In a world full of conflict and in crisis modern missions reflect upon self-healing and address our deep-seated emotional triggers. Once we learn where these triggers arise from, we can begin to release them, document them, learn from them and eventually heal. Our own healing, reflects on everything we do and every person we come into contact with. In doing so, we can’t help but heal the world.

In our pragmatic society, many of us at one time have written a mission statement, a description of our goals in regards to a business or creative project. We have to spell it to the world. “This is my mission.”

And so, it goes. Many of us adhere to our personal mission statements as if they were a life goal. Often, we place our entire existence so that if we fail in our mission, we are failures at life. How detrimental this can be to our psyche and our relationships?

There is no denying it, turning on the news to see the world can flip our personal mission on its side. How can we continue with our mission when the Earth is in crisis and when people are suffering? It makes our personal missions and our statements seem superfluous. How entitled are we to even dare have a mission statement when our world is in chaos?

As many of us have come to a crisis of the heart and mind, our personal mission statements appear irrelevant. It may be harder to digest that our true mission in this life is self-care. Oh, how dare we? How selfish to devote a life of self-care in a society that derived its culture from the Industrial Revolution and pragmatic work ethic. If we are not working ourselves to the bone, we are unworthy. It may have been a mission statement for the 20th Century, but boy, times have changed.

Humanity is a at precipice. We are on the verge of self-destruction. So, how do we save the planet?

The answer for many is to save ourselves.

Again, it sounds selfish, but consider it this way. The more we care for ourselves, offer tender comfort to our own hearts and listen to the stories of our souls, we find our true mission for healing not just ourselves, but the world.

When we take the time to heal our own hearts and souls, we come to face the ills we have personally been suffering not just in this lifetime, but perhaps in all our previous lifetimes. Freeing ourselves from our own pain sheds light not just in our life, but in all those in come into contact. The question for many is, how do we reach this level of healing.

Find Activities that Sooth Our Souls

We are all beautiful individuals with our own unique design. There is no singular answer to this question. From some it is meditation, others it is art and others it is nature. It is where ever we find complete ease with the present moment. It is the place where we don’t have to be anything but ourselves. Once we find this place, we sit upon it as a golden throne, kings and queens in our private domain.

Allow the Pain to Rise

Deep heart and soul pains are like cancers. Often, we don’t see them, and rarely we may feel them, and yet the tumor is there. It appears in innocuous fashions – raging anger, phobias and heartaches. Many times, we don’t know why we have such reactions and easily dismiss them as a passing emotion and care little for our triggers.

In a culture that has become complacent and comfortable, facing adversity is tough, especially our own. This pain must be liberated. It is imperative not just to our own healing but to the world. Once we let it out, we let it go and we are free.

Document our Pain

What? We have to write about it? Yes. Doctors write the diagnosis of a patient, as we should to do the same. This is the gestation phase of healing. We can write it in a journal, we can paint it, we can even it sing it aloud. Making it real gives legitimacy to our healing, and helps us understand the source of our inner pain.

Allow Healing

Understanding the source of our pain, helps us understand what we need. Perhaps it is solitude we need. We need to get away and assess our values in life, or maybe we need to seek the comfort of friends and family.

Much of the time, we go about self-healing not knowing exactly our diagnosis. We make take the advice of family, councilors or even society, whom with all good intentions tell us what we need, and yet we are our own best doctors. Only we can assess truly our internal pains. We need to do what’s right for us, not for others.

Heal the World

Once we sense deep healing in ourselves, healing the world is a natural side effect. We appear with better attitudes. We bear less judgment upon others. We are more eager to help and support others. We realize that a united world, is far better than any personal mission statement.

Jennifer Ott is the author of several fiction and nonfiction titles. Her latest WIP, Arise My Tribe tells the story of a past life Celtic Healer weaver her tale through the life of a modern-day woman in existential crisis. Throughout the past twenty years, Jennifer studied various types of meditations and shamanism, from nada yoga, mindfulness meditation and religious pagan ceremonies.

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Comment by Omtimes Media on January 17, 2020 at 5:37pm

Hello Jennifer, I am sending this article for publication in March A edition. Thank you for your submission. Happy New year.

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