Part 1


I am writing this for the peoples of the world to contemplate, some will believe what I say, some will not it up to you to listen and make up your own mind. Spirits that are here on earth are sometimes called ghost so lets just take a moment to look at the ghost as they are know, bumping about in old house, even moving objects about or even turning things on and of, some of these things can be explained as our family or friends that have past just saying hello, others may be lost souls.
Now I hear you saying lost souls, where do they come from?, what keeps them here?, and why have they never found rest?. Well as I understand it when the spirit leaves the body it can hang around and not go on to heaven, by hang around I mean they stay here doing what they have been doing for years, working on the land, doing a job they have done or even fighting in wars. A lot are never seen or heard of by us and stay in the same time frame that they lived in, that may be a bit hard for some to comprehend as we are told different things by most religions depending on how the person passed. If your like me than you would say it doesn’t matter all souls go to the spirit world and heaven, well over the last four months I have come to know what happens to the lost souls and how they are being taken on to leave the earth plane, I will now tell you how it works.
Brian is a medium and has become a good friend of mine and cherry’s, when he comes around the house he often goes into trance, now for those that don’t know I will tell you what that means, when he goes into trance he allows a spirit to enter his body to use his voice and communicate with us. Well in trance he bring a lot of spirit into our home, one gentleman he brings time and time again told us of work we were to do, is name is Ishaka Khmer, he passed over about 50 years ago, it made me sad as he told the story of his life, being in Dachau working for the German like all those working with him he was part of Hitler’s army of slave labour trying to stay alive, his job was to count the people so we have come to know him as the tally man. Being in Dachau he would work doing what every they would be given to do from moving bodies, undressing them, every thing was used even gold filling from the teeth of the dead.
The work force was hated by the Germans and the people coming into the camp, this hurt he took with him to the grave along with the hurt of what he had seen. Over the next couple of weeks he told us more and I will tell you as it was revealed, I cant put the whole contents of the messages as there is a lot I cant tell like names of people involved, it could cause distress to people if they still have relatives alive. Ishaka heart on the earth plane and is still feeling the pain in spirit that is why he is helping the lost souls, not all the souls that are lost come from this time frame some come from hundreds of years ago, he brings them back from all over the world, no tribe or nation is forgotten. One lady that came to us had 6 children that had died in the plague, which plague I don’t know, but she was still looking out for her children, the first time she visited us she was frightened for the children, she told us she didn’t like it here. Ishaka stepped in and told us she was frightened because of the totem poles in the garden we had one in the back garden and one in the front, we got rid of them the next day. About two weeks later she returned and passed on to the waiting arms of the holy spirit along with her children, they’re at rest now safe and not wondering no-man’s-land.
Its nice to know that people do care even in spirit, if it was not for Ikshaka and the army of volunteers on the other side they may have been lost for ever, they are doing a good job helping gods angles. We asked Ikshaka why the lost souls are here, he told us they are still here because of their memories and the fear of moving on away from all they know, sometimes its the love of life which is no more on the earth, or the fear of losing a job that no good to them anymore, what ever the reason they have not been forgotten there are those in spirit and on the earth plain looking and giving them release.
One man came through he said he was a labourer for john, he was writing a book one page at a time, he thanked father Luke for the candle he was using in the barn where he would write, we don’t know how long he was writing but he is in heaven now. A copper came to us one night he worked on the drover road, the black death had taken his wife and children, after that he turned to ale and wine fell into deep water and had a near death experience, in his words he went on to tell us what he saw, white light statues, cathedrals and apostles‘, glory to thee in heaven. He made it back and was helped off the ale by the padre.
Most of this happened in the first month but the most moving spirits to come through has to be the children, one girl came to say hello and told us her mother had died in a fire. She then said her dad had sent her here, my house was not there anymore and she didn’t like spiders. (Cherry then ask her what her name was, what your name?) she did not say but said my dad said I was killed by a bomb what ever that is, I’m going for a walk on the beech. (Cherry ask with who?) she said on her own she was always on her own. This little girl who we took to have been killed in the war has been lost in no-mans-land since the war, she must be very young as she didn’t no what a bomb was, it makes me cry to think of all the years she has been lost, I no she is now back in the arms of her mum and dad in heaven happy once more.
Ishaka Khmer came through next and gave us instructions, we now do certain things to help the lost souls find their way home three times a month, this we have been doing for the last four months and will do for the rest of our lives. We are not doing this work on are own more people are helping spirit to do the work all over the world, We do have to pray its part of the rescue process to help the lost and it is working lost souls are being found every day by spirit an unseen army working to stop the suffering. I have written some prayer for you to helps us help them, it will help even if you only say it once.

