos, your personal experience miraculously transfigures into one where you transcend death for eternal life as extolled by Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Yogananda, Maharshi, and many others.

Spontaneously evolution is the transmutation of separation consciousness to unity consciousness. Aided by technology or not, the self-realized human being is a new species

Enlightenment is true Singularity.” TWEET THIS

Your brilliant future here now is Singularity as holistic self-awareness in the now moment that you are mind, body, and spirit capable of miracles.

Boundaries removed, you become fearless.

Suffering and hardship end replaced by peaceful, abundant living.

Death conquered, immortality becomes your new reality.

This is Humanity 2.0.

AUTHOR BIO: Christine Horner’s new novel is the futuristic int’l thriller, Attribution. She enjoys writing fiction and non-fiction that helps readers discover the miraculous within. Connect more deeply by subscribing to Christine’s syndicated blog to receive the Your Brilliant Life Here Now Guide, free e-books and reading guides. | | Facebook | Twitter

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Comment by Christine Horner on July 16, 2017 at 9:09pm

Thank you so much, Kathy!

Comment by Kathy Custren on July 16, 2017 at 8:19pm

Hi, Christine - thank you very much for adjusting your submission. It is being forwarded to the publishers for use in a future edition. Have a beautiful week ~ Blessings! 

Comment by Christine Horner on July 16, 2017 at 6:23pm

Hi, Kathy,

I've edited below 700 not counting bio. I've been having trouble with the editor and had to switch browsers a couple of times to get the article to edit.

Thank you for the consideration!



Comment by Kathy Custren on July 16, 2017 at 1:31pm

Hi, Christine - this submission is running a bit above our requested guidelines of 500-700 words. Maybe reduce some of the tweet suggestions? It might be wiser to use them like quotes, no more than one or two. 

Please let me know if you revise and I would be happy to review once more ~ Blessings! 

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