"It's In My Genes" No Longer An Excuse For Poor Health


            We have all heard about someone miraculously being cured of Stage IV cancer after every other treatment has failed; a lifelong smoker and bacon eater who lived to the ripe old age ninety-five, or the woman being told she would never have children only to achieve a healthy pregnancy, naturally in her mid-forties. This phenomena happens more than one would think.  The cause and cure of many chronic diseases is beyond our genes and could be due to several different environmental modalities, even the thoughts in our head.

            The Human Genome Project was a research project aimed to look at all the genes (genes are made up of DNA) that make us human. Our bodies are made up of hundreds of thousands of proteins and scientists speculated that humans would require over a hundred thousand genes.  Scientists were shocked to find that humans are composed of around 25,000 genes, which led to the study of Epigenetics.

            Epigenetics is the study of gene expression through environmental influences.  Epigenetic triggers from the environment do not alter the original DNA sequence, but rather the way the gene is expressed or not expressed.  More specifically, epigenetic triggers cause genes to turn on and off.

            Of all the genes we have, only a certain amount are expressed at one time and some may never be expressed at all.  Because environmental triggers can signal gene expression, we can no longer blame our genes for being the destiny of our health. In truth, gene expression is mostly regulated by the cell’s interaction with the environment and not just by its genetic code.  Environmental triggers that can alter gene expression are of course diet, energy fields (EMF’s), stress, prenatal nutrition, toxins, chemicals, thoughts and our emotional health.

            Histones(proteins found inside the cell nucleus) have the job of packing and ordering the DNA.  These proteins are reliant on the proper methylation, which stop genes from being expressed or acetylation, which help the genes to become expressed.

            Proper methylation and acetylation are heavily reliant on nutrients.  For example, histone methylation is reliant on B12, folate and choline.  Acetylation relies on biotin (liver and eggs), niacin, butyric acid (produced by the gut bacteria), turmeric (curcumin), and resveratrol (grapes). Dietary habits that can impede proper methylation and acetylation include a nutrient deficient diet and lack of variety in the diet.  Lifestyle habits that cause inflammation, or a diet high in processed foods will also affect these processes.

            Many scientists are now seeing that DNA is not the main controller of the fate of the cell, but rather the environment of the cell.  The cell membrane is the true “brain” of the cell and comes into contact with all of the nutrients, toxins, wastes and even the chemical messengers such as hormones. The proteins of the cell membrane sense environmental signals and then respond to them by allowing the transport of substances or chemical messengers across the membrane.  Scientists are just now starting to recognize that radio frequencies, cellular phones, cell towers and other forms of electromagnetic frequencies are able to break and alter strands of DNA.

            Since medical science follows a reductionist approach it doesn’t take into account quantum theory.  Scientists such as Einstein, Bohr and Pauli observed that matter is actually made up of energy and it is not always predictable in how it behaves. In simple terms, it is impossible to predict with certainty the outcome of any experiment or invention because of the variable energy involved.  Case in point, a reductionist scientific view will often predict that all biochemical pathways would act the same and guarantee that a certain pharmaceutical drug, vaccine or nutrient should have the same outcome in every human being.  This is simply not true.

            We now know that energy and matter are interactive.  Because microscopic matter doesn’t exist with certainty, atomic events will not occur with certainty every single time.  Instead they show tendencies to occur and this explains why different interventions affect individuals differently.  More specifically, a person’s thoughts, energy, emotions and the emotions of the practitioner will all affect the outcome of the treatment.

            Energy healing such as Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, sound healing, light therapy, acupuncture and homeopathy all provide environmental signals that can change the way DNA is expressed or not expressed.  In modern medicine we have come so far; however, we tend to fall short in thinking there is a “cure all” that will work the same for everyone in terms of disease. They continue to come up with new pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries in the hopes that they may block or cure disease. However, illnesses today are certainly not diminishing.

            When we look at disease from a holistic perspective we see that the origination of disease is usually invisible and at a microscopic level, mostly caused by environmental means as opposed to a type of physical matter.  We must remember that food is energy and different foods have different energies that can be used for a medicinal effect.  There are numerous factors that can affect the energy of different foods such as: how it was prepared, where it was produced and even the vibrational energy of the person cooking the food.

            It’s easy to see how the production and preparation of food could have a huge influence on our health when we look closely at food production and illness.  When we frequent fast food, chain restaurants, hospitals or even public school lunches, we can speculate that we may feel and work poorly afterwards.  The journey of food being sprayed with environmental toxins from a mass produced factory farm, into a truck, and finally into plastic packaging only to be dropped off at a restaurant or school where it is overcooked and thrown into a microwave for a reheat, would most definitely zap all of the energy and nutrients out of the food. We are picking up the low vibrational energy of not only the mass produced factory farms but also the energy of all the hands that touch the food when we dine in this way. 

            This is why farm-to-table restaurants that buy from local farmers and grow their own food are wisely trending.  The chefs and cooks are hired to put care into every dish and many restaurants don’t have a microwave in their kitchen. The food only passes through a few caring hands before it reaches our plates.

            More importantly, our thoughts, emotions and beliefs can act as epigenetic triggers that have a profound influence on cell function as well.  This has a lot to do with how our minds can play a pivotal role in healing from chronic disease.  In fact, one thought fires off thousands of neurons, which have a direct affect on how our cells behave.  This is why optimism, gratitude, positive affirmations, Kundalini Yoga, prayer and meditation can play a crucial role in our healing.

            What is precisely clear is that the food we consume and our daily thoughts have an epigenetic interaction with cells at the molecular level that affects our DNA and the way our genes may be expressed.  Consequently, we can’t blame our genetic code for the illnesses we have.  Instead we need to look more closely at the environment we are living in.  The city we live in, air quality, the stress we endure, the foods we consume, the water we drink, the medicine we take, our beliefs and emotions will all influence the way our cells behave.  These are some of the most flexible and easily changeable areas of our lives and it lies within each of us to make more healthful decisions when it comes to our own wellbeing. 


Carrie is a full-time working mother who spent five years struggling with infertility and miscarriages.  Through research and lifestyle changes, she was able to put an end to frustrating doctor’s visits and expensive pharmaceutical drugs that worsened her condition.  At forty, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.  Although she was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and OCD she continues to treat her symptoms through nutrition, exercise, CBT therapy, Yoga and meditation.  She is devoted to helping women take back their health and heal their bodies on their own terms.


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Comment by Omtimes Media on October 2, 2020 at 9:35am

Thank you for your submission, Carrie. This article will be published in the OCt B edition.:-)

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