You can say your own prayer the main point is to help, there are 4 parts to the lost souls, we would be very grateful if you could pass these messages on the more people that help the better, thank you.


In the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost,
We ask spirit to help unite the lost souls with their loved ones,
May they come from the heavenly realms to help the lost back home,
We ask that the lost souls be no longer afraid hiding on the earth,
May they once again find happiness in the arms of their loved ones,
We ask that the suffering end so the lost souls can return to the heavenly realms and feel gods love,
For the lost children of the earth we ask in gods name so they can laugh and play once more,

Part 2


A lot of the souls coming through when Brian is in trance passed during the war, they come from all over the world. We had the spirit of a little girl come through “I’m Isabelle my daddy sent me, I miss my daddy, I’m being pushed out in front with my seven brothers, I take the lead but am scared daddy says he’s right behind me. When Germans come mum stayed with me.”
Next came Ruth “ I am Ruth Isabelle’s mother, we are here with you our work will never be done, we must work to save the people from the abyss, not just the Jews, the airmen from the wars all over the world who have not recognised cessation, passing to the light you must play your part, you ask to be part of it, the children will take the adults who don’t want to go.”
Ishaka Khmer “ I no know where I am, I come to impart knowledge for you, you say you have circle das is good, very good, why you rally around the centennial stones, blue stones, stone henge no work now, Broken, it is incomplete, your need to make whole once more no need.”
I was then given instructions on what we had to do, spirit can only pass so much to us at a time so it has become a long process, reading and discussing what they are telling us. A native American said this next, “You light candle in circle, circle of light, you no go broken circle like broken arrow no good, stay here pray in own circle, no use broken arrow to get deer, broken circle half good half bad white medicine bad, your medicine good and strong stay and worship own circle.”
Brian come out of trance as quick as he went under and we started to tell him what he had told us, he never knows what information he is bringing through till we tell him. Well after being told stone Henge was broken we started to ponder the impact of this on the spirit world, I came to the conclusion stone circles are a link between the two world and to be told one of these links is broken does make you think. Then as quick as Brian came out of trance he was off again, this time he brought a shaman through, “I am just passing by on way, I feel you disenchanted with understanding of things, not see things with eyes, this world has barriers, over here the blind see more, you do not believe what you hear or see, your light is good many souls passed many will follow keep going.”
Ishaka Khmer “ when you have dark moments of doubt I cannot always be your strength, can come back many times but only for short times many helpers to him, you candle in window not fixed point it is seen as light at end of road you and your hound walking down road collecting souls weary and lost, follow you to flickering light.”
Following the instruction we had received before, I new that the next night was a night for some of the lost souls to find their way home so I decided to help out and go in search of some of the lost, I made myself some sandwiches, apples, and biscuits all got put into a ruck sack, then filled a flask with tea ready to go in search of souls I could help, and set of to Bridlington on the last bus going through, I knew I was going to have a long walk home, about 17 miles because my intention was to walk along the beach to Skipsea, then turn right to Driffield. The rain was falling when I set off and didn’t stop much for the next nine hours, getting to Bridlington bus station at eleven o’clock I set off towards the beach, it was going to be a long night but if you got the conviction and the love in your heart it would be well worth the discomfort to reach your goal. I did pray a lot for the lost and talked to swift, he his a wolf that works with me from spirit and we do work well together, I would say his roll in what I do is more important than what I do as well as all the other spirit involved, I can only pray and pass on what I have that’s my faith and love in god.
Cold and wet I pushed on through the night stopping to have a drink of water or a snack attack every now and again, had to cross two streams on my way and ended up walking along the cliffs when the tide had come up enough for me to wake up to the fact I could get stranded on a beach in the pitch dark and no one knowing where I was, not a good idea. I pushed on praying and calling to the lost spirits as I went by now I had only done about three miles along the cost before I decided I was now wet enough to continue on the road as I didn’t know the paths along this part of the coast, by now it was still raining I was soaking wet even my waterproof legging had let me down and let the water in, I did think I would enjoy a hot bath when I got home and I did. Every now and again I would look back down the road to see in my mind this long line of spirits walking along behind me men, women, children, all from different times in history soldiers, sailors, farmer, Vikings even roman soldiers all lost for one reason or another but all going towards the light, about six o’clock in the morning it stopped raining, I had walked through the night in the rain and home was in sight, well about 6 or 7 miles away.
Still very wet and tired I got home about eight in the morning, I did feel I had done a good nights work and it was well worth it. That night I did what I had been instructed to do and did go to bed very contented knowing I had done my bit till the next time. You may ask yourself why I walked through the night in the rain, well that easy to answer, it was my love for my fellow man, a need to end others suffering, and my faith in God.
When Brian is in trance we do ask questions, and it was one night when he was in trance with Ikshaka Khmer coming through I ask the question did he get out of the camp, I got the answer from him that night it was yes he did, he had got out of Dachau at the end of the war and had passed over in about 1959, he then sat in a garden waiting for his family to collect him, that night I did send up a prayer that he should be reunited with is family that he had seen killed in Dachau.
I was impressed that someone that had seen so much suffering on the earth still came back to help his fellow man, now does prayer work, I can say yes to that that why I wrote the prayer at the end of part one. Ikshaka Khmer did come to us one night and revealed his wife and son are now with him, and working with him to bring all the lost souls home. He told us “my wife with me now she lost me, she not want to leave the camp were she knew I would be”. when we pass to spirit we our held back by our memories and are loved ones, because Ikshaka went looking for lost souls he was brought back with him his son and wife who were waiting for him back in the camp where they passed, so you see prayer does work. Isabelles came though, “my dad has shown me how to make friend with the children, you need a bowl and two potatos,” she stopped talking then but you see even the children are playing their part.
Ikshaka “sergeant ------- with me now, he died in troubles in Ireland 1978, probo killed him he with red berry, he got the decoration for saving life the victory cross when he pass on, sergeant ------- he nominated he go alamain now looking for the Tommy’s that died and the African core pass over, he pass over during duties with Somerset regiment, they still waiting for the officer tell them where to go, they say we been here a long time where is the head quarters now they not find it anymore.” a brave man still fighting, god bless him. Well I should think those of you that are questioning ascension must be wondering where the lost souls come in, well you see spirit is working to bring them all home so as they ascend to heaven and gods love and light.

