Since December of 2012 planet Earth entered a new energy and a new consciousness. As you look at the world today it is tempting to think that the world is dark and falling apart.  We are however in a transition process. Humanity is moving into higher consciousness, and we now have more positive energy on the planet than we have negative. For centuries we were functioning from an old negative consciousness of war, violence, cruelty and the need for power. This is now changing. The change may seem slow, but, humanity is shifting toward peace, cooperation and compassion.  It may not seem this way at this time, but the increased negativity that you see is the dark consciousness putting up its last fight for survival. Dark energy will resist change, even if, that change is for the better. We are creatures of habit and we tend to like the way things are, or, we are often wishing to go back to the way things were. We enjoy the familiar, even if, the familiar is negative.
Human consciousness is now shining more light upon the planet. And, because of this, we are becoming a positive world. This increased light upon our world does have its temporary problems; it will bring out the suppressed darkness that was within humans for a long time. If you shine a light in an abandoned warehouse you will see rats and other pests running out. The pests were always there; they were merely hiding in the dark. As more light shines from human consciousness the world becomes more transparent. And, the deviousness of people becomes known. The new consciousness will not tolerate shady ways of thinking anymore.

You can see examples of this in various forms of protests, women's movements, environmental and animal rights movements and/or the exposure of corruption in political systems and corporations. The world is now giving a clear message that it wants change for the better. The new consciousness is different and unlike anything we have had in our history. For example, the new humanity wants desperately to stop the wars and violence, but the old consciousness still believes it is the only solution. The mindset of the old consciousness is to overpower, conquer and seek revenge. The new consciousness calls for peace, compassion, dignity and respect. The old consciousness was division thinking (us versus them mentality) and the new consciousness is a unified approach; we are all one and we must work with and help one another.
When it comes to the new energy many of you may have already felt this shift in thinking. And, if you have, it is because you are ready for the new energy. Your consciousness has been evolving for many lifetimes. If you feel it within that you are a spiritual worker (an "old soul") then this is an important time for you. You have been working on this shift for humanity for many lifetimes. And, you have been an integral part of this healing process for planet Earth. Your intentions, meditations, prayers, activities and self-insight have all come together to change human consciousness. As you overcome your personal struggles you reflect that healing to the rest of humanity as well. As you feel more peaceful you send "peaceful vibrations" to the minds of others as well; whether you are aware of this or not. True change and healing occurs at the energetic (or mind level) of creation. As individual minds heal the world heals. Mind is causation and the physical world is effect. Therefore, the ills of the world but be solved at the source; which is thinking, energy and consciousness.

In this new energy you are now ready for your big work and that is to truly feel your spiritual mastery. In order to speed up the process of peace and harmony, we must, as individuals, create peace and harmony within our own hearts FIRST.  In the old consciousness this was not always easy to do. You were up against the dark at every turn. The good news is that, in the new consciousness, various problems of the world will be resolved easier and quicker than before. In technology for example, we have seen more technological advances in the last 20 years than we have seen in the last two thousand years. Just as leaps and bounds were made in technologies, imagine the same leaps and bounds occurring in your spiritual awakening as well. You can do far more in much less time.

Shine and continue to shine your energetic light. And, fear not what you see on the news.  It is only a transition process. All that occurs is happening in the appropriateness of our human evolution. To brighten your light you must drop any drama/negativity by resisting any tendencies to try and fix, fight or make your past different. The past is old energy. Let it be and set it free. There is nothing in negativity you need. Walk away from it with courage and confidence. Remind yourself that your spiritual light is your primary focus. This will heal and increase the positive energy within yourself and the planet as well. Hold thoughts of peace and compassion (especially compassion for yourself) as often as possible in any ways that you can. You cannot help anyone in darkness if you are sinking in darkness yourself. The weak cannot help the weak; only the strong can help the weak. The sick cannot help the sick; only the healthy can help the sick. Only your light, compassion and power can help those in the dark. Be that which you came here to be.

Your compassion for self is your self-worth. And, as you increase your self-worth all things change for the better. Our world is not suffering because we do not have enough resources. We are suffering because the majority of people do not have love and self-worth. The degradation of society is due to greed, lack of integrity and the hunger for power. This is all done in an unconscious attempt to fill the void in the human psyche. This void is sourced in low self-worth or negative consciousness. If people in general felt more secure and loving within themselves thoughts of hate, jealousy, cruelty, power trips or violence would not be found in their hearts and mind at all. And, then, the world would know harmony. Become the peace, become the love, become the joy and become the kindness you wish to see in the world. Expand these qualities within yourself FIRST and your work as an old soul will enhance more powerfully than before. Spiritual worker you now have a new energy to support you. This is the strength and foundation you were waiting for through your many lifetimes. Your personal energy and consciousness is far reaching. Do not let it go to waste on negativity. It is time for us all to exercise our spiritual mastery and help carry our planet Earth to its next level of evolution; a planet of love, goodness and benevolence.

About the Author:
Bob Mangroo is a personal potential coach and spiritual teacher.  His training and coaching work includes hypnosis, meditation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP). In addition, he has earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada.

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Comment by Bob Mangroo on December 9, 2014 at 4:57pm

Hi Kathy: Thank you for forwarding my article to the publishers. No problem regarding edits. Feel free to make any changes you feel appropriate. All the best, Bob

Comment by Kathy Custren on December 8, 2014 at 10:41pm

Hi, Bob - Your article is being forwarded to the publishers for consideration as part of the magazine, with our thanks. There will be some slight edits made to change some of the "you" references to the third person. ~ Blessings! 

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