We are all made up by love and star dust....we are all a part of something much greater than we can see or even understand.


The big picture

Take a walk on the beach, look down and watch your feet sink down in the sand for each step you take, notice each little corns of sand rolling over your toes.
Each sand corn, has a story to tell, an amazing journey and destination.
Some of these tiny dusts will be lost at sea, some taken by the wind and some will remain in the same area.

But no matter what, when you look at the beach and how it stretches out for miles, you realise that despite the gazillions of individual sand corns and what traumas or wonders they have been through...it is the full picture, the art it creates when you look at them all together, that you realise what importance each of them has, to make up this paradise shore.

And the same goes for us. We are human on this Earth and we go through so much both good and bad. We are being shaped and formed by tides and rain. Sometimes we might feel life is unfair or that it has no meaning.

But remind yourself that you do have a meaning, you are a colour making up one of the Universe’s many master pieces and you should be proud to have been given such an amazing role, such an exciting job.

The colour of YOU

You can use your colour in every hue and light possible to leave footprints behind in other people’s hearts, blending with their colours and energies creating more beauty to this world.

Goodness shines brighter and more beautiful than any bad. So use that colour as much and as often as you can.
Laughter and smiling at others for no specific reason, is also a wonderful choice to add glow to this art called life.

We are important individually but we become even more important when we connect and anchor our soul to others.
Together we are greatness, alone we have the potentials to become, take part and add our own personal twist to that greatness.


Love is flowing through all of us, you decide how open you want to be to it, how much you want to give and how much you want to receive, the more you give the more you’ll receive back, not always from who you might want it to come from. But you need to learn to see love where it IS and not where you wish to see it, hope to find it or might get it some day, don't try and force it out of someone who is not ready to give more yet. Instead, find someone who is...

Follow your intuition. remember, your vibe attracts your tribe. Be what you want to get back.

It is a journey. A walk of balance...not to get too attached or too aloaf. Be an active part yet have the patience to simply observe.
You can only control you, change and mould yourself, anyone else have responsibility for themselves and they can’t affect you either...(unless you give them your permission. But even then, you always have the power to take back the charge of your own being and life. ALWAYS.)

Waiting for that MAGIC!

True love between two souls show when they meet...it is magic.
But until that person is known and that magic revealed you will walk a road of try-outs and lessons...
Because just like the wind blow together piles of dust and glitter, relationships comes together, sometimes for eternity...but sometimes only until the next storm passes by....some relationships endures hurricanes and tornados for years before something finally splits them up.

But don’t hang your head, don’t be scared to let go, there is a reason for it. Your magic is yet to come.
There is a significant mark in this loss that will make up the larger picture into what it is meant to be. This heartbreak too has a greater meaning which you can't see just yet.

Sometimes the reasons to why this magic hasn’t appeared, is simply because you haven’t discovered the magic within you. You look for it in others, you look for love and confirmation in the outside world. If this is the case, then you need to start dating yourself first, fall in love with your personality, the good and the bad, work on habits and learn to love and respect your body just as it is! Know your own worth.

You need to stop worrying about what others think or who you will lose if you decide to be true to yourself instead of pleasing everyone else.
Anyone who is a true friend will stick by you. Anyone who leaves arent worth kepping anyways. You dont have to have loads of friends. You only need a few real ones.

Once you are happy being you, that magic will eneter and you will attract that someone who loves you for all that you are....not what you have potentials to be or might become, no, someone who loves and wants you like this!

Someone, who just like you, has unlocked his or her innerself and is a magical match to you.

You matter!

I know you cannot see it yet, but you have all the potentials you will ever need to be whatever you want.

But usually the tricky part is figuring out what we really want.
As long as we don’t know what we want, we might feel like life has no purpose, but it does.

And your mission in this life is figuring that out and then go after it.
You are important. I cannot tell you why or for what, that is between you and the Universe.

But you will find out if you seek.

Start by asking yourself...

What makes me happy?

What makes me smile?

What would I love to do every day for the rest of my life if anything was possible?

The answer- is your life purpose.

What you want!

Whatever your dream turns out to be, live everyday according to that dream. If you want to save the rainforest make sure that each act you take as often as you can, benefits the rainforest in some way.

I know some of you might say,

"But I need to pay the bills, I don’t have that kind of time, I need to provide for my family, I need an education, I need to do this or that.."

Yes, you NEED to do these things because the society we live in has created a system that requires you to. Unless of course you are a freespirit who lives by your own rules already?!

And that's it! We are not talking about what you need to do, we are talking about what you want to do. What sets your soul on fire, what makes you passionate and inspired, what gives you that infinite energy? 

You will still have these “needs” but once you know what you want, you can begin to reshape and create a life to fill those needs while still doing and manifesting what you want!

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Just remember....we are nothing more than what we let ourselves be!

You don’t have to be a sand corn to be part of the beach. You could be a seashell, a piece of wood or a bottle with a note inside; unique and standing out from the crowd, yet adding to the mystic and marvels of this piece of art!

You have been given the opportunity of life. And there is no greater gift than that!
Live it for you, as wide and as crazy as you want, go your own way, do whatever you want as long as it does not harm others in the process and more than anything, let your soul grow.

We are the variety of beauty that the moon looks down on! Just as we look up and enjoy the glimmering night sky from Earth.
So make sure to leave an imprint on this canvas for the stars to see!


Carina ❤ 

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