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What makes you attracted to a person? The answer to this question might include details about their character and qualities. After knowing about someone’s personality, bond-making is a bit easier and desired if you are fond of it. Some people prefer making emotional bonds rather than having sexual affairs. There is a term coined by the Greek philosopher Plato, “platonic relationship,” for this ultra-spiritual relationship. Platonic connection emphasizes a level of closeness and affection. You may not be attracted to physical appearance, but you tend to get attracted by their soul and inner beauty. Plato believed platonic friendship could bring people closure ideally. Nowadays, the meaning of a platonic relationship is perceived as becoming close friends.

A platonic relationship is contradictory to a romantic relationship. You could have a platonic friendship with the same gender, not necessarily the opposite gender. The impact of such a relationship is supposed to be more meaningful and emotionally satisfactory, eliminating romantic elements.

What Is A Platonic Relationship?

When you prioritize a friendly relationship with your companion, suppressing or neglecting a sexually intimating relationship, then you have a platonic relationship. It is love without physical relationship. The meaning of a platonic relationship implies having a super deeper connection with your friend in which you enjoy their company, love spending time, like wandering around, and every moment is joyous for you. Platonic friendship is distinctive; believe me; it could be the best thing ever. It’s so fortunate to have a partner who loves the way you are and your character. 

There might be a lot of reasons why romantic or non platonic relationship does not work out. A study has found that psychological health has a significant impact on relationships. Having a platonic relationship is the solution to hectic and full of insecurity romantic relationships. It is the relationship in which your companion genuinely cares for you, respects, and likes you. 

You develop the best understanding with your companion, as you have plenty of time to discern or recognize each other. You have the opportunity to grab unique experiences or memories with your friend, as said by Sabrina Romanoff, PsyD, a clinical psychologist at Linox Hill hospital. It would be absolute freedom if you were not being tied by any obligation of a non-platonic or romantic relationship. I would strongly suggest things are comparatively more sorted, undemanding, and unsophisticated in platonic friendship.

Signs of Platonic Love: How to Tell the Difference between Friendship and Romantic Interest

A platonic relationship is no less important or loving when compared to a romantic relationship. Platonic relationship meaning is “more than friends” but not being romantic. It could be a very supportive relationship if you want to make it. Sometimes, this could be annoying to hear “we’re just friends” or “we’re not more than friends” you or your friend might not be expecting this. Therefore, finding out whether you’re in a platonic relationship is necessary. Gladly, we have numerous signs that separate platonic relationships from other types of relationships. You should know about those signs that imply whether you have a platonic relationship or a romantic relationship:-

Frankly talkative

Openness to speak with someone you like the most is enjoyable. It could be the benefit of having a platonic relationship that you will feel an abundance of topics.

Sense of humor

When you have a platonic partner, you want to share everything in your mind with them. Your companion would be able to get even your weirdest talks or jokes which others couldn’t.  

Silence is comforting

If you have nothing to speak, silence can be more pleasant and satisfying. You will love spending quiet time with a platonic friend.

Acceptance and understanding

Platonic relationships are easy, as the connection is deepened with acceptance and understanding. Both persons feel secure and recognize their potent roles in each other’s life.

You can check out some more signs here

Types of Love Platonic

I must say a platonic relationship could be the best one you could ever have in your life if you realize it and know how to sustain it. You can also go for platonic date, which may be convertible into a romantic relationship. Don’t get confused with a “friends with benefits relationship”; a platonic romance is entirely different from it.

Nowadays, various terms are introduced to describe the different types of platonic relationships. These are:-


This word means a non-sexual relationship between two males who are affectionate for each other.


It is an emotional and spiritual relationship between two females.


You can also develop a non-romantic relationship with co-workers at your workplace

Platonic Relationship Examples 

According to an extensive 2010 review, a platonic relationship could help you to develop strong social connections and the likelihood of living longer. It is all about loyalty, respect, and honesty. You can have a platonic relationship with a best friend, colleague, cousin, workout partner, or any person you care about and value for. You will be curious to know that about two-thirds of couples begin having a platonic friendship and maintaining it for a longer period, according to a research. A platonic relationship defines having a partner with whom you feel carefree and supported; it gives such chilling vibes. 

How to Prevent Platonic Relationships from Ruining Your Life

Platonic relationship is different from a romantic relationship; you remain stress free about how you look, how much your partner is committed to you, and what you expect from each other. It could last longer if you are obeying the ground rules. It is safer to have a platonically intimate relationship with someone; you could continue it without romance. A platonic relationship can be very joyous if you are mindful, trustworthy, and maintain healthy boundaries. But you need to be highly active as it may ruin your relationship with your spouse. When you start spending more time with a platonic friend, your partner might suspect you. Couples tend to part ways when they don’t feel salvageable. 

If you are attracted to your platonic partner, it becomes difficult to maintain the same connection with them. It’s impossible to have a platonic relationship with someone you have a sexual desire with. If you are married, don’t even compare your platonic friend with them. It will ultimately raise conflicts. This is the major risk associated with a platonic relationship that can ruin your life.


A platonic relationship defines a close, intense bond like a close friendship. This relationship is more open, honest, pure, and trustworthy than any other form of relationship. You could platonically fall in love with someone you like the most. If you wish, developing a platonic relationship could lead you to feel the essence of love.

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