Abstract....Through all that we have, and all that we chase after, comes something much bigger than them. And that is the calling of life. How we choose to respond to it, speaks much of us blooming in our purest beauty. Authenticity does not come any other way. It comes through the choices we make, the way we handle things as they come and walk out of our lives. Ultimately, it becomes a matter of grace, how gracefully could we let go and let in of what was meant to be. As we live life, our choices tell, whether we bloom or wither day by day.

Word count....900


Seasons change in their own timings, never ceasing their cycle. So why can’t we? Spring springs, in this wilderness of life, so what is stopping us? Certainly, spring follows the chills of winter, and just when the frosted cold seems to bite, the earth is awakened by a singing spring. So, what is holding us back, from blooming at our best? No matter how long seems the biting winter, nonetheless, spring never fails to come.

We spend tremendous amount of time trying to plan, prepare, anticipate and explain how things can be, should be, could be. Rarely, do we focus on things the way they are, right here, right now at this very moment. When have we ever asked ourselves, why not just acknowledge this moment that we have, as this is all we have; So, let us have it, while we have it; Acknowledging what we have for real does not mean, we denied our past or dishonored it anyway. It just means, we have opened ourselves, prepared to accept anything and everything that this moment has to offer. And in such an opening, do we turn from bud to blossom…the ultimate way to empowering us from within, our deepest fountain of delight.
And opening is all that we are. From beginning to the end, from birth to death, every human being turns to an opening while time rolls its own way. Opening to new experiences, new events, new encounters, opening to change and deeper truth of life, they all open us from the deepest of us. And as we unfold gradually, we begin to blossom so beautifully. As yesterday’s night says its final goodbye and today’s dawn shows its light, we open slowly into the light of this rising morn. We look into this day, to what it brings. Doesn’t mean, we forget what yesterday brought, it only means honoring yesterday’s gifts, we are now ready. to see what today can bring in our lives. Such is the way , we are called to grow, we called to self by the voices of “self”. And this is a calling that we can’t ignore, nor can we ever walk away from. As pushing it away, means walking away from our authentic selves. And what we walk away from ultimately, follows us till there comes a point, when we can no longer deny it.

At times, we grow through the most hospitable circumstances, at times it may not so comfortable. But so what, the dandelion is equally blooming, pushing its way through the sidewalks, like the well pruned rose, that is taken care of. Every bud has got to blossom on its own, regardless of the circumstances. It’s a do or die situation. And we are not privileged to say “no”. Its time, we ask ourselves, what is it in us that is wanting to bloom, and once we know it, let us give it a chance to open petal by petal, in the first light breaking in our lives. Let it achieve its fullness, its ripening gradually through time, and time alone will give it richness. If there is something standing in the way, let us move it, or move around it. The seasons keep changing, without ever saying no. Let us keep embracing the change, as in such an embracing, are we embracing life and its deeper message, its unfolding truth.

Even while we are losing in life, we have to love the losing and letting go. As through such a letting go, we are letting in life at its purest form. What walks out through one door, comes in, through another form, through another door. Just let us have all the doors open. We all eventually lose what we are given. We are given so many things and when the time comes, we have it give them back to God. Life comes with so many gifts, and then comes the time to lose them. But it is nothing unnatural. Losing is a part of life. The light that goes out through a window leaves behind a pathway for the rays to come in through another portal. We acquire things only to let them go at some point, in some way, through some form. Looking behind, they all become memories, and nothing but memories. Looking onward, something new is about to come. The dance still goes on. Nothing’s changed. This is what us into the very center of life.

The sun may sink behind the mountains, and we may stare at the void, wondering about the leaving light, momentarily sad about the endless emptiness. But deep down, someone, something in another form, in another beauty is out there, waiting for us. It has to be, as this is the norm of life, the one and only thing that keeps the cycle going. And as we know this with our heart and soul, we keep going. From there releases our dynamism. And we are no longer static. It is not an underfed truth. Rather, it is the boldest truth that glows like a priceless, transcendent jewel. And there comes a fullness through the emptiness. And the whispers arise from the sacred sound of the soul. So it shall be.

As life goes on. It becomes a moment of pain and beauty, something leaving and something coming. Still the petals of the flower learn how to unfurl. Happily, astonishingly, somehow they do make a way to open up breaking through the phases of silence, honoring the departure and proclaiming the arrival of something new. The sun finally pushes through the clouds. As we lean back and listen to the breeze, its deepest whispers, we welcome the light pouring in through the trees and suddenly we know what we need. And to accept the unfurling the way it needs to be, is what we need. It become san empowering moment, when something lost gives us an awakened vision. We become transformed through every bit of opening.


Jayita Bhattacharjee....born in Calcutta, India and later on education from University of Houston in Economics, she had chosen her career as a trustee and teacher. 

Her books " The Ecstatic Dance of Soul', " Sacred Sanctuary", " Light of Consciousness", " Dewdrops of Compassion" are among the many that she has authored.


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Comment by Jayita Bhattacharjee on February 22, 2019 at 5:36pm

Thank you very much.

Comment by Leigh Burton on February 16, 2019 at 12:36pm

I've sent this to publishing :)

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