Incense sounds like an overly glorified room freshener to the most of us, but it’s actually a lot more than that. It’s something that has been used in aromatherapy for a very long time and it brings both our mind and body many health benefits. Incense is also deeply related to spirituality and the fact that many religions use it in their rituals speaks of its power and importance. To understand why incense is so great and how it can help you, read on as we reveal a few secrets.

It helps meditation

If you’ve ever been to a Buddhist temple, you might have smelled the beautiful scent of sandalwood spreading across the air. Incense is known to improve concentration, especially if we focus on the soft, subtle smoke dancing in the air. Monks have used incense for centuries in their attempt to find inner peace, so if you like to meditate, scents of jasmine, lemongrass and pine can be of great help.

It decreases stress

After a long, stressful day, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to come home and light some incense. Scents are known to affect our mood, and if you walk into a room that smells great, you will instantly feel more relaxed. Lavender and bergamot have soothing properties, but any kind of scent that you enjoy will work.

It keeps us healthy

There is a long held belief in some religions that claims incense can banish evil spirits and heal our bodies and souls. Burning incense always carried a lot of symbolism with it, and it’s a part of many cultures. From increasing the flow of positive energies, to tapping into magical powers of nature, there’s a long history of its use. Science supports the theory that certain smells bring benefits to our health, so it’s always a good idea to have incense lit if someone in the house is ailing. Myrrh is associated with femininity and healing, and rosemary is known to improve memory retention, fight headaches, fatigue and anxiety. It’s important to draw in positive energy and luck to your home so it would always feel safe and welcome. Companies like Sivana offer a great variety of incense, and you are sure to find one or several that will help you bring positivity into your home.

It makes us happy

Smells are known to trigger memories to the extent where we almost feel like we are back in the moment, experiencing it all over again. It’s a better way to remember past events than pictures or sounds, and there’s something incredibly soothing about pleasant scents that remind us of happy days. This is a very personal thing, so you should pick a scent that reminds you of something good. Light it whenever you are sad, and feel the misery slowly melt away.

It helps creativity

Smells of patchouli, peppermint and citrus are great when we have to sit down and finish writing or drawing something because they stimulate our creative energies and inspire us. If you are into crafts or any other type of creative work or hobby, this will help your imagination blossom.

It increases libido

Scents can also help us bond with our partner and put is in the right mood. Sweet scents such as chocolate and vanilla increase our libido, while rose and Dragon’s Blood deepen the connections between people and make them more likely to get along.

Where did incense come from?

Incense has Latin origins and it comes from the word incendere, which means to burn. There are traces of its use even in ancient Egypt, so it’s hardly a new fad. It was later brought to Japan, China India, and then slowly to the rest of the world. It used to be exclusive to religious rituals and worship, but it slowly became popular in average households. With such a long, successful tradition, it’s no wonder we still enjoy incense.

How do we use it?

You need to make sure to burn incense in well-ventilated areas and that you always extinguish it after use. Don’t keep anything flammable near it. There are different types of incense, but the most common ones are incense sticks, cones and oils. Each of them needs specific incense holders and you can light them with simple matches, or lighters. It’s all very simple to use, and you’ll get it right on your first try.

Whether you believe in magic or simply want something to relax you and help you deal with stress, incense is a really fun thing to try. Bring some mysticism to everyday dullness and enjoy the nice smells. 

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