Pluto square the stellium in Seattle's chart


THE APPENDIX: appendice C ~ confessions of a confused metaphysician

Of Seattle, and Saturn and Pluto Conjunctions, and Grand Stelliums

by Garrett Coulson



In the spring of 2000, I was living in a sprawling condo complex a couple blocks off Commercial, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The complex was called New Orleans Court, for reasons I was never able to determine.

            One late afternoon in early April, I was sitting at my laptop, which was a Mac Powerbook 520, and I was surfing something called the World Wide Web, which I thought was the bee’s knees, and boobs and thighs too. I was checking to see who was going to be down in Seattle, for NORWAC, the next month, and what movies were going to be at the Seattle International Film Festival, which was happening very soon after NORWAC.

            If you’re not absolutely certain what NORWAC is, well, you know what to do.

            I was also trying to find the exact time and date that the city of Vancouver was incorporated. It took a while but I found it. A guy named Gassy Jack had the brilliant idea to open a bar in a place where there wasn’t a bar for miles, a place that wasn’t too far from the sunset views over the Georgia Strait. He opened that bar and gave away booze for free, for a while, and somehow a community developed around that bar, in an area now known as Gastown, in Vancouver, an area that probably has the most notorious drug problem in all of Canada and the American North-west.

            It took a while – twenty minutes, if the ghostly suspicion lurking in the fractured rear-view mirror of my memory is accurate – but find that information I did. I wrote it down and then put on my rain slicker and headed for the Skytrain station.

            About an hour later I was down in the basement of the downtown Vancouver Public Library, which looks like, if you squint just so, from a certain angle, like some coliseum out of Ancient Rome. I was standing in front of about three dozen or so astrologers, most of whom were paid-up members of the Vancouver Society of Astrologers. I was talking about that Grand Conjunction in Taurus that was coming up quick, in the first week of May, May 5th to be exact.

            I said that with so much planetary energy concentrated, something is bound to shift. Think tectonic plates, I said. I predict, I said, there could be a pole shift, maybe magnetic, maybe physical. I pointed out there have been at least five physical pole shifts in the planet’s history, according to the geological record. At the very least, things could get very topsy-turvey. Truth will become stranger than fiction, and fiction will be sold as truth. No, I didn’t use the phrase ‘fake news’. Actually, that’s a lie, I did use that phrase. But really, who would believe that?

I predicted there’ll be a major earthquake somewhere on the planet, when the moon is either full, or at perigee, or hits syzygy, or within 24 hours either side of the exact Grand Stellium, on May 5th. Ah, syzygy. A word that I like to throw into as many lectures as possible. Played it once in scrabble on a final play and won the game, no kidding, Scout’s Honor, (Spot’s on ‘er too, bitch is in heat, old joke), swear on my wee mudder’s grave.

I predicted that we are in the midst of a major paradigm shift, that will only become clearer, the farther we get from it, as we stare into the afore-mentioned fractured rear-view mirror (a favourite metaphor of mine, it’s true; that’s what happens when both your parents get ‘the Alzeimer’s’ and your future is particularly bleak, and already the memory is getting wonky and so you better get ‘er down quick). And given that Uranus is square to that Grand Conjunction in Taurus, from Aquarius, I predicted that the paradigm shift probably has something to do with computers. I predicted that they would keep getting smaller until you can wear them on your wrist or draped around your neck, or, at the very least, stick ‘em in your pocket. A shift that will wipe out radio, television, books. But not the movies.

I predicted that, given the Grand Stellium’s presence in the Vancouver’s 9th house, with her natal Taurus moon as a focal point, millions of people from all over the planet would descend upon the city and drive housing prices sky high. I predicted that somewhere in the world, there was some sort of terrorist who was planning a major attack that would shift the balance of power in the world. Don’t believe me? Well, maybe I didn’t predict that last one. Or the one before that. Prediction is a fool’s game at the best of times, but with a heavenly cosmic monster like the Grand Stellium on the horizon, I just couldn’t help myself.

