July 19, 2017: The Most Powerful Day in History

Abstract: This article is dedicated to the ancient day of the Lord celebrated on July 19 and associated with the most mysterious star, Sirius, which was worshiped by all the peoples of antiquity. Dr. Dushkova explains why this date still plays a significant role in modern times from the viewpoint of numerology and the ancient records that she studied in Tibet. Furthermore, she reveals the information that the Himalayan sages allowed her to share with the world, namely: what they expect to happen on July 19 of this year.

Ever since ancient times, July 19 has been a sacred date associated with the manifestation of the energies of Sirius. For example, the priests of ancient Egypt built the Great Pyramid of Giza in such a way so that Sirius would always appear in its vertical corridor on July 19, on the day of the Sun God Ra and the New Year, and illuminate the entire inner part of the pyramid, where Initiations in the rays of this star would take place.

The Egyptians believed that their Gods descended from Sirius, realizing that this star plays a role of great importance in the development of civilization on Earth. Subsequently, it was closely associated with each of the ancient religions. For example, even in the Quran, verse 53:49 says that Allah, or God, is the Lord of Sirius. Similarly, Christianity has adopted much from ancient religions, having rightly identified the symbolism of the ancient Sun God with Christ.

Thousands of years have passed since those remote times, calendars have changed, and the phenomenon of precession has somewhat modified the location of celestial bodies in relation to the Earth, and yet this date still plays a significant role at the present developmental stage of humankind. This is because here it is the numerical code that is important.

The number 1 is the Divine number, and 9 is the number of Transfiguration. Together — 19 — they signify the Divine Transfiguration. Adding them together gives 10 — the number of the Human Kingdom. Here again, 1 is the Divine number, and 0 is a New Round of Origination. That is, it turns out that 19 is the number of the New World.

July is the peak of the Sun’s manifestation of light in terms of intensity of its fire and of its energetical impact. That is the reason that the ancient cult of the Sun had rituals associated precisely with this month.

In connection with this date, it is interesting to recall the unexplained phenomenon observed by hundreds of people in Salsk, Russia, on September 15, 1989. On that day, huge squares appeared in the sky, in which it seemed as if someone had begun to draw mathematical symbols and numbers. After converting these characters to numbers and the numbers into the ancient Glagolitic alphabet, researchers found a message saying that Christ was expected to return exactly on July 19.

Furthermore, according to ancient records, every six thousand years, Sirius emits new currents that carry a renewed composition of energies directed to the Earth and to the entire Solar System. These energies further the beginning of a new stage of development. Just as a human body renews its structure at the cellular level every seven years, so the Earth, too, transfigures its energy structure every seven thousand years. Here the number six has great significance, since the seventh stage is, at the same time, the first, though at a higher level. Thus, the seventh millennium, in which we are currently living, is the last phase of the passing cycle and the first of the coming Golden Age.

For this reason, the day of July 19 of each year of modern times is characterized with a special energy. However, according to the Himalayan sages, July 19 of this current year, 2017, will be unique and will never be repeated in the present Cycle of Evolution: all of humanity will pass a kind of Initiation in the rays of Sirius, and everyone, consciously or unconsciously, will make their final choice — either to procced with the Light or with the darkness. Besides, on this day, the sages also expect the birth of the Messiah, who is known to all religions under various names, to take place in the Nirmanakaya body in the Higher World, or Heaven. The Nirmanakaya body is the same as the Glorious Body of the Resurrected Christ; this body may become temporarily visible in the earthly world, but only people with pure hearts will be able to see it.

All this means that, if on July 19, 2017, the number of those who follow the path of Light outweighs those who bring darkness, then, in the future, we can expect the Second Coming of Christ in the Glorious Body in which He ascended into Heaven two thousand years ago. Otherwise, this event will not happen, at least not in our lifetime.

Therefore, on this Great Day, we could visit energetically powerful places — shrines and temples that attract large numbers of people in different countries — in order to honor the Higher Forces. Thanks to our global prayer, whether uttered in such places of power or wherever we happen to be, we can make an invaluable contribution to the cause of Light’s triumph on the Earth.

Zinovia Dushkova, Ph.D., is an award-winning Russian author and researcher of ancient mysteries. Her spiritual quest has taken her to remote Buddhist monasteries and sacred Abodes hidden within mountains and deserts in Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia, and India, where she has studied the most ancient manuscripts, such as the secret Book of Dzyan. For more information, please visit her website at: www.dushkova.com/en.

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Comment by Zinovia Dushkova on May 29, 2017 at 6:48am

Thank you very much, Kathy!

Comment by Kathy Custren on May 28, 2017 at 9:08pm

Hi, Zinovia - This sounds like a very interesting summer ahead. This will be forwarded to the publishers, with a special note as to the date. I am not sure of whether it will be scheduled before July 19th, but we shall see. Many thanks ~ Blessings! 

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