Have you ever noticed that as soon as you fix one problem another one seems to show up? It is tempting to think that life may be picking on you or testing you somehow. Consider that no one and nothing is testing you, or, against you in any way whatsoever.  Rather, through your own life path and spiritual journey you are doing the testing and learning on your own. You are the teacher and student at the same time.

This is the spiritual work you have been doing from previous lives and the many more to follow. We create for ourselves a multitude of negative and positive situations in order to learn, discover and remember our higher levels of living. We might, for example, create the experience of an abusive relationship just to learn self-worth. Of course, we will not do this on purpose; it is done unconsciously. We are most likely unaware of our deeper self-negativity. Until a person learns self-worth (by exploring and bringing to surface their negative impressions about themselves) they will continuously enter one bad relationship after another. Once the lesson is learned however, their consciousness will then make a dramatic shift to higher levels of thinking. The cycle of repeated abuse will then come to an end.

We often think of our reality as something functioning independently of ourselves. And, all we can do is hope and pray that life does not beat us up too much with big problems. But, in order to function from your true potential this viewpoint must be reversed; life does not and cannot move without the influence of your mind and consciousness. You are the creator and creation of your life experiences and your life will move according to your thinking. Very much like a bicycle will only go according to how you choose to ride it. You can ride slow, fast, turn left or turn right. The bicycle will not (and cannot) function without a rider. When it comes to improving your life situation, see yourself as the rider of your life, steering your life in newer and better directions.  

God or the Universe does not put people in negative situations. If God were to do this, then, that would go against the teaching that God is unconditional love. How can God be unconditionally loving and then turn around and give you misery? We create our own happiness and misery with our own thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, choices and actions. Our life experiences are occurring through our own free will with a higher purpose and spiritual contract involved. All is done with the purpose of expanding our Soul's evolution. We create or own personal themes in life in ways we see fit to shift our energies, expand our consciousness and to spiritually awaken. And, sometimes that may involve an illness, poverty or an accident etc. This may not seem logical to the intellectual mind, but, to the Soul, it is done in the appropriateness of energy and the expansion of creation.

So, why then do we have repeated problems? Unfortunately, many people keep repeating the same negative thoughts in their mind. They ruminate about their personal problems, worry about their future or exist in drama. Their mind still has an undercurrent of negativity and this remains the activating force to create problems. If people focused on the things that are working well, practiced feeling good and look toward the positive side of a situation, a lot of anxieties and problems would decrease and disappear. Furthermore, if people spent sincere amounts of time to contemplate the connection between their thoughts and their reality (and how their thoughts are creating their reality) they would be more careful with their thinking.  

It is tempting to think that your problems are making you negative. Your problems are not making you negative; your negativity is making your problems. Thoughts are always first; they are the seeds of creation. Your reality will simply create events and situations to match your overall thinking. If you think terrible of yourself, then life will give you terrible events to support your belief. And, if you think wonderful of yourself, then life will give wonderful experiences to match that viewpoint. If for example, you believe that you are unlovable then you will "somehow" keep meeting people that treat you badly, or, reject you in some way shape or form. These people are only showing up to display what you truly believe about yourself. If, on the other hand, you believe yourself to be loving and friendly, then good friends will always be by your side. If you have an "unlucky mindset" you will "somehow" be the one to buy the broken TV, miss an important audition, get a flat tire or spill coffee on your laptop.  You will constantly be screaming; "I'm so unlucky" and you will be correct, because life will come up with all kinds of events to match your "unlucky mindset" and your expectancy of things going wrong.  If you expect good for yourself then good will follow. And, if you expect bad then bad will follow without fail.

To change your life circumstances start with changing your thoughts, emotions and perspective about yourself. You must think of yourself in healthy, successful and joyful ways. Get rid of all negative ideas you may have about yourself by not believing in them anymore. It is your belief in the negative that keeps it active and energized. There is nothing in negativity that you need and it serves no purpose for you whatsoever. Stop thinking of yourself as unlovable, a failure, depressed or fearful; immediately remove such negative labels of yourself. This is the starting point to making a better life. Become your own best friend and expect only good things for yourself, and then, all areas of your life will improve. Positive energy represents the true reflection of your higher self. A negative mind will not and cannot create a positive life. And, a positive mind will create a positive life.

So, if you feel that your life is one problem after another you can break that negative cycle by breaking your current thinking patterns. Explore your thoughts and belief systems as to how you generally view yourself and life. Very often we are carrying around negative ideas such as; "I don't deserve happiness," "life is a struggle," "nothing comes easy," "I'm unlucky" or "I'm not loveable."  Explore the ideas you have about yourself and then change them by recognizing that all negative ideas are just that; only ideas. They are not real (and not true) and they can be replaced with better ones. Start thinking new beliefs such as; "good things come to me," "I look forward to unexpected pleasant surprises," "things are working out in my favor," or "good people are coming into my life." Change your thinking and you will create a new, exciting and joyful future for yourself.

About the Author:
Bob Mangroo is a personal potential coach and spiritual teacher.  His training and coaching work includes hypnosis, meditation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP). In addition, he has earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada. www.bobmangroo.com

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