The BIG test before receiving your cosmic wish

Cosmic ordering is big business right now! With many people keen to share with the world the wonderful things they have achieved whilst following the steps of cosmic ordering. Whilst the rest of the world receives one BIG test after another, they appear to be breezing through life on the Cosmic Ordering rocket and having all the luck in the Cosmic Universe. 

For those of you feel as if you are receiving BIG tests and challenges rather than cars, new jobs or partner then you may often feel annoyed. At worst you may even feel incredibly frustrated or depressed. Anxious that your time will never come but this isn't true. You are about to find out just how close you are to receiving your hearts desire and those BIG tests are the biggest part of it.
There could be a number of reasons why it appears that Cosmic Ordering is not working for you. For example it could be that you do truly believe that you deserve what it is that you are asking for or your attempt at cosmic ordering is just a little bit half-hearted. However, one of the biggest reasons why many cosmic orders do not manifest is because you give up too easily. You get one set back and that’s it, you decide to not persevere, thinking it to be a huge waste of time. BIG mistake!  
You see the Universe (You can substitute this for God, the angels or The Divine) is smart. As delighted as it is to give you what you want, it will test you. It is usually during that testing phase that you will get frustrated and annoyed, choosing to just give up. But it's at that point that you really should hang on in there.
The test comes in order to see if you are ready for what it is that you have asked for, as well as double-checking that you can spot the fake that is dressed up as the real thing! This is why they will send you these little tests and challenges, usually in the form of a red herring. Just to see if you will take the bait. If in doubt, NEVER take the bait! 
For example, imagine that you have been wishing for The One. You set out exactly what and who it is you were looking for. You ditched the ex, healed from past hurts and then took action to attract The One into your life. By the time that you did this you started to feel so damn good about yourself! As you know what you feel on the inside shines through on the outside. This then draws admirers to you, a bit like bees around a honey-pot: Exciting times!
Now, while this is all going on, the Universe will be looking down on you thinking: "Hmm,she looks ready. She says she's ready. But is she really ready?" That's when they bring in Mr Almost The One, who looks just like The One. Act like The One but it isn't him. He isn't sure about having a relationship right now, preferring to fool around and see where it goes. Not quite the fairy tale that you had Cosmic Ordered. 
Now whilst you’re deliberating whether or not to take up this rather kind offer, the Universe are watching you more closely than ever. They are watching to see how you respond to this guy: Will you take the bait or Hold out for what you asked for? This situation is your BIG test! How you respond now will determine a) if your Cosmic Order manifests and b) how quickly it manifests in the real world.
It is these BIG test situations that can trip you up, resulting in delayed or failed Cosmic Orders. This is why you must be totally clear about what it is you want to attract into your life. Something which is doubly important with relationships, because Mr Almost The One can look remarkably similar to The One. If you do not know what you want and know your own self-worth then you will end up back to square one having, yet another, relationship with a man who doesn’t will not commit. This might be fine at first but, in the long run, you are likely to end up hurt and having to go through the whole healing process again. Not a great place to be when you consider how close you were to getting what you wanted. 
But passing this BIG test is just the beginning. You have to also know what it is you were meant to learn from that test. Kicking up a fuss and saying "It's not bloody fair!" is fine. After all, we are only human and it can't be all love and light, 24-7. However, it is essential that you learn the lesson and then pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Why? Well, it’s your confirmation that you have indeed healed and learnt your lessons from the past, putting you in a prime position to receive your gift, whatever that may be. Then, be thankful for the lesson and the BIG test because without it you cannot recognise just how far you have come on your journey or how close you are to achieving your heart’s desire. After that you can sit back and watch as the Universe begins to travel at full speed, miraculously removing all of those obstacles that have been blocking your path for so long. 
So the message is simple: Don’t give up! It may seem as if you are being tested and challenged at every turn but those tests determine your readiness for what you have asked for. The more you give in, resist the challenges or settle for second best the harder your journey to reaching your goal. With this in mind the best thing to do is be true to yourself and your goal, believing that it will be yours.
Chanel is a 4th generation psychic and Angelic Reiki healer who specialises in dating, relationships, career and business.  Combining her knowledge of Cosmic Ordering and psychic gift she has empowered her clients to achieve their goals and live the life they want to live.  To find out more about her work please visit:

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Comment by Chanel on November 15, 2012 at 1:42pm

Thanks Dawn!

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