But I did predict – given that Taurus rules money – a stock market crash, probably in the tech sector, given that square to Uranus. Uranus rules technology, you can look it up.

I also did the usual cookbook astrology number: if this stellium, is in your second house, you just might make a lot of money, if it’s in your fifth, not a bad time to play the lottery, if it’s in your eighth house, sure, why not, go ahead, accept that invitation to a sex orgy, etc.

On May 4th, an earthquake in Indonesia triggered a tsunami that left 41 dead, hundreds injured, and thousands homeless, in Central Sulawesi province. If you do a search on the Dot-Com Crash, which drained away trillions, not billions, of dollars from the burgeoning tech sector, on one day in particular, April 14th,  mostly from the Nasdaq; historians now pinpoint that it started on March 11, 2000 and lasted until October 9, 2002. As for that paradigm shift connected to computers, who could have possibly predicted that eighteen years later, if you’re sitting in a restaurant, you can look around and see people immersed in their cell-phones instead of talking to each other*.

            Guess what? There’s another Grand Conjunction coming our way.

            But let’s just put that on the back burner for now.


  • To see an excerpt from the transcript of this lecture, from the tape recording, see WHY ASTROLOGY WORKS ~ appendice G: Grand Conjunctions, a ka Stelliums. now available on Amazon. gc


In early May of 2000, thanks to my computer, kinda sorta, I did find my way down to Seattle, Washington, for an astrology conference known throughout the astrological community as NORWAC. Or, the North-west Astrology Conference, if you’re a soul who enjoys stringing as many syllables together as possible, if given the choice. But you already did a search on it, didn’t you, and you knew that already.

            Being a double Gemini, moon in Pisces, the conference wasn’t the only reason I was there. I always have to have at least two reasons before I can talk myself into going someplace, classic Gemini. And with that Piscean moon - which is also one of the three so-called ‘double’ signs; the third one is Sagittarius - its ruler, Neptune, is trine to my Mercury. So, I not only answer to being an astrologer, I’m also a cinemaphile. And Seattle has an International Film Festival, following fast on the heels of NORWAC, every year.

            At the time I was living two and a half hours north of Seattle, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

            I have Jupiter, Uranus and Vesta in my third house, the house that rules short trips. I love my wheels. I once had a 1994 Grand Cherokee Jeep. I still miss her.

            At any rate. A short little trip down south to Seattle, WA, in the month of May, 2000, was, in the parlance of the day, a no-brainer.



It wasn’t the first time I was ever in Seattle, nor would it be the last, not by a long shot. It’s one of my favourite cities. My Piscean moon loves all that mist and rain and fog and greyness. Mark Knopfler pretty much nailed it, in his song about the city. (You know what you can do; damn I love YouTube.)

            The first thing I tended to do whenever I hit town was head for Capital Hill and Broadway Avenue, and say hi to Jimi Hendrix, or, his statue, at least, if his ghost didn’t happen to be hanging around. (Once again, that Piscean moon; a lot of Pisceans actually do see ghosts.)

            And after that, inevitably, I would wander into the Quest Bookshop, down on the 700 block of Broadway.


I happen to have Mars and Mercury and the south node in my second house. Peer at those placements in a certain light, squint slightly, and you just might see the signatures of a hoarder. Or, as some might prefer to express it, a collector.

            I probably started collecting books, and vinyl, and magazines, oh, about halfway through my first Saturn cycle, i.e. age fifteen. It was extremely rare for me to walk into any sort of a metaphysical bookstore, and not walk out tilting starboard thanks to a bag of recently purchased metaphysical tomes.

            In early May of 2000, midway through my second Saturn cycle, with a Grand Stellium in Taurus perched in my 12th house, I’m sure I dropped a hundred bucks easy.

            I can’t say I remember every book I bought that day. Hey, it’s start of my second Saturn return, after all and that Alzheimer’s is comin’ on fast. But I do remember a few of them. One was CATASTROPHOBIA by Barbara Hand Claw. Another was SECRETS FROM A STARGAZER’S NOTEBOOK by Debbi Kempton-Smith. And the third one was HOROSCOPES OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE by Marc Heeren Penfield.



