Soul & Ancestral Healing in the Time of Crisis

Many never thought we would live through such strange times of global pandemic, and yet now that we are here, we may find ourselves engaged in behaviors of panic. Our actions are not a result of desperation, but genetic conditioning, triggered by ancestral, or soul crisis. We can heal these pains through meditation, documenting what arises and analyzing our deep-seated fears. Once we can identify our experiences, we can monitor our daily responses and have acceptance for others on their personal journey.

There is no doubt, in this adverse time, many fear, if not panic in the face of pandemic. It’s not only natural, it’s in our DNA and it’s in our karma. This is a time that doesn’t just call for healing our physical bodies, but our karma and our DNA. How does one go about doing that?

Within our genetic code, deep within ancestral lineage was the plague, which killed nearly one third of the European population, and it’s not just Europeans that have this deep genetic fear, it is all continents, which have been ravaged at one time or another by pandemic. We not only feel it in our bones, we feel it in our genes.

Today, in several countries we have not yet reached desperate times, but many react in a state of panic and scarcity. In our genetic nature, survival kicks in and displays itself as hoarding and plundering. Yes, we’ve plundered for toilet paper and we’ve hoarded anti-bacterial gels, more than we need, more than we will ever need with little care of leaving a supply for our neighbors. Bad and selfish people aren’t doing this, fearful people are. This fear is tapping into the genetic memory of past loss and shortage. We are in a sense reliving the lives of our ancestors.

The same can be said for our past lives – our soul’s journey, which is much more subtle. We can trace our ancestry and study their history; however, our soul’s journey requires deeper and more personal exploration to uncover painful stories of the past.

The good news is we can transform karmic and ancestral wounds and heal them. In doing so, we can be part of the process of aiding all of humanity simply by curing ourselves.

1. Meditation

Soul and ancestral healing starts with sitting with ourselves, which could be the hardest thing to do. In our modern life, we have this abhorrence to pain, in fact, we will boast of physical pain from workouts and physical stress, but we will go to great lengths to avoid emotional and even spiritual pain. It is this inner pain we need to have the courage to conquer.

Sitting in quiet meditation, these pains will ultimately emerge. The trick is not to repress, but to allow them to bubble up into our consciousness no matter how much they hurt. Remember, after a workout, how we love these little aches and cramps. Think of spiritual pain the same way. Ooh, that emotional pain feels good. Releasing it and exercising it means we are getting stronger to push through to our inner demons.

2. Document

We are experts of our own experience, so why not act like it. What do doctors and therapists do while working with patients? They take notes and they analyze. Yes! Eureka! We journal, we take notes, we create art and music, therefore, we document our own emotional and spiritual experience. What felt good, what felt bed and why.

3. Draw Connections

Why do we fear scarcity? Why do we fear illness? Is it loneliness and abandonment we fear?
After we have examined our experience, and have documented it in any creative from, the next stage is analysis and we ask ourselves questions. Why are we so triggered? Why do we need to plunder grocery stores for pasta sauce and hoard paper products?

We may be able to see this in the behavior of our ancestors who fled famines and plagues. We are not living in such desperate times; it is just our genetic conditioning.
What is our inner voice telling us? What stories and messages are we receiving in our writings and art?

What is our soul story and how can we write a happy ending? Here is where we find ourselves able to self-edit, re-wire and re-write. Although we are creatures of habit, we do have the power of free will and the ability to create our own destiny.

4. Daily Reminders.

Transformative healing doesn’t come instantaneously. Today, we are a society of quick results. We pop a pill for immediate relief, but with ancestral and soul healing, these instructive pains can last months and even years until we feel the healing within.

What helps is our awareness in our daily life. When something or someone triggers negative emotion, we can remind ourselves of the work we have done. The person cutting us off in traffic wasn’t dismissing us, they are merely caught in their personal trauma. The person who erupts into anger at us in trapped in their inner battle.

We need not only remind ourselves of our path, but the path of others. This healing leads to greater acceptance of others and their healing. We become the example.

5. Healing

What does ancestral and soul healing feel like? Deep inner comfort and ease with not only our present circumstances, but greater acceptance and tolerance. This is our ultimate goal, and this is what our world is in dire need of. We can change our own patterns and help others on their journey.

Jennifer Ott is the author of many novels – fiction and non-fiction. Her latest WIP, Arise My Tribe is the story of a past life ancient Celtic healer who weaves her tale through that of a modern woman going through a crisis of the heart. Jennifer’s first entry into the spirituality was the study of Nada Yoga. Since then she has studied a multitude of meditation styles, spiritual philosophies and multi-cultural shamanic ceremonies. This holistic practice of spirituality aided greatly into the journey of soul discovery to realize the burden of past life karmas.

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