Part 3


Not all the lost souls want to go on and do try to stay where they are, a soldier from Normandy had this to say, “is this the aid station I need bandages, safety pins, plasma,” we are waiting for supplies, “I was working on a man this morning then he disappeared, then this big buggy and a dog as big as a horse came bounding across the mud, I think it bloody daft some one tied Indian feather around his neck, where am I.?” England “England how am I going to get back to Normandy I’m needed there,?”
The poor man had passed years earlier and doesn’t know it, doing his duty that keeps him were he is.
Ikshaka Khmer “They are frightened of moving on. I no have strength to pull them, you help me, Belgium, France, crowds still fighting war with nothing but memories and anger, want go home. Some come here for you, when you feel like train rushing past then you know they go other side. When you, how you say resting in garden you not spend energy, eat you store energies, when you not work be still , when you work you need eat keep energies otherwise you feel tired, I need to rest for being here you created me for I was waiting for my turn for eternal rest, when he came and say you bring soul home, it means I could have waited for time like sitting in garden on sunny day but I come help you to help others to eternal rest.”
Its surprising how many children are coming through Brian. Cherry ask the questions when this lad came through, “are you having martinis, (what’s your name?) I am John, (what platoon you with?) no I’m not in the army not yet (how old are you?) I don’t know my ship was sunk, (are you in the navy?) no I wasn’t in the navy, I was on a ship going to Canada it sunk our ship, (there were a lot of children there) yes yes that man over there says I can help him (Ishaka Khmer) with the children, don’t know what is name his, (you don’t have to) he’s Nice I like him, (would you like to work for him) better than walking about doing nothing, I got lost, (your find your way) I like it here I like that big light I been to near that gate, (why don’t you go through that gate?) I been in that gate, he told me he wanted to help me find the children so I helping him with finding the children, he not bad I don’t think, I could not swim I said to a sailor when we set off, he said where you going to swim to so it doesn’t matter if you cant swim.
(that’s right) I miss Yorkshire puddings my mum make lovely Yorkshire puddings with treacle, my mum say their smashing they are, 3 penoff of chips could feed the bloody lot of you my mum say, I got to stop being a miserable bugger my mummy says, have you seen Janet anyway my sister you saw, you know her,(what’s your mummy’s name,?) my mums name mummy, mummy I don’t know my mum says I should not talk to stranger,” with that he was gone. Spirit still helping spirit something most people never think about, Ikshaka is getting them all together we need to help with our prayers, we bury the bodies then don’t think do the souls go to heaven or are they lost.


In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost,
We the people of the earth ask the spirits in heaven to help us bring all wars long gone to an end,
From the highlands of Scotland to the paddy fields of Japan,
We pray for peace above and beyond,
We ask for forgiveness of all war crimes and we forgive all crimes in the past,
May love and peace once again reign in Gods name,


Part 4

I like the way an electrician explained what was happening with the lost souls he said this, “ My name is Fred and I’m only here for a very short time it’s a bit like this, I was an electrician and the thing is life is like a ring main and it comes from the feed and go’s around the ring main through the circuit and back again you see, well what happens is when it comes from the ring main, you can take the ring main as heaven and it comes down the ring main, the souls are the power and what happens some of the souls get stuck, and their stuck in the appliance being the earth, and their not returning to heaven.”
