Respecting The Journey  732 words

By Leigh Burton

Abstract:  We strive for abundance but lose sight of what keeps it at bay.  Judgment changes our vibration, but how do we guard against what is merely human?  Here is an understanding of how we can respect our journey and that of others we connect with. 

We travel along our journey continually reaching new levels of awareness. Waking up one could say. With awakening comes responsibility and the need to respect the power that comes with such a gift.

The number one thing that drags us backward is judgment. Understanding how to live each day while checking in on the level of judgment we can easily get trapped in will open us to the highest level of abundance that each step in our journey can provide.

Judgment is natural and human. It is a part of us that exists just as much as love. But living in the belief that judgment is a bad thing creates darkness around it that shuts down the portal that can help us move along our journey comfortably. Judgment is an opinion. It is when the opinion becomes an identifying marker that separates us from others that we reduce the opportunity to develop. We can’t not judge. How else would we be able to make choices? Opinions create the understanding of the value of what is presenting itself. Whether it is a person, object or situation. Is it useful to us, or does it feel like it can be a threat to our well-being? As we develop, our opinions will change and so does what we believe is to our benefit. Our belief stems from what is core to our identity. So, it is a good thing, right? Only if it is understood and cared for as a tool and not a way to project our fear.

When we open our hearts and explore what it is about our person that precursors the judgment, we can grow, develop and be open to the abundance that we endeavor. Every time there is judgment there is an opportunity to open the door to letting go of an unhealthy attachment, that can only lead to another chance to grow into the best version of ourselves.

Our mind and body connect the dots and engage the circumstance simultaneously. The result can be mayhem on the body, our vessel that deserves every opportunity to take us where it is that we want to go. If the circumstance is worthy of what we individually consider a label of negativity, the body will deplete its life force much more rapidly. Like a car that uses much more gasoline. Would it not be wiser to utilize each moment with less consumption?

A perfect example is a shy person being at a social event approached by a gregarious and robust individual. One could quickly identify this person as pompous or overwhelming. While the initial thought is perfectly natural, the consequences are undesirable. Without being aware, a shy person will inevitably become guarded. Move to the next person, and we are received as defended. This person is not likely to open up and share what they honestly have to offer. Furthermore, the guarded person is far less capable of giving their own best self. There is nothing amiss with being shy or confident and social. Each allows the other to be recognized. It allows us to make informed decisions about who we are comfortable being as individuals.

Still, as humans, we fall into the judgment trap countless times every day and suffer a great deal of consequence, likely unaware of what we are doing or what we could be missing out on. We have the option to respect our journey and that with whom we connect with merely by checking in with ourselves and staying clear of the potential threat of devaluing what we have to share with each other.

Unraveling the mystery isn’t hard. It takes acceptance that we are all human and forgiveness. Be grateful for the trigger that presented itself as an opportunity to look inside and determine what can be improved so that we can become our better selves. In doing so, we acknowledge the power of synchronicity and allow it to exist in our world.

A simple reminder, “What is it about me that is coming up?” is all we need. Respect the journey and receive the gifts life has to offer.

Leigh Burton:  Author, International Speaker, NLP Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Emotional Health Coach, Acceptance Commitment Therapist, an expert in letting go, and a lover of life.

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Comment by Lisa Shaw on March 17, 2018 at 8:36am

Hi, Leigh. Thank you for this submission.  Before I can forward it to the publishers, I'll need a brief abstract before the actual article, the sooner the better.

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