Suppose You Could Heal Yourself of Disease?

By Robin Coventry


Imagine a world without disease.  No drugs, no need for them.  In our new age this could be the very way it happens.


Science has proven that negative beliefs, shocks, traumas, emotions and feelings cause dis-ease in the body.


Suppose you can get rid of them- negative beliefs, shocks traumas, emotions and feelings- and rid your body of the underlying cause of the disease?


The German New Medicine, is a theory proven by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer who studied theology and medicine at the University of Tubingen in Germany.  His discovery in the early 80’s, is backed by 40,000 case studies done by scanning brains and comparing them to the illness they were experiencing. He found, that nothing in nature is diseased but it is experiencing a significant biological special program (SBSP) of nature, a program to react to specific stimuli in a certain way. 


He determined that similar dis-ease in the body always shows up in specific areas of the brain. So if you look at 100 brains with the same cancer or issue in the body it all came from a certain area of the brain unique to that illness not from exterior chemicals or toxins. This is huge.


You might ask, what causes the brain to malfunction?  Well, it is not a malfunction at all; it is the brains or bodies attempt to heal itself.  Yes, that said, if the bottom belief of the issue is not rid from the body, the body will not be able to help itself and it will continue on in a dis-eased state. So Dr. Hamer determined that ridding the body of the issue that is affecting the psyche releases the body from the dis-ease.


This incredible discovery, by Dr. Hamer can change the way the planet looks at healing – if you are into the facts of science and alternative healing.  This discovery personally excited me, because a second part of the puzzle is ridding the body of negative beliefs, shocks, traumas, emotions and feelings, that is what Theta Healers do. More on that in a bit, back to what Dr. Hamer calls the Five Biological Laws.


  1. Every SBS (Significant Biological Special Program) originates from a DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome), which is an unexpected, highly acute, and isolating conflict shock that occurs simultaneously in the PSYCHE, the BRAIN, and on the corresponding ORGAN.
  2. Every SBS-Significant Biological Special Program runs in two phases provided there is a resolution of the conflict.
  3. The Third Biological Law explains the correlation between the psyche, the brain, and the organ within the context of the embryonic (ontogenetic) and evolutionary (phylogenetic) development of the human organism. It shows that neither the location of the HH in the brain nor the cell proliferation (tumor) or tissue loss following a DHS are accidental, but embedded in a meaningful biological system inherent in every species.
  4. The Fourth Biological Law explains the beneficial role of microbes as they correlate to the three embryonic germ layers during the healing phase of any given Significant Biological Special Program (SBS).
  5. Every disease is part of a Significant Biological Special Program created to assist an organism (humans and animals alike) in resolving a biological conflict.

To put this in simpler terms, the Body responds to external shocks that we internalize (bottom beliefs, feelings, emotions) and starts a process for dealing with the issue. If the issue itself is not removed, all life forms on this planet- humans, animals and plants suffer from biological conflict with itself.  Yes, this can be used to heal our planet. Will get to that in a future blog.

Theta Healing®, an Energy healing modality discovered by Vianna Stibal in 1995 when she cured herself of cancer, quickly determines the bottom negative shock, trauma, emotion, or feeling that is buried in the subconscious mind and removes it, replacing the old program with a new positive one. The practitioners locate the bottom belief and then call on God, Allah, Yahweh, Creator Of All That Is, Source, The Divine, Universal Energy to do the healing.  Forgive me if I did not mention the word you use to describe the Most High Energy of the Universe. Much like quantum physics, they then watch the healing take place and see it happen.

Vianna Stibal discovered, “…through spiritual evolution, I realized we were developing the ability to look beyond the confines of our reality and open ourselves to other aspects of creation.  We were being given a way to eliminate in this life the belief systems that no longer serve us.”

It has been compared to removing old faulty software from a computer and getting an upgrade.  The brain being the computer, and the negative shock, trauma, beliefs, feelings and emotions the programing.  The reason Dr. Hamer’s  research amazed me is it confirmed the science behind the underlying cause of dis-ease in the body and he had pictures to prove it. Theta Healers are trained to dig for the bottom belief of an issue, when it is pulled many other bodily issues can and do disappear if they were associated with what was causing the bodies dis-ease.

The science behind Dr. Harmer’s SBSP’s and Theta Healing's removal of bodily issues sheds light on how well our bodies can function and heal. 

Dr. Hamer said:

"All so-called diseases have a special biological meaning. While we used to regard Mother Nature as fallible and had the audacity to believe that She constantly made mistakes and caused breakdowns (malignant, senseless, degenerative cancerous growths, etc.) we can now see, as the scales fall from our eyes, that it was our ignorance and pride that were and are the only foolishness in our cosmos.

Blinded, we brought upon ourselves this senseless, soulless and brutal medicine. Full of wonder, we can now understand for the first time that Nature is orderly (we already knew that), and every occurrence in Nature is meaningful, even in the framework of the whole, and that the events we called diseases are not senseless disturbances to be repaired by aspiring sorcerers. Nothing in Nature is meaningless, malignant or diseased."

There have been many attempts to squelch this revolutionary approach to healing human beings. Dr. Hamer has been persecuted, imprisoned and exiled; Vianna has been harassed too.  This conjures up scenes of NikolaTesla, Joan of Arc, Galileo, Martin Luther King, Dr. Paul Brown, Paul Pantone and many more that were persecuted for their visionary stance and collective mind looking at and offering the world something bigger than life. 

To learn more about German New Medicine you can visit  To learn about Theta Healing® you can visit,  or my own website


Robin Coventry is a Certificate of Science Theta Healing® Instructor & Practitioner at Coati Theta Healing 





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