I will now tell you a bit of what Ikshaka Khmer told us through Brian. First an S S major came through “where is this (driffield England ) where, Ikshaka you forgive him S S major is S S, he having to work spend time with me now, when he was in concentration camp now must put right. We show him how he can spend time putting it right, he has chose where he can go say when he go abandon hope all those that enter. he say he not want a go, he want learn how he may put it right. angel see he truly repentant for what he do and say you forgive, you show people how he was saved.” Next an American come through, “The Owl fly’s with the eagle, I’m abenaki I was there when the rangers burnt the camp, white men took scalps 4 hundred died, my white woman with child, we where catholic and they took our arms, silver statue of Mary, I am of the tribe abenaki.”
Next was a Tommy from world war one, “wait for the whistle, I’m not going over the top, I’m not going anymore, fill the sand bags I’m not going over the top no more they can shoot me I’m not going over the top, who does he think he is then, you cant push men like that 20 thousand men what a waste, I don’t think I will make it back home, I just wait here your better of just taking a bullet it’s the end then.” this was a brief insight of the torment man put man through.
Me and Brian did receive instruction and told to go to the lake district, and stop two nights with the angels so we did. Ikshaka “ moses trod he say you go soon, when you go they work with you. When in camp the rabbi help you keep your belief, stop you feel over what you got to do, all the rabbi and elders were shot to take away our strength inside you. My father say we are all like a clock, each one is like a cog, one cog stops the clock stops and we all stop. The rabbi had to hide so we told them they were street cleaners and were saved, but if they were caught in the camp they where shot its not who you are its what you preach, like the rabbis words its food feed the words, people have no hope fill that job in this world then you do that. When you go next world not everyone want to go from this world and hold onto their loved ones, they say who look after my bambino now so they stay trapped in limbo.
When in camp you would go on working job and some times working in factory and when sleeping there you live there and you stay where you are, you are older so you look after the children. One day a train stop, 300 woman and children come camp and the Gestapo take them drag them from train, the young ones they take them away, young girls they have a good time. But this man he came bribe guards he say they my workers they my workers they work for me he say. I want them back they make the shells and bullets, why you want this child?. You try putting your hand inside a shell to polish them, the child’s hand is small they work for the army. They got back on the train to go leave the camp.
My handler was a doctor outside camp he lived in Germany before the war, he say you not tell them I’m doctor they shoot me straight away, I help keep you well. Another man was a butcher he bring a pigs heart many times a week to eat, we all have some make a big pot of stew, a big pot what ever we have went into the pot. The doctor say one day where you get pigs heart we have no pigs in camp, he say you shut your mouth. I not understand for a long day we where grateful for the food he brings and the children and the sick with us. We find out one day he say human heart like pig heart, we eat make me feel sad but we stay alive another day. The doctor he cutting out other bit of the sick when they passes keep us alive. Germans make us pay heavy price, Jesopono he shot in mouth, stay alive I watch him cry for his mother and father, I could do nothing just stand and watch, do nothing just stand and watch him passing is come, he with me now.”
I hope this has let you the reader know a bit of what is going on in our world at the moment and has not been too disturbing, the story had to be told in the hope you would join us with this work. Helping to right the wrongs for the souls still lost and suffering, and there are a lot. Help us to unite them with the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost. The next two prayer where written for the lost souls asking them for their help, their in a good place to help when they are found.


