As we observe our personal lives and the world around us, it is not uncommon to feel worry and despair. Our personal lives have become fragile while the world appears to be falling apart. Many have become cynical about life, have forgotten their own magnificence and have lost the magic of living. You may be experiencing financial, relationship or health problems, or, wondering why your dreams are taking so long to arrive. Such concerns will rapidly push you into a negative space, and whenever you enter a negative space you become disconnected from your divine nature and personal power.

Solving problems requires a rise in consciousness whereby you enter a level of thinking that is above the level of the problem. A satellite must be higher than the earth to photograph the movements of a hurricane. Similarly, you must be able to stand from the high point within yourself to study your inner storms.  If you are sinking in negativity it is hard to feel divine presence. Keep in mind however that divinity never goes away. It is always here and now and cannot cease to exist; for it is the creative force of all existence. To explain further, imagine you are walking in the woods, and while you are in the forest you cannot see or feel the sunshine. Now, as you make your way out of the woods and into a clearing space, you can now see and feel the sunshine. While you were in the forest the sun did not go away; you were simply in a place that blocked it out. When you are in negativity, drama, anger and so on, during such moments you are blocking out the energy of love, joy, peace and divine intelligence.  And, by blocking out such positive forces it is extremely difficult to solve problems and to feel good.

Take regular time to quiet your body and mind through meditation or quiet walks in nature. And,  practice to NOT think about your problems. Instead, keep your attention on higher truths and divine principles. Focus your attention on wanting to know the unseen power and untapped potential that is within you. Do not think that dwelling on your problems will solve your problems. If you insist that you have to dwell on your problems then I ask you; if you have been worrying constantly about a problem, how is that going for you? Do you feel any closer to a solution, or, are you simply making yourself unhappy?

Be aware when your personal problems are pulling you into a world of blaming, complaining, anger or drama. Practice as often as you can too pull yourself out of that negative space. Distract yourself, busy yourself, listen to music, dance, meditate, spend time with good friends or read positive material etc. Do whatever you can to bring your mindset into a positive level. Some may question; by distracting myself from my problems am I just avoiding my problems? The answer is no. By changing your mood you are moving into positive energy, and by doing so, you are raising you spiritual vibration. This in turn helps you to reconnect and remember your divinity. Divine energy is made of love, joy, peace, inspiration and more. As you produce these positive feelings as often as possible, you are tuning into the energetic frequencies you need to be at in order to solve your problems, and to move forward in life in positive ways.

A key point I want to emphasize. Do not simply distract yourself for the sake of distraction. For example, someone may have a problem and they may use drugs, alcohol, smoking or overeating as a distraction. This is not helpful and certainly not productive. What I speak about is to use distraction as a tool to pull you out of a negative space as quickly as possible, but also, with the intention to connect to divine energy and guidance. There is nothing you need in negativity and there are no solutions in negativity. Your aim is to feel good as often as you can, because feeling good is your signal that you are entering your higher nature. And, the greater time you spend in positive energy and feeling good about yourself you will speed up the synchronicity in your life. The people to help you will show up, money will somehow arrive and physical healing and well-being will speed up etc.

So, take regular time to contemplate and realize your divine nature, and allow divinity to move through you and work with you in life. Make divinity your travel companion in life, and then, your life will take on a whole new experience. Believe that divine intelligence exists. Affirm to yourself that there is a divine force in the universe that guides, governs and creates. I AM part of that divinity, and because of this, I can create new and wonderful life experiences for myself. And, I know this to be true.

About the Author:
Bob Mangroo is a personal potential coach and spiritual teacher.  His training and coaching work includes hypnosis, meditation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP). In addition, he has earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada.

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