Many people have asked me about retrograding planets and since Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn are presently moving retrograde and Mercury will be going retrograde on June 26th  I thought this would be the perfect time to set your worrying minds at ease about retrograde periods. This is an example of where knowing a little about a subject can leave you feeling more confused than if you knew nothing at all.

Before I get into any technicalities let me say that I experience the planetary energies, whom I often refer to as The Starry Ones, as allies and friends, not foes. I don't ever feel victimized by their influence. I don't feel like the planets make things happen. Quite to the contrary! I experience them as setting an energy field for all kinds of growth and evolution, as they too are growing and evolving in this ever-growing and evolving Universe.  I welcome their transformational energies and allow myself to be guided by their support and wisdom. My job as an astrologer is to translate their support and guidance to you, dear Star Gazer. Now on to the subject of retrogrades!

When a planet goes retrograde it will move backward over degrees of a sign that it has already passed. It will do this revisiting slowly, contemplating those degrees with deepest consideration. The degree at which a planets stops and collects itself, preparing to turn retrograde we say that planet is stationing retrograde. When the planet stops and prepares to move forward we say it is stationing direct. When a planet moves direct it will cover those degrees once more.

Where the retrograding planets moves through the degrees of the sign in your chart is where YOU will feel the slowing down and focus of the energies of that planet.
Astrology takes on a personal meaning when you see how the planetary movements affect your personal chart.

For instance Mercury can be going retrograde and the person next to me has everything go wrong in their life, the details of life just running roughshod over them. Another person might not notice anything different at all. Chances are the first person had Mercury greatly affecting their chart at that tome or they are Mercurial types and are sensitive to the movement and influences of Mercury.

How a planet affects you in its retrograde movement is directly related to the sign it is traversing in the sky and what house it is moving through in your chart. The parts of life that are addressed by that sign will be more affected than other parts.

Let's take a look at the individual planets that are moving retrograde right now and what their retrograde influence means for where they are moving today and in the months to come.

SATURN retrograde in Scorpio until 8 July.

5 degrees Scorpio back to 4 degrees Scorpio.
Deep emotional excavation to clear out deeply rooted limiting emotional patterns. Going into the darkest corners and clearing out the cobwebs and hidden agendas. Saturn brings hard work but the promise of a bountiful harvest if you put the commitment and follow-through into your emotional work. Expect to feel highly emotional as you release deep-seated beliefs and allow for healing. All kinds of things will be exposed. Don't take it all too seriously. You are LOVE always and you will always return back to LOVE, regardless of how intense it can all feel!

If you were born with Saturn in Scorpio - CONGRATS! - you're in your Saturn return.
I can help you understand more about the Saturn return. The more you know the more you can be joyfully in the NOW.

Crystal to help you work with Saturn

place on 3rd chakra, the WILL center

Say: "I release all emotional patterns that no longer serve me. I am strong in my own inner authority. I am the driver of my own life. I am strong. I am focused on creating the life I wish to experience, free of others' agendas for me."

NEPTUNE retrograde in Pisces until 12 November

5 degrees Pisces back to 2 degrees Pisces
Neptune is a magical, confusing, inspirational influence. It can bring you to your knees with such beauty and flights of an imagination given unlimited possibilities at the same time it can overwhelm you with fantasy and inappropriate boundaries with all kinds of persons and situations. Neptune retrograde periods are excellent for turning inward and working on your connection to your own divine wisdom, highest guidance, and strengthening your connection to your intuitive instinct.

Crystal to help you work with Neptune

place on 3rd eye area, your 6th chakra
Say: "I am connecting to my Intuitive Instinct. I am following my own intuitive knowing. I can trust my inner knowing. My inner knowing will always be correct for me."

For more support in connecting with your Intuitive Instinct use our Reclaim Your Intuition audio course and meditations.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn until 20 September

10 degrees Capricorn back to 8 degrees Capricorn
Pluto has been nothing short of a dramatic player in dismantling major mainstays in our society at large and for some in their personal lives as well. Major shifts in leadership ideas and how things work on the macro to the micro level are being dismantled for the giant remodel of all time. Nice! Don't hold on tight as things crumble away. Look for signs of regrowth in the ashes and trash bins on the demolition site. You will experience en entirely new life, if you allow it. Allow it! Pluto will clear the way. I wouldn't recommend wrestling with Pluto. I don't know a single person who has ever beat out Pluto at the cosmic pinnochle game. Enjoy the ride and know you will evolve, one way or another. Might as well do it with your eyes open and your butt in the driver's seat of your life.

Crystal to help you work with Pluto

Black Tourmaline

place at your root chakra
Say: "I am grounded and connected to the core of the Earth. I allow myself to evolve and grow. I shed the skin I no longer need and return all unneeded energies back to  Momma Earth to be transmuted back into LOVE."

OK, that should keep you busy!
We have all these stones available for you AND to help you through these powerful times we have created a CRYSTAL First Aid Kit.
Each organza bag has 4 essential helping crystals, energized and empowered by, crystal healer.

Each bag, affordably priced at $20, contains:

for grounding and centering
Rose Quartz to soothe and comfort your heart
Chevron Amethyst to calm anxiety and clear your mind
Moonstone to support your connection to your Intuitive Instinct

For more info and to purchase your CRYSTAL First Aid Kit
click on CRYSTAL First Aid Kit.

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