Many people believe that negative thinking is something you have to fight with and conquer, and thinking positive is hard to do. However, positive thoughts are just as accessible as negative ones, but, we are under the illusion that negative thoughts are more real, powerful and require extreme amounts of work to overcome. Positive thinking and experiences of feeling good are here and now. And, not located somewhere in the future as a goal to be achieved.  Positive thoughts are readily accessible to us, but we have developed a bad habit of focusing on the negative. Here's what I mean. Imagine you have in one hand the words "I hate myself" and on your other hand the words "I love myself." Here you have a negative in one hand and a positive on the other. Both the negative and positive are equally available to you and your work is to simply choose which one you would RATHER focus on, and that's all. The message "I love myself" is no less available or further away than the negative message, however, over time, you have developed the habit of ignoring the positive and you spend more time looking at and dwelling  upon the negative.

People try hard to only think positive and never want to have negative thoughts. This is too much work and mentally exhausting. If negative thoughts show up in your mind, calmly notice them and understand that, in that moment, your focus is off and your work is to refocus your attention on something positive and that's all. There is no need to battle with the negative.  Imagine for example, you were in a bar and a drunk person sat beside you and he started talking a lot of foolishness. You would with intelligence smile and ignore him, because you know in your heart he is speaking nonsense. Similarly, consider negative thoughts not as something to fight with, argue with, or figure out, rather, as something to ignore. If you treat negative thoughts as weak, unreal and non-threatening you will notice that you have more power over them than you realize.

Negativity is deep seated and represent an old energy of the past while positive energy represents a new consciousness and the potentials for a bright future. The past will always try to pull you back and keep you in the familiar (even if its negative). And, negativity will always try to ruin and limit you as well. Again however, do not fight with your mind and if negative thoughts show up, stay calm and with authority and power tell that part of the mind; "cancel that thought," "go away," "leave me alone" or "don't bother me right now." Also, set the intention whereby you are now choosing to focus on the good things about yourself and the world around you.

So, when it comes to negative thoughts do not believe them and do not fight them. When, or if, negative thoughts enter your mind, just notice them and do nothing. Do not give them realism or power. By forcing yourself to try to think positively, you are unconsciously telling yourself that negative thoughts are bigger and stronger than you are. Begin to look at negative thoughts as weak and unreal and ignore them as you would ignore something trivial. Negative thoughts have no power in and of themselves and become powerful ONLY IF you give them attention.  Any negative ideas about yourself are false concepts, so refuse to give them any validity whatsoever. Having a negative thought is not a problem, but dwelling on it, focusing on it and calling up your friends to tell them how terrible your life is and how bad your day was are the kinds of activities that keep negativity flowing.  Having said that, start telling yourself; "I love myself," "I am good," "I am valuable," "I have potential," "I have the capacity to succeed" and "I believe in myself" etc. Recognize that such positive statements are very valid and real as to who you are.

You are a great Soul. Stay in your spiritual light of love, joy and personal power and  the darkness of negativity will not and cannot harm you. Pour as much light as you can into your consciousness by focusing on the thoughts, memories, activities, people and visions that make you feel good, that puts a smile on your face and gives you the feeling of doing something worthwhile and wonderful for yourself. Aim for a life that is healthy and true for you. And, one that gives you the freedom and flexibility to live your highest joy. Positive energy is the only way to reach your freedom and power. Do not waste another moment trying to make the dark better, do no waste another moment on people who do not believe in you. Focus on love, creativity and success and let these energies support you as you travel your life path. Give yourself the inner message that you are ready to take your life to the next level and expand your mind to new ideas and positive experiences.

Your mindset and consciousness creates your physical reality and your life cannot (and will not) change unless you change your mindset and consciousness. If for example, you are angry and writing a letter you will write an angry letter. And, if you are in a good mood you will write a pleasant letter. The letter will not write itself outside of your thoughts. The letter is a reflection of who you are at the moment. Your thoughts will determine the style, mood and content of the letter. Similarly, your physical reality is a reflection of your mindset. Your thoughts and feelings will shape and create your physical reality. Your life does not happen to you it happens because of you.

Keep your attention on the good, positive and pleasant parts of your life as much as possible as this will activate your positive power. Negativity is like weeds that steal the water from the flowers of a garden, and having said that, do not allow negativity to steal your time, energy, inspiration, love and joy. Focus your mind on your strengths, your love, your progress, your successes, your laughter, your productivity and everything will properly fall into place for you. Remember, positive energies are available right here and now and even though at times it may seem that positive experiences are far away (or not around) this is only because you are mentally looking in the wrong direction. So, just like you would turn your head and swing your body to look at a beautiful view, now turn your mind and see the beauty and magic that is within you.

About the Author:
Bob Mangroo is a personal potential coach and spiritual teacher.  His training and coaching work includes hypnosis, meditation and Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP). In addition, he has earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada. You can find out more about Bob at:

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