Psychic Development 101: Laying the Foundations

Starting on the path of psychic or spiritual exploration can be exciting if not overwhelming. With so many themes to explore, where do we begin? Energy healing, mediumship, astrology, shamanism,  intuition and other types of energy work quite literally open up a world of possibilities. Regardless of the modality chosen, a strong physical and energetic foundation can pave the way for your development. The human body is more than a temple for your Spirit, it’s also a channel for healing and psychic insights. We can develop stronger, clearer channels by adopting the following practices. 

Ground, Clear and Protect Your Energy

The human energy field is like a sponge and once it has been attuned to spiritual energy, it soaks up everything we come into contact with. This can include psychic debris from our morning commute, our colleague’s cold symptoms and even our significant other’s emotional distress. We want to be there for the world without feeling it so intensely, a phenomenon that empaths will recognize. This is where the most basic principles of energy management come into play. By learning to ground, clear and protect our energy, we are able to access our intuition comfortably.

Grounding refers to the quality of our connection with Mother Earth; how comfortable we feel in our bodies and in our our surroundings. It also provides a healthy outlet for emotional energy and stress, which we release into the ground through the Chakras on the soles of our feet. To strengthen your grounding, find a quiet place to sit and imagine a large oak tree growing strong behind you, its trunk supporting your back. Bring your attention to your feet and visualize roots growing into the ground. These roots anchor us to Mother Earth, providing solid foundations for us to build on. The deeper the roots, the stronger our energy becomes. By working on our grounding, we make it easier for our bodies to channel high vibrational insights and energy. 

The next step is to clear our energy field so that we can receive accurate and unbiased information. Do this by visualizing a shower of light running through your Aura, your Chakras and your body into the ground. This light releases excess energy and emotions into the ground for cleansing and purification, including physical sensations that we may have absorbed from others. We can also clear our energy every morning when we shower, intending for the water to have this cleansing effect. Use your imagination to repeat this step during the day if you feel overloaded. Clearing our energy opens the door for us to receive psychic insights without interference. We then take it one step further by shielding ourselves so we don’t absorb external energy in the first place. 

This can be done by using your Intention to draw in your Aura so that it sits snuggly around your body and visualizing a protective cloak around you, not unlike the wizard’s cloaks in movies. It covers your body from head to toe, desensitizing your Aura and Chakras to the outside world. Finish by checking in on your grounding roots one last time; they anchor you to Mother Earth’s loving and nurturing energy, providing a warm foundation of support and protection. It’s considered best practice to run through these steps morning and night, letting our grounding go deeper each time. 

Meditation, Prayer and Healing 

Adopting a daily spiritual practice makes it easier for us to receive psychic insights through our thoughts, visions and feelings. These insights are processed by our Chakras, Aura and physical body before we notice them. Meditation and prayer strengthen the channel through which these insights flow, enhancing our ability to receive clear messages. We can start this journey by setting aside time for daily meditations, prayers or energy work. A simple Chakra meditation will get the energy flowing through your physical body, increasing your awareness and intuitive perception: 

  • Ground yourself by visualizing tree roots growing out of the soles of your feet into the ground. Intend for these roots to reach the center of the earth where they wrap around a rose quartz crystal. This energy travels up the roots through your feet, legs and core to your Heart Chakra. 
  • Take your attention up through the Heavens to the highest source of Light. Connect with that light and express your gratitude as it travels through the atmosphere, to your Crown Chakra. It fills you with light from top to toe, raising your vibration and overflowing to your Aura.
  • Now that you are connected above and below, filled with light, ask your guardian angel to join you as your clear, balance and heal each of your Chakras. We can do this on our own by scanning our energy and visualizing light as it runs through each Chakra, or by listening to a guided Chakra meditation. There are plenty of guided meditations available on Youtube. 

All Chakras are Created Equal

The Heart Chakra gets a lot of love these days, especially if we want to be more loving and compassionate in our relationships. But we can only learn to love unconditionally if we have learned to love ourselves first, which involves nurturing the Solar Plexus Chakra, consciously or not. It’s where we hold our sense of self, our personal affinities and our boundaries. A robust Solar Plexus is a sign of healthy self-confidence, personal power and authenticity. All of the Chakras need healing because of the influence they have on our wellbeing and our personal development. 

Let’s consider the upper Chakras, which allow us to access the spiritual gifts of clairaudience through the Throat, clairvoyance through the Third Eye and intuitive guidance through the Crown. These Chakras show us the big picture, telling us why obstacles may arise and how to navigate them. This intuitive guidance will help us find and follow our bliss, though we also need solid grounding and strong Root and Sacral Chakras to manifest those visions as a physical reality.

We can discover aspects of our personality that need healing by studying the Chakra system, and vice versa. Or start by healing the Root Chakra at the base of the spine and working your way up. This approach will lay foundations for manifesting, energy healing or psychic experiences later on. 

Remember to Switch Off

It’s important to end our meditations and training exercises by protecting our energy before getting on with our day, otherwise we may catch more debris than a fisherman’s net. Be sure to ground yourself, visualize your Chakras switching off one by one and protect your Aura as mentioned above. Your Intuition will still be accessible through your Heart Chakra; though you will be less vulnerable. 

Bonus Tip! 

A well rested and nourished body will make for a clearer channel. Take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, exercising, eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water. Coffee, alcohol and other substances may turn the dial down on your intuition, although everyone reacts differently. Keep a self-care and meditation diary to find out what works for you. 

About the Author:  Can anyone learn to channel healing and shift his or her life in a new direction? Of course! This startling discovery led Regina Chouza to become an Accredited Healer, blogger and teacher. Her first book A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love, is available on Amazon. Visit for details or tweet a question @reginachouza.


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