Have you ever really seen a flower? Have you looked at a flower in depth? I think we all appreciate the beauty of a flower. All flowers are pretty whether it is a daisy on the lawn or a bouquet from the florist. But have you seen more than just petals and stem? Have you seen all of it both within and without? Have you sought to know a flower’s life force?

A flower is a microcosm of all life. It begins as an idea or pattern held by the mother plant. That pattern creates the bud. From a tightly closed bud it moves on to full flowering. Ultimately, while seeming to wither, instead it forms a vibrant living seed.

From that seed begins the next cycle. When given the right soil that seed births a new mother plant. Every action is purposeful. Every phase of that plant based life cycle is meaningful and important.

I encourage you to begin seeing any flower from chrysanthemum to tulip with different eyes. See not just a single color but a collage of shades of color. Look at its powder dusted center. Feel the soft consistency found there. Smell the fragrance and let it take you back to memories that it stirs within you. Feel any sensations and emotions that are triggered by the colors and the scent.

In your imagination see yourself touch the petals of your favorite flower from the center to the outer edges. As a child perhaps you loved dandelions. Reacquaint yourself with all the texture of those dandelions or any of your favorite blooms. Enjoy looking at the variety existing within the smooth surfaces; ridges, curves, diagonal lines. When you are satisfied that you truly know the flower, go within its heart where its true essence lies. Find the life flow that is its truth. Feel the vibration, the activity that is occurring within it. Discover the energy, the life force that pulses there.

That motivating creative energy that propels itself from the plant into its outpouring as a flower is the same energy that is within you. Yes it manifests itself differently but it is still the magnificent energy that underlies all life. Whether that energy forms a person, a mountain or a sea, it is the one energy of Light or Spirit.

It is our tendency as busy humans to take much of life for granted. We hurry through our days with hardly any sense of the miracles that surround us. If you will spend just a few moments every day opening your senses of sight, hearing, touch and smell to a greater depth, your appreciation of the gift of life itself will enlarge.

Walk outside in the early morning. Listen to all the varied sounds. Feel the moisture in the air. Note the color of the sky, the shapes of the clouds. Watch the birds, the squirrels, the way the breeze moves the leaves on the trees. If you will take the time to enjoy nature in that way you will find yourself in an eyes-open walking meditation. Your willingness to relax and lose yourself in nature, to still the chatter of your mind, brings an excellent opportunity to hear the voice of Spirit. Ask questions of your guides and your angels. Then just listen.

When you are completely open and aware, truly thankful for all that is, the cosmos herself will open to you in unexpected and gratifying ways. Each day reveals itself as a gift to treasure. Those sometimes harsh aspects of day to day work fade into mere background noise, just shadows on the wall.

Your own thankfulness triggers more and more reasons to be joyful. Each new moment shows itself as a blessing. Decide today to label every day “good” from morning through night because every day is good. Every day is a beautiful gift. Exercise your imagination to expect wonderful rich surprises.

As we begin to know life’s many miracles we cannot help but radiate a deeper form of love to all those we touch. Appreciation for people, animals and the entire natural world comes easily. Love and loving become our way of life. Those events we used to label “irritations” or worse become merely “curiosities” that lead us to greater understanding of ourselves and others.

No life is without challenges. Perhaps you may have encountered relationship problems, money woes, physical discomforts of various kinds. All of these experiences seem real enough but what is important is where we put our attention, where we decide to spend our energy and what we amplify.

It is our intention and attention that form the fabric of our life experiences. Belief in the basic goodness of life is a wonderful tool for positive creating. Speak words of affirmation for your life and the lives of other. See yourself moving forward implementing your plans with ease and grace.

Giving center stage and great applause to what we don’t want makes no sense. Why not decide to acknowledge all the goodness and beauty both within and without? Go within. Activate that magnificent energy that you can form in any way you choose. You are able to access your personal ability to bring all of your experiences and manifestations to a higher level.

Decide to believe that everything you sense around you has at its core, as its base material and construction, Love and Light. Everything, everyone, every creation has as at its origin, its center, Love and Light. No matter the outer appearance it can be no other way.

To be completely and fully alive, we need to sharpen our senses. We need to be inquisitive about all life and embrace the variety we encounter with courage.

But where to start? First begin by sensing the qualities and attributes of your world. Investigate Mother Earth’s natural laws, her plants, her animals and her human inhabitants with all their varied actions and motivations.

Then decide to accept and allow all that “is” exactly as it is in this moment, even if at first you must do it from a distance. Taking those beginning steps of exploration and analysis, looking squarely at how things are now, will reveal much to you about your own life path.

I elect to call this day including all its ups and downs, all its ins and outs, not only good but “PERFECT”. Yes I see it as totally and absolutely perfect. I am certain it is perfect because, as always, it has brought me new experiences and new understanding. And when tomorrow arrives, bringing its multiple discoveries and gifts, I will label it “PERFECT” as well!

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