In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost,
May the lost souls bring peace to any lost souls still fighting in wars long gone by,
May they help them to end the hate and suffering,
Can they all join hands in love, joy and peace,
May this planet once again rejoice in love and harmony,
And may we welcome you to the light and Gods love,

In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost,
May the lost souls bring peace to any lost souls still fighting in wars long gone by,
May they help them to end the hate and suffering,
Can they all join hands in love, joy and peace,
May this planet once again rejoice in love and harmony,
And may we welcome you to the light and Gods love,


A big thank you to all who are helping
Stefan, Cherry, and Brian
For the brotherhood of light and in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost

Part 5


When I wrote the lost souls I did make a mistake or two, which was pointed out by spirit. Ishaka Khmer was not in Dachau, he was at Auschwitz, it was a village called Birkenau when he first went there, he was there for four and a half years in which time he witness the first gassing there, starting at hut eleven. He become very distressed with the fact I had said he was in Dachau, and I am sorry for bringing distress to him he went through a lot, sorry.
The next point spirit made was told as a lesson, it goes like this.

A man sitting in a room in the dark, he is not afraid being us to the dark and seeing nothing, then along comes a man with a candle, he light’s the candle and brings in the light, they are both happy to be in the light. Then the man with the candle puts out the light, putting the man back in the dark, he is now frighten to be in the dark after being in the light.

The point spirit is making as to do with the lost souls, I brought the lost souls to the attention of the world, and it was good to bring people to prayer, but it like spirit pointed out I only see the head lines, people read what I wrote and feel sorry for those that are lost, they pray for a short time bringing them to the light, then one day they wake up and say I cant be bothered with this anymore and stop praying. that’s when the light goes out and the lost soul is forgotten and back in the dark. What they are telling me is if people can hear and relate to the plight of the lost souls they should do nothing more for if they try to help, and only help for a short time, then stop it makes it harder for spirit to rescue them, they are now in the dark frightened and alone, the lord doesn’t want them to be frighten and alone.
He wants to welcome them home to his waiting arms. Part of this job is to be committed to working for god, that means for the rest of are lives, not just when we feel like it or on a whim but for life, that’s what our team is hear for, working for the father, son and holy ghost.


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