The first thing I did when I walked out of the Quest Bookshop is I walked down to Pagliacci’s Pizza, ordered a slice of pepperoni and mushroom, and with slice in hand, I sat down at a table by the window, and opened up HOROSCOPES OF THE WESTERN WORLD at random. Thinking, whatever it opens to will be another city to put on my Bucket List. That’s the way my mind works some times. It opened to page 238 and 239. On page 238 were the charts for Oympia, Washington, and Seattle. What are the odds of that? Probably not quite as high as life somehow developing on this strange little blue and green planet in a far-flung neighborhood of the Milky Way Galaxy. On page 239 was the chart for Spokane.

            Both Olympia and Spokane have since been crossed off my Bucket List.

            But it was Seattle’s chart that grabbed my attention. Since it was at the bottom of my brain that if there was one city in the United States that I could conceivably live in, it would be Seattle. I have a Pisces moon, you see. And Seattle just seems so, well, you know, Piscean.  Have I already mentioned that? And then, of course, there’s the coffee. Great movie theatres like the Neptune and Egyptian. Music stores where I could always, and I do mean, always, find some great bootleg Dylan cds, in the back room. Plus, good drugs, if I can believe everything I’ve ever read about the short life, and tragic death, of Kurt Cobain. Drugs that were maybe, um, too good. And then of course there’s those dreamy mountain and ocean vistas. Pike St. Market, with those crazy guys throwing fish at each other, every single time I’ve paid it a visit. And, of course, the Space Needle. If space and needles don’t shout Pisces, I don’t know what does.


  • If you wish to see what Seattle’s zodiac chart looks like, just visit, slide down to the FREE CHART button, and punch in this data: Nov. 13, 1851, 10:40 AM PST, location, well, Seattle, natch. gc



Capricorn rising, one degree, moon in Cancer, and, of course, Scorpio sun.

       That Capricorn rising gave me pause. Seattle just did not strike me as a Capricorn rising kinda town. Pisces rising, maybe, given its rain, and the music scene, and the caffeine addicts.

I turned to the back cover, which told me about the research that Penfield put into the book and his credentials, both very impressive. He said he used founding charts for cities whenever possible, only using dates of incorporation whenever founding information was vague or insufficient. Then I turned to the front of the book and the introduction. It cannot be within my purview to reproduce that here, other than to note one of the more notable observations. Once he had gathered all the charts together, he noticed a ‘strange correlation’ between the natal ascendant of the city and the position of Pluto when the city decided it was large enough to incorporate: Pluto was ‘always’ in hard aspect to the rising degree, give or take a few degrees on either side. Wow. ‘Always’ is, well, just one of those words, isn’t it?

       Sometimes when there was very little information available, as in the case of Portland, he had no choice but to rectify the chart. How do you rectify a chart? Well, first you find out twelve key events in the life of the being, terrestrial or extra-terrestrial, or city…. Long story, really.

       I turned back to Seattle’s chart.  In the notes below the chart, Pennfield writes: “The first settlers arrived on September 28th, 1851 on Elliot Bay and the following November 13th, a colony was established at Alki Point, south-west of the current downtown area.” Further down, he notes: “In June, 1889, a fire leveled 31 blocks downtown (ASC square sun0 but no lives were lost”.

       And again I feel something tickle my brain pan concerning that ascendant.

       So, just for the heckuva it, I took a look at Seattle’s solar arc chart for June, 1889.

       And that’s when I finally noticed it: that very tight stellium involving Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus, at the end of Aries, and the beginning of Taurus, down in the third house of Seattle’s (theoretical) Capricorn rising chart.

       Having Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in a tight conjunction certainly fits with Seattle’s ‘boom or bust’  history. Think gold rush, in its early days, until the gold ran out, then lumber, until the lumber ran out, then  Boeing, and Apple, and Amazon….

