It seems that our barometer these days is to measure, “our guy” against “your guy”.  As I scan the comment sections of articles and Facebook, it is hard not to see how polarized we have become.  What was once rooted in ideology, many actions have now been diluted into blatant partisanship and stereotypes.  Words like “racists”, “Communists” and other stereotypes are thrown around from both the Left and the Right.  It occurred to me that pitting one prejudices against another does not serve us.  Yet this is culture we live in.  A dizzying array of polarized ideas that puts us on the defensive and takes us further away from our center.  But, it does something much more alarming.  It prevents us from having any real debate and instead becomes a reflexive response rather than a conscious, connection to what is at our hearts.  We need to appreciate that we face some real concerns around the world that are not a matter of philosophy, but of humanity. Can we ever engage in a real dialogue if we don’t stop rooting for our guy?

The Macrocosm

Dichotomy has served us.  If we are a universe trying to know itself, then there is no doubt that exposing the opposite has propelled us in amazing ways.  That understanding who we are and what values we stand for has spurred on growth and development.  We have seen booms in technology, economics, and our population that may have never happened had we not been in a race against the other guy.  But many of us feel called to do more. Isn’t that what this shift is all about?  In order to do that we need our policies and our media to reflect that, so much of the current partisanship is currently a conscious act for the purpose of distraction and control of the population.   Much of the polarity is propagated for the intention of furthering special interests that don’t serve the greatest good.  But many of the issues humanity faces cannot wait.  We now live in a global village, so solving our problems is going to take a global dialogue and cooperative decisions and responsiveness.   There are three challenges that humanity faces that require a world wide effort. 

1.  The Environment

According to Nasa, 97% of the climate scientists agree that our earth is warming at an alarming rate and yet there are those among us who have planted seeds of doubt.  Only slightly more than half of the American population believes that the planet is warming due to humanity’s actions.   Now because of the doubts, any time someone mentions being “green” that term has been hijacked and to mean climate change and is something to be dismissed.   The truth is, even beyond climate change the earth faces some serious problems. 

As humans we are facing three major environmental crises: food production, water and energy and they are all inextricably linked.  We can’t solve one woe without addressing the others.  Currently about 3% of the earth’s water is fresh water.  As we continue to pollute our water with our devastating agricultural and energy extraction practices, water becomes our great human concern, and yet we can’t have any real conversations about it because there are voices out there that want to make every thing a matter of politics.  Access to clean water is a basic right for everyone on the planet.

2.  Health Care

There is no perfect health care system.  Whether it is a single payer system or a privatized one, they all have benefits and drawbacks.  But in the “my guy” vs. “your guy” world, we can’t have any real debate about it.  We are facing a crisis of health; two thirds of the population is overweight or obese, cancer is on the rise and chronic illness is showing up in younger and younger populations.  While one side of the world is dying of poor choices, the other side is dying due to poor conditions.  We are so steeped in fear that we can’t move past our disease care system.  An inclusionary, integrative system is where we need to head, when everything is so polarized we can’t face the issues with any sincerity.

3. Economic Disparity

When we hear a conversation about income disparity, claims of Socialism and Communism come up.  Again, creating a straw man argument that if we even broach this subject, we must be a Socialist.  This distraction led to the outcry by the Occupy Wall Street Movement, but just how bad is it?  The top 1% of Americans has 40% of the nations wealth.  If we look at the statistics world wide, according to the World Bank in 2005, 20% of the world’s wealthiest accounted for 76.6% of private consumption.  The world’s poorest 20% only accounting for 1.5%. 

Overcoming the Illusion

We are not separate.  Everything is interconnected and interrelated.  We have drawn these imaginary and illusory boundaries around our state, our countries and our lives, but they are a mental construct.  As our consciousness and our understanding of the energetic matrix expand there can be no other choice than cooperation.  When we take action against another, or when we disrespect the earth, we are acting out against ourselves.  When we degrade the field, we degrade our selves. 

Becoming Whole (again)

Can we still be individuals and come together?  Can we honor and respect another’s opinions without seeing it as a dismissal of our own?  Many of these issues require some very hardy debate, there are no one size fits all solutions for us.  Our biggest issue is that our society creates the illusion of scarcity.  Our media perpetuates fear and suffering, but we can move past this.  Begin in your center and work from there.  Breathe into your heart space and know that you are enough.  There is enough and we are united.    If you fall prey to polarity and defensiveness, stop and ask yourself what part of you feels challenged by that person, situation or comment?  What is going on within you that put you on the defensive? This is a great opportunity to heal that false belief within you.  You are a piece of the divine, there is nothing you need to be whole, only the perception of separateness makes you doubt your divinity.

The Next Phase

We called to do more.  Around us we see our old systems breaking down to make way for better things.  These better things will only come to us as our conscious society demands them.  This is not a knee jerk reaction, but conscious, pro-active decision making.  These decisions can only be made with the heart open and the mind calm.  Us versus Them is mindset of a child and it is time for us to mature.  We only have control over our own actions, so each one of us has to spread light and love.  So in your conversations, in your writing and interactions with others, be that beacon of light.  Shine on with the recognition that you are a holograph of the whole.   From this space we can face our challenges together.

Angela Levesque is writer, healer and health educator.  She is the author of Healing Environment: The Conscious Creation of Health.  Angela also hosts On Health & Healing and House of Iris Radio on   Angela works with clients doing intuitive lifestyle coaching, Reconnective Healing and teaches several classes on self-care, meditation & weight loss. Visit for more information. Find her on and



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