This article is the second part of a two part article about reaching a neutral state of mind. While we seek to reach higher states of consciousness and manifest our spiritual self here on this plane, we continue experiencing human responses. Sometimes it can be confusing and frustrating as we are subjected to natural mental and emotional human reflexes. These human states of mind and emotion can lead to feeling disconnected from Spirit, generating many illusions about self, relationships and life.

This two part article provides the reader with several simple methods of managing our human reflexes in order to step out of illusions and back into a neutral state of mind. A neutral state of mind brings a sense of freedom and restores awareness of choice. Awareness of choice is the beginning of every revolution whether personal or social! When we know something doesn’t have to be a certain way, we can use this greater awareness to recognize options and choose from a more enlightened state.

The list of additional ways to reach a neutral state of mind starts below.

Closed loops- This might be considered a sort of self-satisfaction. We may not always consider the goal behind our actions toward others. There seems two primary drives; the response of the other person (external) or our integrity (internal). Where we place the emphasis makes all the difference.

As an example, remember a time when you walked into a store and the door was not an automatic door but required you to open it. You noticed someone walking up behind you and so you held the door open for them. The other person catches to door and then comes in the store behind you without uttering a word. How do you feel?

An open loop asks the other person to respond in a certain way. Notice the set-up of our self and the other person as we make them our source. A closed loop only involves our inner standards and our behavior. If your behavior matches your standard then you succeed, no response required by another person. This closed loop allows you to remain in a neutral or positive position.

Portals to the Divine- Within the "in-between’s" in every facet of life, there exists an opportunity. There are rhythms present in every process. This rhythm can be in nature, biological or choice patters such as doing or buying things. The cycle may be short or long, slow or fast. Just pick a cycle, a rhythm and tune in to notice the sort of up-down, on-off pattern flowing.

Now focus on the in between which happens just after the overt action. If the overt action is primitive brain (PB) driven, meaning it has an addictive quality, then the gap may lead to some form of sadness, anxiety or anger. Allowing your self to sit with this and tolerate it, drifting down through the layers until reaching the sort of void, a nothingness.

There exists and opening whether between breaths, notes of music, a leaf touching down or buying something. Notice the energy here and notice the opening, tracing it all the way to Source. Notice just how many portals exist and this feeling! Fill the portals with your awareness and enjoy!

Non-attachment- Attaching to outcomes interferes with and blocks the natural Divine presence. Attachment automatically invites anxiety, sadness or anger. Faith or trust that there is no place or facet of life that Divine is not present can allow us to let go. By letting go we make a Sacred Space for the Divine to fill.

The “bubble of is”- This protective bubble is all about being in the present, the true ongoing is. Did you know it is impossible to generate anxiety while residing in the present, the is? Anxiety comes to life when we imagine a future about what could become of the present, an unwanted future. Depression, and truly each unpleasant emotion, comes to life outside the bubble of is. We either travel to our past or to our imaginary future.

Something happens to us when we leave the protective bubble of is. We usually disconnect from out spiritual awareness. This leads to a feeling of emotional vulnerability and we perceive from our fear brain, imagining only unwanted situations and outcomes. We tend to focus on perceived loss in our past or expected loss in our future. Once we do this, some form of the big three emotions, anxiety, sadness or anger then activate.

Remaining in the bubble of is, the now, and it is always now, reminds us that we are safe, we are OK. Practice using mindfulness, the factual present just as it is to orient your awareness to the simple, safe present and notice how it feels to be in the bubble of is.

Non-judgment- Judging of self does the very thing that it is criticizing, it’s an ineffective choice. To judge is to crystallize what’s judged thus freezing it into ineffectiveness. The impact of this is on self. Judging only ensnares the judger while everyone else goes free. Judgment places a label on self or others which then blinds the judger to other attributes. Judgment limits the judger, not the judged. Another person’s lifestyle cannot truly pose a threat to us, but our judgment does pose a threat to our own wellbeing.

The opposite of judgment might be considered tolerance. Tolerance is one of the most precious gifts we can give to our self or another person. But we can only give it to the extent that we feel secure with who we are, an eternal love-worthy being. Once freeing our self of judgment we are then free to remember our eternal essence and immunity.

Nothing to compare- Comparisons require unnatural observation, taking excerpts out of an otherwise infinite-eternal flow either within your own life our between yours and another‘s. One of our human mental-emotional reflexes led us to feel disconnected form Source. Usually some sense of insecurity or self-doubt triggers the need to compare. By going within to access the need for reassurance, we can stop comparing and start comforting.

To resolve, replace the time and space excerpt used for comparing back into context, from excerpts of life back to the All, the infinite-eternal universe. This leaves out nothing and thus leaves nothing to compare. Again, notice how the All awareness brings a natural alignment and renders all questions moot. Moving back into the One Truth, your constant love-worthiness, provides the Truth and the point of view that quiets all the arguing.

John Burton, EdD holds a Doctorate in Human development Counseling and a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. He is licensed as a Professional Counselor in SC and certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP Master and Reiki Master. He has three books published and a forthcoming book, The Sacred Sequence; Remembering the One Truth. He provides counseling and workshops in Greenville, SC.

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Comment by Trevor Taylor on February 14, 2014 at 11:44am

Hi John - recommended to the Publishers for inclusion in one of the April 2014 multi-media editions of OM Times

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