You can also throw Vulcanus into the stellium too, if you’re the kind of astrologer who tends to do such things. My kind of astrologer, in other words, hey, let’s have a cuppa coffee some time, whaddya say?

Vulcanus, of course, rules fire. And sparks. And love at first sight.

But mostly fire.

Just for the heck of it, I started playing around with the rectification button on Seattle’s Capricorn rising chart.

By the time I motored through my third straight slice of pepperoni and mushroom pizza, I saw that if Seattle had been founded at 2:24 in the afternoon, on Nov. 13, 1851, that would put that tight stellium, including Vulcanus, on the ascendant, when that fire leveled Seattle on June 6, 1889.

And it would give Seattle’s founding chart twenty-one degrees of Pisces rising.

If Marc Peeren Penfield wants to think of Seattle as a city with Capricorn rising, that’s fine with me, whatever floats your boat, that’s my basic philosophy in life.

But for me, Seattle is a city with Pisces rising.




Saturn rules the end of matters. Pluto rules blowing things up. Whenever these two planets conjoin each other – as they do at least once every thirty-one to thirty-eight years, on average, and as many as six times, depending on orbital speed and retrograde motion, when they’re in the vicinity of each other – it’s usually a good time to stay home. Unless, of course, you happen to live in Pakistan or India, who don’t happen to like each other, and which have the same birth chart, thanks to ‘The Partition”, on August 15th,  1947, in which the two planets are conjunct. In which case, um, good time to take a holiday, all you people in India and Pakistan, come the next time, as I write this, in August, 2018, Saturn and Pluto will conjoin, which is in January, 2020. It’s really too bad you both have nuclear weapons.

Some historical periods, when Saturn and Pluto were in alignment with each other, either by conjunction, square, or opposition: the sacking of Rome, the Inquisition, the Bubonic Plague, the French Revolution, when Uranus was also part of the cosmic stew, World War I, World War II and the Manhattan Project, a ka, the creation of the atomic bomb, not to mention the Holocaust, and soon after that, India’s partition, and the resulting death of millions in sectarian violence and the assassination of Gandhi, various Mid-East crises, and, yes, good ol’ 9/11, can’t forget that, and none of us, I calculate, ever will. I think you get my drift. Richard Tarnas, in his seminal work, COSMOS AND PSYCHE,  devotes upwards of a hundred pages to Saturn and Pluto and historical manifestations of the cosmic archetype.  Of course, the thing about the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in 2020 is that they are but two cogs in the Grand Stellium of 2020, along with Cupido, Pallas Athena, and Ceres, all in Capricorn, and given that Saturnine envelope, and   thanks to the presence of Ceres, which, of course, rules sorrow, so, yes, tears will be shed. Pallas Athena could well mean the brandishing of swords.  Or, nukes. As for Cupido, well, even in the most stressful of times, people still meet, pitch woo and fall in love.  See THE ENGLISH PATIENT by Michael Ondaatje and LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, for more info. Also, paradigms, I predict, will shift, big time. Because that’s what paradigms do, in the time of grand stelliums. Maybe a new planet will be discovered. Like one of the eight that are currently considered hypothetical. I’m thinking of you, Transpluto. Or should I call you Bacchus? Also, it’s a good time to stay away from the stock market, earthquake zones, beaches susceptible to tsunamis, and alien invasions. And India. And Pakistan. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

       That Capricorn Grand Stellium will occur in the 11th house of Seattle’s Pisces rising chart.

       But I’m not going to start to worry about Seattle until that Grand Stellium in Capricorn dissolves, and in the middle of March, 2020, Saturn moves to the end of Capricorn and forms a square, from 29 degrees Capricorn, to that Grand Stellium at the end of Aries in Seattle’s founding chart. And in the same month, Mars cruises across each and every component of the Grand Stellium, and forms a square to Seattle’s Grand Stellium at the end of March, 2020. Thanks to retrograde motion, Jupiter won’t form a square to Seattle’s Grand Stellium, until December 2020.

       And Pluto won’t form the first of its squares to that Grand Stellium until March, 2023.

