I’m working on a new book about inherited emotions and other inherited energies and I’m writing to ask for your stories about what you have experienced and released from yourself and from others. Will you please share your stories with me? I would love to read them and include some in my book.

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Please include any interesting details and unusual experiences that you’ve had with inherited emotions or other inherited energies. I think this new book will be a fascinating read for people and will open their minds to what they can do to help their families.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to share!

Please go to this link to share: http://www.healerslibrary.com/share-your-story/

(Note that if you have more than one story to share, it will be easier for us to keep track if you submit them separately.)

Don’t forget to put a check next to “Inherited Energies” and anything else that may apply. Thanks for your help! If you’d like, include a photo of yourself, or the subject of the story but remember that a photo is totally optional.

Thank you for all the good you are doing! God Bless You!

~ Dr. Brad : )