Receiving Our Opportunities to Let Go, Sooner Than Later

Abstract: Defining opportunities to let go. Embracing and receiving the moments in life when we are faced with the choice to breathe, connect, and let go or to constrict our breathing, disconnect and hold back. Embracing those moments that are calling us to let go and making more empowered choices, sooner than later.

Opportunities to let go are the moments in life when we are faced with the choice to breathe, connect and let go or to constrict our breathing, disconnect and hold back. Our lives are filled with opportunities to let go, revealing themselves in different forms, times and places. Some manifest as leaky roofs, overdrawn bank accounts, politics, environmental issues and disagreements. Some come in moments of feeling shame, blame or guilt. They inspire, motivate, gladden, sadden, madden and scare us, when the the choices we make can change our lives. What if we respond to these opportunities as gifts that we are being given? Gifts that can expand, challenge and empower us on the journey to fulfilling our dreams.

Living in a culture that promotes lying, trying, control and over-riding our bodies often leaves us feeling powerless to have the experiences we want. Lying to ourselves can feel like the easiest road to success until we find ourself in a crisis where our circumstances force us let go. What if we get honest about what we are doing and embrace those moments that are calling us to connect and be present? What if we learn how to let go into making life affirming choices sooner than later?

Things we can do to receive our opportunities to let go...

Breathe. Relax and give ourselves the air we need to be fully alive.

Ask the questions: What is the nature of experiencing the power of letting go? What is the nature of receiving the opportunities in the most loving, life enhancing and empowering ways?

Support and trust ourselves to stay connected with our source and it’s greater intelligence. Cultivate the ability to listen and respond to our inner guidance. Stay connected by meditating, napping, walking, dancing, vibrating and moving our energy in ways that release us from any tightness, control and holding back.

Practice unconditionally loving ourselves. Let go of criticizing and look for all the positive, loving and empowered aspects of ourselves and others. Listen to music, audios and read books that support a sense of well being. Look for opportunities to love and be loved such as soaking up all the love that our friends, family and pets can give us.

Cultivate the ability to shift the way we think. Notice and let go of any unsupportive thinking. Shift our focus, vibrate, circulate and move our energy in ways that open space for making the shifts more easily. 

Let go in our bodies. Letting go in our bodies is exemplified by this simple exercise: Hold an arm out and clench the fist for as long as possible. Clench and hold it, hold it tight! Start letting it go and releasing it very slowly. Then shake, shake, shake it out!  Notice what happens to our breathing, thinking, feeling and behaving when we are uptight and contracted. Ask ourselves how is this like our lives? Make new choices. 

Free our emotions by letting go into their full expression in safe and invigorating ways. 

Be in a living process. Ann Wilson Schaef, author of Living In Process, reminds us that we can relax, let go and allow the details of our projects, relationships, parenting and dreams reveal themselves in their perfect timing. Learning to find the satisfaction and empowerment in watching our dreams reveal themselves in many surprising ways. 

Absorb and digest our experiences. Learning to let go into receiving and absorbing what we have been given. Integrating, digesting and getting ready to receive our next steps.

Withdraw from habitual control such as criticizing and being disgusted by other people as a way to cover up any discomfort we are feeling.

Embrace the experiences of loss. Learn to let go into the truth and give ourselves time and space to grieve and vibrate whatever feelings come up.

Embrace any pain and suffering by breathing and letting go of any control and contraction around it. 

Practice letting go of reactivity. A good exercise is noticing the details of what triggers us and how we feel and behave in those moments so we can change it.

Let go of stressing about what we might be missing. Remembering that our source is always guiding us to the most beneficial experiences.

Be willing to let go into opportunities that may not be totally what we expected. Opportunities that help us learn and discover how to navigate and appreciate the power in the gifts we are being offered. Remember we can always say yes or no. 

Enjoy and look forward to the perfection of a life full of opportunities to let go. Remembering that life is not always what we expect it to be, and if we keep letting go life is always better than expected!

About the author: Crystal is a certified expansion guide with the Total Integration Institute, author, multidimensional coach and facilitator for the live event called Freedom at the Core. She is the instructor and coach for her online course, Freedom From the Inside Out. She draws from her own experience and the experience of the thousands of people she has worked with over the past 35 years. Crystal is known for the fun and empowering way she supports people in bringing forth the experiences they want in their lives.

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Comment by Crystal Presence on March 27, 2019 at 5:10am
Thanks :-)
Comment by Omtimes Media on February 27, 2019 at 12:00pm

Crystal it will be published in May A edition,

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