Every New Year we tend to look at our lives as would someone from a distance, from a more scientific, or objective perspective. It is the
one time of year we are more assured to take a step back, out of the daily
drama of our lives and really ponder upon that which our lives have ‘amounted’
to, thus far.

It’s a time of reflection, a time of imaginings, planning, hoping and dreaming, a time for Rebirthing.

We assess what we have accomplished over the last year which inevitably leads to an overall scanning of our lifetimes to date, and start marking the checks and ex’s in our mental
‘to do list’.

We analyze our ‘to do list’, remove those things that we have outgrown, add those things we have grown into and then carefully plot out how we are going to manifest those
things that have yet to materialize in our lives.

And then……..we are off…….and with such a burst of high energy, determined, motivated, inspired, committed, excited, until……a week, a month or a few months go by and we haven’t
made any of those check marks or worse still, we have completely forgotten
about our ‘to do list’ altogether, so wrapped up in the external details of

External details of “not”, you ask, what exactly DOes that mean??!!!

It is VERY EASY, unfortunately, for the majority of WE, to lose sight of our present experience of BEingness, the “NOW” and put all of our energy into the ‘what if’s” of the
future and the “why’s” of the past.
So much so, that we not only are NOT enJOYing our present, our NOW, but
we are completely forgetting what it is that we are hoping, dreaming, &
planning , for our future. So many
worries about details that have nothing to DO with our personal dreams and
aspirations, worries that, in and of themSELVes are “not”.

We worry about “what if’s” of the Future……even though, for something to BE a “What if” means it is not something at all, but an idea of potential in our minds.
Nothing is anything until it is something……

We worry about “why’s” of the Past….when the past is gone and DOne, and there is no going back. It is “NOT” something that we can change except within our mind’s perception.

When we focus on the NOW of our experience, we are too consumed by the infinite GIFTs within our surround, by the blessing of our experience in and of itSELF, the Miracle of
our BEingness, to divert our attentions away onto things that are “not”, and
thus are we able to ‘stay on track’, follow, change, edit, manage &
manifest our ‘to do list’

NOW, here’s the really, really cool part about BEing in the NOW:

New Year’s is seen as a “Rebirthing” BEcause we have taken ourSELVes OUT of the NOW and separated SELF from the experience of SELF, that we may take that objective step back and
assess, analyze, plan, hope and dream.

When we CHOOSE to live in the NOW, EVERY NOW is a REBIRTHing!!

Ya heard me right, EVERY NOW, every millisecond of a millisecond is a REBIRTHing, ~an Opportunity to BEgin aNEW.

Every NOW is a “New Year”, a new day, a new moment, a new experience, a NEW NOW.

When we experience life in the AWEsome Blessing of that which it IS, as it IS, BEing present within the ISness ofour BEingness, as we are BEing, we are able to Consciously Create,
recreate, redefine, realign, and REBIRTH ourSELVes , our experience of SELF and
life in general, however we see fit, in each and every NOW.

To illustrate:

Okay, so ONE MINUTE ago YOU lost sight of the blessings of YOUr Gifted NOW and lost YOUr temper. YOU allowed YOUr SELF to BEcome consumed wit h an illusory emotion and yelled.yes""> Well, that is NOW the PAST and NOW, YOU can CHOOSE to BE
Present in the Gift of YOUr NOW, and embody the Angelic BEing of LOVE’s Light

There is NO need for guilt, embarrassment, repentance, or years of therapy for
that matter.

YOU recognize what happened a minute ago, and BEing present in this NOW, CHOOSE to realign SELF with YOUr TRUTH and thus ARE YOU NOW experiencing the embodiment thereof.


This experience of “infinite opportunity” is available to Each of WE, in Every NOW, ALLways, it is merely a matter of so CHOOSing to align one’s perceptual reality, one’s state
of mind within the NOW of one’s experience.

Be Present right NOW, right where YOU ARE, look around and SEE, see that YOU have two eyes with which to read this and more over, the skill to read!

See that YOU have the breath of life, YOU Exist!

See the infinite Gifts within YOUr surround, give YOUr SELF permission to Celebrate, relish within, the many Gifts YOU DO HAVE RIGHT NOW.

Release YOUr SELF from the worries of tomorrow, when tomorrow comes, YOU WILL BE present in that NOW and YOU WILL take care of what ever needs taking care of.

Surrender YOUr SELF to the Bliss of BEing YOU and in Every NOW shall YOU “rebirth” the ecstatic infinite Gift that IS the Greatest Miracle of ALL, YOU~Life!

May ALL of WE, Sweet Earth Angels Divine, BE the Living Code of the Heart

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

I AM Another YOU

YOU ARE Another ME


Blissedly BE

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein



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