Times are sure changing for anyone spiritually aware or otherwise, and there is a collective awareness that humanity is tuning into. What I have noticed is how many of us are struggling with the influx of heavy energy that has moved across the planet, and if you feel cloudy or heavy you are not alone.
For sometime now my Guides have been pressing me to get writing and sharing my perspective and wisdom with others as their has been an increase of people searching for answers and questioning their belief systems and authenticity.

For the last few years, people we have grown to love, and look to in the spiritual community have either passed on or completely changed their practices and have fallen off the axes causing many to really question their own path and direction, so I want to address this and encourage you if I may.
It is amazing when someone called to service is inspired to change and share those changes, but what if their changes negate the very foundations of your own spiritual practices?
This is simple... DON'T follow people, if you are truly following your own Path, listening to your guides and intuition then there is no cause for panic or worry because you are always staying true to you and your path as your journey on this earth plane is unique one of a kind, so don't let another's change of heart take away from who you are.

You are still YOU!, divinely created and have a place on this earth, so keep shining, your gifts and talents are needed and as you watch others change, and use their platforms to spread their messages be very mindful not to cast judgements or fear based energy onto one another . You and only you can decided if their truth is also your truth.

For there is a collective group, I will call the watchers that have been changing the frequencies and remotely impacting anyone who is called to be of service. Now I know it sounds scary or way out there to some people, here is how you can tell if you are experiencing this for yourself

***the following list is outside of any medical conditions, and should you suffer suicidal thoughts or think you have depression seek medical attention, never discontinue prescribed medication without consulting a medical professional.

* extreme fatigue
*hopelessness/self sabotage
* headaches
*heaviness around your head & clouded third eye
*difficulty meditating or holding on to positive thoughts or motivation
*changes in weight & appetite
*lack of motivation
*extreme anxiety
*feeling lost, withdrawn
*unexplained pain

As energy beings, we know when something is off, and if these appear out of the blue, and you’ve consulted a medical professional and they can’t find anything wrong with you, you can rest assured that this is Energy. So now what? How do you stay balanced with all this crazy energy happening around you?

Meditate, if you don’t already you can find many books on meditation, there’s also guided meditations, I personally use Kelly Howell, brain sync, Jonathan Goldman, and Thaddeus from the Lightbody consciousness, just to name a few. There is a wealth of information on social media, just stick to the rules of if you get resistance, trust it, and if it flows it goes! Just remember, that not everything everyone states is indeed your truth, take what fits and incorporate your own wisdom and knowledge. Also be kind and gentle with the process, its something you have to do every day to see the benefits and changes that will occur so keep with it, and if you skip a day, no sweat, just get right back at it and keep going, because you don’t have to be perfect, just consistently moving forward, just take the next step.
The benefits of Meditation are scientifically proven to improve your sense of well being, reducing stress and anxiety and deepen your connection to Spirit

Next, take action towards healthy living, force yourself to go for a walk, any form of exercise and follow those intuitive nudges, like if you feel compelled to write, sit down and write, don’t worry about what it is your suppose to write about, it will come.

Stop trying to fix others, especially if its draining you, listen as a healer I get this you want to help, but everything in their life has to line up, there are things people have to go through, a process of reckoning and truly being ready for the next step, and if you are truly called to be of service for another, let Spirit guide you, and not your will be done but their higher power, whether its God, Spirit or an Angel.
If you Pray, pray simple, Let your will be done, because truth is the divine creator already knows what that person needs, as well as where your heart is and simply put they may not be ready for the changes you desire for their life, so let go and let God.

Eat foods that bring you joy, that make you feel light, drink plenty of water and avoid anything that can causes you to lose control while you are feeling vulnerable ( drugs or alcohol).
Say NO guilt free of demands of your time, & remember if it flows it goes, and don’t do for others if it causes resentments or harsh energy. There are plenty of resources to assist us when caring for the needs of other humans without becoming codependent or drained.

Spend time doing things that bring you joy, or are gentle for you while you regain momentum and strength, seek out help from others if that’s something that works for you.

Don’t focus so much on being “Grounded” as you do on finding the Balance within all things.

Here’s a Mantra I give to all my clients, and use often with things seem too big, because even I am having a human experience and these are some of the lessons I have learned myself as someone who has been of service for over 20 yrs., you keep learning and growing it really never stops.

”You are love, You have Love, You are Loving, You are Love able”
With Love Maryne Hachey

Maryne Hachey is a Transformational Intuitive Healer, Psychic Medium, True Crime Consultant, Light Body Graduate ,Author, Spiritual Teacher International Radio Host & CEO/Founder of Sacred Scents by Maryne. Through channeled messages from the Divine Source Energy, Maryne offers healing messages.




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Comment by Maryne Hachey on May 1, 2019 at 5:35pm

Maryne Hachey is a Transformational Intuitive Healer, Psychic Medium, True Crime Consultant, Light Body Graduate ,Author, Spiritual Teacher ,International Radio Host & CEO/Founder of Sacred Scents by Maryne. Through channeled messages from the Divine Source Energy, Maryne offers healing messages through with Transformational Readings and Intuitive Healing Sessions. connect with Maryne through her website, and social media.

Comment by Omtimes Media on May 1, 2019 at 2:54pm

 Hello Maryne,

I would like to consider this article for publication, would you be kind enough to ass a 60 words Bio with a link to your website and one social media site, so people can connect with you? Thanks

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