"Colour me Beautiful"

Just for a moment, stop and take a look around you right now.  The world as we know it is vibrant and alive with colour. Everywhere you look, the greens of the trees, the multitude shades of flowers, the birds and animals, the turquoise and blues of our lakes and oceans, the clothes and materials we use to adorn ourselves and our homes...are all different shades of vibrant colour. Although we may sometimes take it for granted, colour plays an intricate role in our lives and has a profound effect on all levels of existence; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Originated in Egypt about ten thousand years ago, Colour Therapy is considered an ancient form of healing. Temples were constructed where sunlight was channelled through diagonal tunnels in the walls to shine through coloured gemstones such as sapphires and rubies. A person would lie down in the coloured beams of light and allow themselves a sacred space of rejuvenation and restoration. Coloured ointments and salves were made from ground gemstones, waxes and fats and applied to wounds and afflicted parts of the body.

Throughout history much of this knowledge was passed down almost secretely and nearly lost until around the early 1600's. Paracelcus, the famed scientist and philosoher formulated a science for Colour Therapy after much well-documented research and experimentation.  In 1672 and 1704, Sir Isaac Newton published the "Anno Christi" and "Optics", scientifically showing the documented and intricate connection between the human body and colour and light. In the late 1800's, the shared research and work of Dr. Stephan Pancoast and Dr. Edwin Babbit resulted in published books called "Light and Its Rays as Medicine" and "The Principles of Light & Colour", both dealing with the healing and therapeutic effects of coloured lights on the human body.  The 19th century Austrian philosopher, educator and founder of the modern-day Waldorf school, Rudolph Steiner, incorporated specific colour schemes in the classrooms of his schools, noting its therapeutic and vibrational effects on children especially when used in lighter, pastel shades.

As we fast forward to the 20th century, through many trials, tribulations, and government harassments, Dr. Dinshah Ghadiali developed a Colour Therapy science called Spectro- Chromatherapy. His work proved to the western world that colour rays can heal even the most deadly of ailments, and established an effortless and acceptable way of healing now used in hospitals, clinics and homes around the world. "A colour lamp in every home, for safe and gentle healing" was his motto. A Colour Practitioners college was founded in England by renouned colour therapist Theo Gimble, who has also written several books on the subject and The Dinshah Health Society continues to share research and information throughout North America to students and medical professionals.

If you place your hand under a powerful microscope you would see atoms, colour and energy vibrating at a very rapid pace, and which quantum physics has proven time and time again, we are light beings and light and colour are inextricably bound together. Visible light, or colour, is one of several forms of energy which travels at light speed that radiates from the sun also  known as the electro magnetic spectrum. Light and colour together are made up of an electrical and magnetic compound. The human body is made up of several energetic layers all beginning at a cellular level. Our Chakras, or vortexes of energy that takes in and spins out information, influences our aura or the electromagnetic field which surround our physical self.  All of which reflects our innermost self, our thougths, beliefs, and genetic porgramming. As our thoughts change to a more loving state so to our energy and the vibrancy of the colours of our auras and chakras. Thoughts are energy!

We as human being exist on the earthly 3D, or third dimesional plane of existence. Just as colour vibrates at different frequencies and is a physical energy, so to our chakras respond. It affected visually impaired, those without sight or colour imapired the same as sighted individuals. Shades of stimulating, warming and vibrant reds, orange and yellows are of a denser vibration and frequecy relating to our lower three chakras as shades of blues and purples are calming and relaxing also responsive to our upper three chakras. The colours green and magenta, relating to our heart chakra and the energy of Love are the most balancing ang healing. There are colours that are of higher vibration and frequency, which exist on the 5th, 7th and higher dimensions which transcend our 3D reality and is beyond the scope of human imagination.

Colour Therapy can be used for healing and balance in many forms such as:

Colour Light Therapy-laying under a colour lamp with the light placed on specific areas of the body to stimulate healing

Colour Tonations- by placing coloured silk or glass over a sunlit window, drinking water, lotions, oils and creams, and environment.

Colour Visualization and Breathing - while in a relaxed state, visualize a particular colour and breathe it into a part of the body as a way of inviting healing and balance. For example, how do you feel when you visualze a clear and calm turquoise ocean or lake or sitting in nature under a tree in a lush green meadow?

Fabric and Clothing- wearing natual fibres of a particular shade effects your energetic field

Creative- drawings, colouring, and creating Mandalas (circle art) was used by psycholigist Carl Jung and is used today in modern psychotherapy as method of journeying deep in to the psyche of patients and  inner child healing.

Consumption- Eating foods within the chakra colour spectrum has been proven by Ayurvedic philosophy to have a healthful and balancing effect on the physical, energetic and mental/emotional body.

Here are a list of colours based on the Chakras spectrum and its physical, mental, emotional and psychological influences:


- base chakra - blood strengthening, stimulating, stabalizing, grounding, and energizing


- sacral chakra - activating, warming, enthusiasm, sociability, confidence


-  solar plexus - cleansing, personal power, playfullness,originality, creativity


- heart chakra - immune-enhancing, rejuvenating, balancing, prosperity, growth

Blue & Indigo

- throat and third eye chakra - enhanced imagination, intuitive, calming, peace, communication, relaxation


- crown chakra - soothing, meditative, mystical, depth



Resources: Colour Therapy,  by Heather O'Hara


About the Author

Shivana Pateras, C.N.H.P.

is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Akashic Records Consultant, and Reiki Master, specialized in many modalities of Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine. Through her private practice and spiritual teaching her vision is to be an instrument of Love, Light and Service to you on your journey of Healing and Self-Discovery. You can learn more about her work at www.shivanapateras.com and connect through social media; facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

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