       But then, thanks to retrograde motion, it will square Pluto’s Grand Stellium not twice, or thrice, or even four times. Pluto will square Seattle’s Grand Stellium five times, between March, 2023. and October, 2025, when Pluto forms the final square to Seattle’s natal Uranus, at one Taurus, from one Aquarius.        

Allow me to pose this question: if you were an astrologer living in Seattle, which just happens to be on top of something called the Cascadia Subduction Zone – which, geologists say, is about a hundred years overdue for a substantial shift - would knowing all this make you nervous?

       Here’s something else that should make all of us nervous, half a planet away from Seattle, come mid-winter in 2020. It’s India and Pakistan, who just happen to share the exact same chart – did I mention this already? -August 15th, 1947, thanks to the extremely bloody Partition that created the largely Islamic country of Pakistan; in that same natal chart they share, Saturn and Pluto are conjunct on the 14th degree of Leo.

In early January, January 10th, to be precise, 2020, Saturn and Pluto will be conjunct on the 23rd degree of Capricorn, forming what’s called quincunx – a separation of 150 degrees – to that Leo sun on the 22nd degree of both charts . Also in the mix, on January 10th, are the sun, Mercury, and Ceres. Ceres, among other things, rules profound sorrow. This is, most definitely, a Grand Conjunction.




Somewhat alarmingly, 2020 is when it is predicted, by ecological and political scientists, that the source waters of the Indus River*, which separates the countries from each other as a rough geographical boundary,  is going to become a major sore point between the two countries. That is when, it is predicted, the glacier that is the source for the waters of the Indus River, will be gone, thanks to a phenomenon that some call Global Warming, what others call The Sixth Mass Extinction Event.

       Yes, I’m looking at you, Elizabeth Kolbert.

       It’s really is too bad that both countries have nuclear weapons.

       Did I mention that already?



In early 1971, about the time that Pluto was about to move from Virgo into Libra, the first successful remote-viewing experiment happened in an old warehouse not too far from CIA headquarters, in Langley, Virginia. The top secret Black Ops program in the CIA, Technical Remote-Viewing, actually started soon after the Second World War, when something called Operation Paperclip brought quite a few of Germany’s top scientists to the United States. Through those scientists, the CIA learned that the Russians were using psychics in their espionage. The CIA, of course,  had to Keep Up With the Joneses, so to speak.

Not very many people knew about it, until something leaked, and the government said the program had been dismantled. Not too long after that, former CIA major, Ed Dames, appeared for the first time on Coast to Coast AM, a late night talk show hosted by Art Bell, with an audience of more than two million conspiracy crazed insomniacs. The subject matter of Coast to Coast ranged from alien abduction to Zechariah Sitchin’s books about the ancient Sumerian clay tablets, and the tale they tell of how a race of aliens tinkered with the DNA of Cro-Magnon Man, because they needed slave labor for gold mines in South Africa.


            I was actually driving back to Vancouver from Seattle early one morning, and listening to Coast to Coast, when Major Dames said the main problem with remote-viewing upcoming events is coming up with the timing….because Time is outside of Space, it’s in a different dimensional reality, one in which geometric shapes form the language of what some call ESPionage.

And so they started to experiment with astrologers – using astrologers to draw the charts of events they’ve predicted.

One of the events Ed Dames and his crew of Remote-Viewers have seen is the Seattle Space Needle, tilted at a 45 degree angle.


I took a Remote-Viewing course from Major Ed Dames in Edmonton, in early August, 2004. One of the tidbits I took from that workshop was that meditators seemed to make the most effective Remote Viewers. One of the ‘events’ discussed was the timing of the ‘kill shot’, which is a massive solar flare hitting the planet. Ed’s team had difficulty coming up with the precise timing of that event,  par for the course. Only that it follows soon on the heels of a ‘nuclear event’ concerning Korea.

As I write this, in February, 2019, Ed Dames is adamant – search for ‘Ed Dames Killshot’ on YouTube, for more info - that the afore-mentioned Korean event has happened, which means that the so-called Killshot is close.


