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Grounding. This is such an important subject right now, especially with such a peak in Schuman’s resonance. And many other reasons of course…


So for those of you who are not familiar with this subject, grounding or earthing is the contact with the Earth’s surface electrons.


If you think about our modern lifestyle, you’ll quickly see how we got so disconnected from the Earth. Especially with the coming of rubber shoes in the 20th century. Before that, all the humans were more profoundly connected to Earth (just like animals). This connection is crucial, because it helps our body to normalize the biological rhythms and it directly influences our health. I believe there is a correlation here between decline in our health and this turn in shoe industry.


As you’ve already heard before, everything around us, including our bodies is made of energy. And your electric body was made to communicate with the earth through your feet. It is known that the most effective way of grounding is through the feel, acupuncture point K1 (Kidney one). That’s why many energy arts like Qi Gong, Nei Gong emphasizes this point. Because when you do these practices it is very important to connect with earth and ground execs energy that is going through you.


When you walk barefoot on the earth (or sit or lie down), you absorb earth’s free flowing electrons through the soles of your feet. Not only that, but you also discharges all the free radical build up in your body, especially from EMF (wifi, radiation, phones, laptops, etc.)


Some of grounding benefits are:

  • increases energy & blood flow
  • minimises inflammation ⠀
  • regulates heart rate & reduces blood pressure
  • stimulates better sleep⠀
  • eases chronic pain⠀
  • helps your muscles to  recover faster
  • regulates hormones and eases PMS symptoms ⠀


And of course going barefoot connects us to the Earth and the rhythms of the Schumann resonance. (Schumann resonance is the “heartbeat” of the Earth. It refers to the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the Earth). This frequency influences our brain and nervous system.


As you may know, Schumann resonance was 7.83 Hz for the longest time. (it was measured for the first time in 1954). Even the Ohm Sound is associated with this frequency. But in  2017, for the first time in history, the Schumann resonance reached frequencies of 36 + Hz. And now it peaks even to 100+ Hz. This frequency is usually associated with a of state stress rather than peace and health.


However,  the higher the  frequency, the more information it carries.


So many believe that we should adapt to these frequencies instead of avoiding them, because beyond those stressed states (high beta vawes), there are even greater frequencies that are associated more aware, conscious, and creative states


Those are gamma brain waves. They represent an aroused state in the brain, however, they are not connected to the survival states of emergency mode, but rather with a kind of super consciousness and awareness, as well as higher amounts of love and compassion.


So I believe that this is where we are going towards and even though we (and the Earth) are all passing through this intense period related to beta brain waves we are entering into a new consciousness related to gamma brain waves.


So to upgrade our nervous system and adapt to these changes, we have to make sure we are grounded. And of course do the internal work, raise our frequency though other tools that you have. That’s what will determine how hard or easy will these changes be for you.


For grounding, All you need is 20-30min a day. You can walk barefoot, you can go for a swim, you can hug a tree, you can lie down on a grass. Some athletes even use grounding sleeping bags to help tissue repair and wound healing.


The best is to ground in nature, although if you do decide to use grounding products (the ones that you need to plug in the electrical socket), it is recommended to test your home for EMF’s first.


Some people say that grounding products creates more problems than it solves when it is used in homes that has high EMF. Because the products connects you more fully to the man-made frequencies.


So be safe, ground outside in nature and enjoy your energy body upgrades:)


What is your favourite way to ground?


Share your experience and insights and it may be a catalyst for someone else’s change:)

Ieva Nalini is a spiritual & health coach, healer and artist that bridges modern and ancient worlds and wisdom. After years of struggling with health problems that led her to a spiritual awakening, she felt a deep calling to assist others on their journey. Ieva is now inspiring thousands of people to deeply heal on many levels, transform their karma and to fall in love with their lives. As per Ieva's background, it is based on Eastern and Western Psychology, Naturotherapy, different Ancient World Traditions, Esoteric and Energy Healing Arts and many other fields and experiences. She studied with internationally known Healers and Shamans and is continuously learning from some of the world leading experts to be able to provide the best support and inspiration.

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