a story of LOVE by

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

Radiate Soul Light


Radiating LOVE


If you take what the Buddha and Christ said,

and all the great yogis, saints, sages,

mystics, and lovers of God,

it can be reduced to two words:

Choose Love.

There is nothing higher than Love,

nothing purer,

nothing more selfless,

nothing more powerful,

and it is present in every moment.

Choose Love.

In all times, in all places—

Choose Love,

for Love has already chosen you.

—Kalidas, “Choose Love”

Surrounded by the BEauty of Nature’s Gifts, tall billowing green
trees, the aroma of wild flowers hugging our knees and the soft cushioning
embrace of the earth beneath our feet.
We gathered there, in the twilight of the day to pay homage to the Gift
of our Miraculous BEingness.

Gently guided by the Light of our Shamaness, Shamai, a
wiccan goddess of LOVE’s Light, we were ushered to embrace the ONEness of our
SELVes, body, mind, and ‘soul’ with that of the magnificence of our Earth

We lay our bodies down upon the ground, flush within her
heart beat, melding together as the ONE we are, physically manifest by the
CHOICE of our ACTion and Perception.

Shamai asked us to quiet our minds and open our hearts and
ears that we may receive, from our Great Mother Earth, our TRUE NAMEs, our
“Soul’s Name”, as she had so DOne many moons BEfore.

I lay there, feeling ONE with our Earth School, the cells
of my physical BEingness having amalgamated with the grains of our lush earth,
completely elated in the experience, listening with open heart and ears


Nothing came to ME, no name, no whispering breath of LOVE
telling me what my “TRUE Name” is, even when I went searching, still, NOTHING.

It would BE ALLmost 2 years BEfore my “TRUE NAME” revealed
itSELF to ME, and OH what an AMAZING revelation that was!

Corporate politics, fast paced energy of stress, strain,
anxiety, competition and judgment had BEcome my reality during those 2 years,
until I CHOSE to leave it ALL BEhind and honour my TRUTH, dedicating my SELF,
my BEingness WHOLE to manifesting my “Personal Legend” = my life’s purpose.

Upon so DOing, I was GIFTed the impetus to CREATE my first
literary compilation, a GIFT of my LOVE’s Light for the BEnefit of ALL.

Whilst in the process thereof, I was, as always, continuing
my independent scholarly studies which at this time, had me delving deeper into
symbolic meanings: codes, numerology, tarot, sacred geometry, and the

ALL of which naturally, effortlessly and smoothly led to
the naming of my book, and, as it so happens the discovery of ONE of the
versions of my “TRUE/’Soul’s Names”:

“Radiate Soul Light”©™

It would BE close to a decade later when, after living
within the awareness of my TRUTH, delving deeper into the understanding of
“Radiate Soul Light”
©™, and sharing this KNOWledge with increasingly expanding
numbers of our Earth Angel Family members that I would discover another, {to
me, more Universal}, version, another wording, a new representation of my name,
from Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein to Radiate Soul Light to


which, as has BEen my experience, may also BE translated

Radiate ONE LOVE

To LOVE SELF means to have traveled the journey to discover
the “TRUTH of SELF”, the quintessential essence that makes one an “I”.

To so DO is to discover that the “I” we BElieve our SELVes
to BE are in TRUTH, but a reflection of the ALL that is WE……..WE ARE ALL ONE,
for ALL of WE are ENERGY, connected INFINITELY.

This is not science fiction, but scientific FACT.

It thus comes as no surprise that the more we are Radiating
SELF LOVE, the more we are radiating LOVE, and this positively affects every
situation we encounter and thus ALL therein with whom share the experience of
our life’s encounters. This flow
of radiating LOVE continues as those affected positively by our LOVE, touch and
affect the lives of others and then they do the same, and so on.

Our LOVE has exponential affect.

The more WE radiate LOVE, the MORE opportunity there is to
LOVE, ……the depths of our LOVE, infinite, like WE……..

To BE LOVE is to start by LOVing SELF!

in so DOing

we LOVE ALL!!!

….and thus the Ultimate meaning of my name, my personal
legend ~




In Lak’ech Ala K’in

to your HIGHest HAPPIness in Every NOW, ALLways, embraced
by the grace of Unconditional LOVE.

Radiate Soul Light


Radiate ONE LOVE

Radiate LOVE



Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


http://www.radiatinglove.me ;

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