In the summer of 2015, I found myself at a Buddhist retreat, deep in the Kootenay Mountains, of eastern British Columbia, the Yasodhara Ashram. These folk get up early to do yoga and meditate, and then they eat a vegetarian breakfast, in silence, except for the irritating – to my ear, at least - ululating of their favoured Buddhist goddess in the echelon of the Great Buddha, in this case, Tara. Bored, I decided to teach a quickie course in Basic Astrology, and Basic ‘Metaphysical Remote-Viewing’ (my own invention; hope I don’t get sued by Ed Dames, but I’m pretty sure I won’t, because I shared my findings with him.)

            One of the projects I presented to my small group of Metaphysical Remote-viewers was a pet project of mine, concerning a certain quatrain of The Centuries, by Michel de Nostradamus, Centuries X, Quatrain 67.


            The translation I found on Crystalinks goes like this:


A very mighty trembling, in the Month of May

Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus

Venus, also, Cancer, Mars in Virgo

Hail will fall larger than an egg*


In no other quatrain does Nostradamus mention so many astrological aspects. So it stands to reason that he’s talking about a major event. Maybe an earthquake above ten on the Richter Scale.

            I picked up my dog-eared ephemeris.

            Saturn is in Capricorn right now, but Jupiter is in Sagittarius. Saturn takes a leisurely 30 years to travel around the sun and I quickly found that when Saturn is sitting at 4 Capricorn, on May 6, 2047, Jupiter is in Taurus, at 5 degrees, Mercury is also in Taurus at 29 degrees, and Venus has just entered Cancer, at 1 degree. Neptune is also in Taurus, which makes this configuration a Grand Stellium. The only fly in the ointment is that Mars, which is in Virgo, according to most of the Nostradamus experts I Googled. But the position of Mars, in this quatrain, is very debatable.  The third line of the quatrain, in the original French, which is not quite the same language as the one that exists today in France, reads thusly:


Venus, aussi, Cancer, Mars en Nonnay.


Most experts believe this refers to a nun, in Olde French.

But I simply could not find that configuration corresponding to any major earthquake in the past – there was a small one in Scotland that coincided with the configuration, but Nostradamus would not have been so cosmically precise over such an event as that. Which leaves us with that sixth day of May, in 2047. I didn’t find anything to beat that, i.e. the same configuration but with Mars in Virgo, between 2047 and 3999. At which point my zodiac software blew a fuse. Well. Ran out of dates would be more accurate.

            My own personal suspicion is that Nostradamus probably didn’t record any prophecies beyond the 22nd century.

            So what about that ‘Mars en Nonnay’?

            I tried Googling the word. Not a single hit.

            So here’s my theory: on May 6th, 2047, Mars is on the 29th degree of Taurus, conjunct Mercury. Mercury is considered to be the ruler of Virgo.

            One of the exercises in my so-called Metaphysical Remote-viewing Workshop was the question, “What date does Quatrain X:67 refer to?” I handed out blank astrological chart wheels, with Aries on the ascendant, Capricorn on the mid-heaven, standard operating procedure, with symbols for all the signs arrayed around the chart wheel.

            I suggested the infinity symbol as an ideogram, and asked them to place Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in the chart.

            And all four of my Metaphysical Remote-viewers came up with Mars in Taurus.

            The next day, using the same procedure, I asked the question, When will the Killshot occur?

            The most common configuration, for whatever it’s worth, was Mercury and Venus and Mars all in Pisces, a Grand Stellium, and Jupiter in Cancer.

            Which is a configuration you can find in early March, 2026.

            Now what was I gonna say next?

            I’m sure it’ll come to me in a second….**

            Oh, yeah, got it. Those time-travelers I met at Burning Man, a couple weeks before the Towers came down….




** Continued in THE APPENDIX: appendice I ~ In the Fractured Rear-View Mirror of My Memory – {Deadhead at Burning Man/Day3/World War III…or is it IV….?]. dw







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