Saturn Transit 2014 – Handling Cosmic Shifts

Saturn Transit 2014 – Handling Cosmic Shifts

On November 1, 2014, Saturn the huge Karmic planet rolls over into the sign of Scorpio. This slow moving planet stays in one sign of the zodiac for 2 and half years. Consequently, it brings a long good spell for some and a prolonged period of agony for others( depending on how it’s movements affects a particular sign).

Saturn is much dreaded in Vedic Astrology and the onslaught of its period can hugely impact an individual. Lots of people are crushed by the impact of difficulties and fear-as a consequence they find themselves in the grip of mental disorders, physical setbacks, disease ridden, struggling in relationships and struggling financially too.

Subsequently a poverty of spirit and bitterness sets in. There are another set of people though- those who undergo the same challenges but in process are almost reborn-knowing how much of their own limits they pushed, what they are made of and in that they accepted living life on life’s terms without ruing their fate or staying stuck in the vortex of questions.

So what is it that the second set have which helps them navigate successfully? After all the assault of Karmik phases is of similar intensity and along same lines. A subtle understanding of Saturn as an energy can help one go a long way in understanding this phase and taking the right approach in dealing with it. Saturn or Shani Dev as he is known in Vedic Astrology is the grandmaster of karmic retribution. He helps balance the books of Karma for every individual without any bias. They very fact that one is born, is indicative of the fact that some lessons remain unlearnt from past lives and those will be set in motion by Saturn.

To learn from the master, become an empty vessel and then become the master. The master in case is Saturn, so who is he and what is his essence. What does this energy want to teach you. Here is a short primer:

1) He is time: Known as Cronus in mythology, he is time itself. One can adapt from this that time must be respected. Typically in Saturn periods, if one can adhere to time lines , and respect a disciplined lifestyle it is a good place to start. Saturn likes discipline and abhors change. He himself changes to another sign of the Zodiac after 2and half years, longest for any planet. Settling into a disciplined routine is one of the ways. However, it is one of the most difficult ones to achieve. Ever notice, that heads of states/ CEOs/ founders of big organizations have this one essential thing under their grip firmly.


2) Physical Labor: Extending yourself towards physical activity or Shram as it is understood in Sanskrit. At a superficial level it denotes breaking the body through over extending it. So instead of sitting inert in Saturn phases, physical activity (a stretch beyond what you can do) promises to be a great teacher and redeemer. So go to the gym, go running, pump iron, take a walk, walk to the office than ride but extend yourself.


3) Slow: Painfully slow progression. Marred by obstacles and delays. Saturn is known as slow or mand in Hindi. The logical deduction when faced by such times and circumstances is - all In good time, that a waiting game must be played. One is blessed with power and resources at times only. Only when one has evolved enough to utilize them well, when one has the wherewithal to handle them. Respect for and continuing on ones journey no matter how slow the process.

4) Isolation/ Severance: Many a times during the karmic period of Saturn, one finds oneself being cast outside one’s regular social groups or voluntarily steps away from social connects. Saturn is a loner. This energy is so powerful that it is happy cruising by itself. It dips in its own eddies and whirls, rediscovering and ever making itself shinier and new. The human experience however becomes painful as people see themselves with reference to others. Getting cut away often sparks depression, self doubt, and feeling of being unwanted- a grapple with redundancy!

However, the way out lies in turning inward towards uncovering core of one’s identity without being blinded and mesmerized by distractions of the outside world. It is a journey of discovering self-love, self-acceptance, being comfortable with one’s own truths and then moving forward with what one’s truly got.

5) Disability/ Feeling Crippled: Or should it be called left in a lurch, unable to move, see, think, feel? In karmic Saturn periods one may figuratively feel crippled. Unable to attain what one wants, unable to move towards goals, receiving hard blows, possibly betrayals or setbacks. Saturn is described as one who moves with a limp. Typically if the energy feels thus, it’s time to perform service or “ seva” in the real world - to the disabled, underprivileged, hungry, destitute, orphans, widows, the homeless etc. The affliction of disability is humbling and the greatest learning from it is to be humanitarian and selfless. To serve those who are in pain and hurting. No amount of love, sympathy, money or fame can heal a hurting soul. The only medicine that works here is the pay it forward, do-good spirit that loves to ascend spiritually and is blithe in a sense of lightness.

6) Tastelessness: It is virtually as if the “Rasa”/ taste has gone from life. There is a sense of dryness about life as if the sense of enjoyment and being alive has been sucked out. One goes about the motions of life as if everything were a chore. An individual may chase after the sense pleasures experienced previously, trying to recreate those memories to be able to enjoy a little bit - it is akin to chasing a mirage that only tires and exhausts.

The illusions fade away gradually leaving behind a person who is disenchanted and dry - a sulking child over not having got what one wanted.  Saturn rules over the metabolism and the central nervous system in the human body. A slowed metabolism may prevent a person from being able to consume fried, sweet or heavy foods (and these are the ones people usually crave for). Afflictions related to central nervous system may prevent engaging in any sense pleasures because of anxiety, depression or the physical effects too. The deprivation of sense pleasures also ensures that the element of taste goes missing. Boring routines, drab environments, hardly any company - all go on to make up for the threadbare essentials of life.

7) Vibration: The more solid a thing is, its level of vibration is low (viz., a solid block of wood). The more subtle or lighter a thing is, the higher its level of vibration (viz., air), true especially when one talks in context of energy. A spiritually evolved person is said to have a much higher vibration, than one who is more materially aligned and is caught in the web of Maya. Saturn in its most visible avatar is a completely gaseous planet and matching its energy or even being in harmony with it would require a much higher level of vibration. One must respect this fact. Ascending spiritually and paying more attention to higher purpose makes life easier. Taking to meditation, energy healing help in a big way.

Simple rule of thumb- aligning oneself with the nature of energy is the most effective way. It does make sense to swim with the current. Additionally, wearing the gem of Saturn – the natural blue sapphire can help, but it should be ascertained for suitability according to one’s natal chart. The natal chart can additionally give pointers towards individual specific remedies that are effective.


Abhijita Kulshrestha is the Director and senior astro-gemologist at She is a GIA and PGA certified  astro-gemologist.  Abhijita is also an NLP practitioner certified by NFNLP, Florida.

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Comment by Abhijita Kulshrestha on October 13, 2014 at 3:23am

Thanks you for letting me know. Do i post the entire article in the discussion space? or is there any other submission format?


Comment by Omtimes Media on October 12, 2014 at 1:12am

Comment by Omtimes Media on October 12, 2014 at 1:12am

Hi dear, when you get articles for astrology, please post them in sensitive material group so they will go online immediatly

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