Sexual Energy Isn’t What You Think It Is

The most powerful force in the world, perhaps in the Universe, is what impacts how you show up in everyday life.  It displays your confidence or lack there of.  It expresses your intelligence, your compassion, your excitement, your desire, and your passion and love for life…or again your lack…there…of.  This is your life force energy, which is ultimately your sexual energy.  

You see, sexual energy reaches far beyond your sexuality and your sex life.  It’s where your creativity stems from and the foundation for a charismatic personality.  When you shut off or turn away from your personal access to this magical divine source you reject brilliant gifts offered to you by Source.  Everything on Earth seems to originally come from some version of a sexual act whether it’s a physical experience or a creatively energetic experience through sexual energy. 

This powerful resource is something that you can draw to you, and therefore, draw upon to support you as you take on new challenges in your life.  While some will tell you that energy cannot be created or destroyed, others believe that you can create new energy when you engage in sacred lovemaking.  Ah, wait…are you thinking about sexual activity now?  Lovemaking and sexual energy are simply not what most humans think they are.  Remember, sexual energy goes beyond sexuality and your sex life.  And, so does lovemaking.

Yes, you can view lovemaking as a different form of sex - one in which you engage in a very sacred and pleasurable experience with a lover.  However, you can make love to many areas of your life and your relationships.  You can create more love by offering gratitude and appreciation in a multitude of ways.  The first step is to become aware that you can tap into that power - the power to create more and the power to draw upon the sexual energy of the Universe. 

You can look at it as borrowing the energy or you can claim it as your own.  No matter how you look at it, as long as you view it positively and gratefully you’ll be able to direct it toward the success of your deepest dreams and desires.  When you do that your level of confidence rises dramatically and your self-esteem blossoms from within.  

Take a moment to ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What do I want most in my life?
  2. Do I believe I have the power to bring it into being?
  3. Is my self-confidence strong enough to support the success of my big dream?

Answer them quickly at first.  Then, go back and deeply consider your answers.  Jot down some notes (or write full-blown journal-style entries) for each question.  These are very vague questions, which could be asked in regards to specific areas of your life as well.  

What does your sexual energy have to do with these questions?  Well, when you are aware of and connected to your sexual energy you’ll find that answering these questions is easier (and you’ll more likely answer “yes” to the second and third questions) than when you’re disconnected from this vital life force.  But, what if you’re not sure you’re connected to it?  You know you’re a pretty conscious being and you feel connected to your spiritual self, but is that the same thing?

Your sexual energy is directly related to your sex life even though it’s not solely connected to it.  There are very personal questions that you can ask yourself when it comes to the connection between your sexual energy and your sex life, but your willingness to contemplate them is the first step towards increasing them and making them more powerful and more exciting.

Fully grasping the concept of your sexual energy being your ultimate life force energy may seem overwhelming in the begining.  If that is the case for you, just sit with it.  Take this idea into meditation or journal about it or hold it in your heart as you go about your day.  What comes to you?  How do you feel about it?  What beliefs do you have around this idea?  Pay attention to your body intelligence.  Do you feel excitement somewhere in your body?  Do you feel tension or nervousness anywhere in your body?  

After pondering this concept for a few days, come back and again ask yourself the three questions listed above.  Are your responses different?  Do you feel differently about the overall concept of sexual energy being your ultimate life force?

Sometimes you just stick a toe in the water, and sometimes you dive in head first.  Only you can decide which option you will choose when encountering a new idea.  Yet, whether or not you’re fully connected to your sexual energy or understand how to direct it, it is how you show up in the world

Do you want to explore how to connect to your Sexual Energy through sacred lovemaking with your partner?  Check out Sexy Challenges 33 Adventures: Create Powerful Energy with Purpose,...

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Comment by Janelle Alex on February 14, 2016 at 11:02pm

Barry - I love how you word it as "naturally meant to flow outward from ourselves" - Yes!!  It is orgasmic life energy.  Beautiful.  Thank YOU for sharing :)

Comment by Barry Hammer on February 14, 2016 at 9:13pm

Thank you for posting this insightful, inspiring, article, Janelle. I agree that our erotic, sexual, orgasmic, or passionate feeling-life energy are naturally meant to flow outward from ourselves toward our encounter with ordinary phenomena in the world, as well as our encounter with a special romantic love partner. It seems to me that the greatest/deepest, most satisfying release of orgasmic love-life energy occurs when we are willing to (at least momentarily) let go of dualistic (separate, narcissistic) self-involvement in being fully present in communion with someone or something other than ourselves, related to as a related other rather than distanced as an unrelated stranger.  I discuss my view of sacred sexual, empathic, and experiential communion in the following article:

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