The restless minds find the voice, the ecstasy that we so desire as the chaos breaks so powerfully in the dancing stillness. The silence that gives us back the forgotten tunes of an ancient song, the song of life and this universe. Often, caught in the net of enmeshment of materialism, we chase a the race of madness, mad after the earthly riches, whereas there is an unmined richness in the ecstatic stillness. We break our warbling minds, and consciousness begins to seep inside, permeating deep down until we become empowered with light.


As we turn to the center of a holy stillness that pours out all the answers, the light of understanding which will evolve us into mystic being. We know to be awake in the golden silence and not to be entangled in the duality of heart and mind. But just to be immersed in the tranquil stillness will give us the purity of an enlightened awareness and your soul will merge with the soul of this holy existence. A consciousness will show something of the divine that which is arising in the holy sanctum within us. Our core has beautifully merged and blissfully melted with the core of this existence and we are one with the eternal cosmic soul. Let our soul beyond the cage of this body in the quest for a light of awareness and you will find the sacred peak of enlightenment.
That which stays as a serene peace amidst the opposing ways of heart and mind; We move gently into the silence as it beckons us, listen to its divine call as it takes our spirit to the sea of serenity and we can hear the celestial call, the call of the twinkling stars, the message of the sunlit mountains that shine in sacredness, the call of the swaying trees, the splashing sound of the glorious waves, the universe of which you are an integral part. A holy dawn, a sacred birth, a soul stirring song, an ecstatic dance will rise within our souls and every moment will lead us to the light of your inner sanctuary. The silence will become your sacred bliss, your benediction. The light of truth shines in the temple of our being in its sheer magnificence, a light that gives us the words in the beauty of silence, Awareness will come out in its own splendor and glory.
Our soul becomes of eternal lightness, of infinite luminescence and consciousness will glow like a rising sun within us. We pulsate with the truth and the pulsation gives us a sacred consciousness. We become a soul with the amazement of awareness. As we delve deep in the heart of awareness, immerse the being in consciousness. We melt ourselves in being watchful of the sacred existence around. It has a thousand seeds of mystery. We be in the sea of stillness and observe with the eyes of wonder, as existence celebrates its happenings every holy moment of it. The cloud passes away, and your glimpse penetrates into the soul of this existence. Observe the passing thoughts. They are the spontaneous happenings as they come and go. The existence is speaking to us in every breath of ours, in every split second.
The ceaseless chirping of the birds, the caressing touch of the breeze on your face, the rustling of leaves, the swaying of the floral blossoms, all are singing a song of cosmic harmony. The wholeness of this holy existence, the totality of this beautiful universe reveals itself as the glory of God, the splendor of his sacred magnificence. We carry the lamp of consciousness within us amidst these thousand moments of life. Never let the inner light of awareness die, save the flickering flames and give it the nourishing light from the soul. And every moment will have its silent blossoms, a meditative beauty, as life will spring within us ecstatically, being rich in consciousness and overflowing with godliness in your inner being. Take not the path of mind, but the path of a heavenly soul, one that will lead to evolve inside ourselves, blossoming us to a flower of this existence. The fragrance of the inner flower will bring a thrill, a joy of life that will dance your spirit across this cosmos. Attune the soul with the whole and bliss will follow everywhere. This bliss is the innate joy, the fountain of a timeless truth. It will give rise to a well of contentment springing ceaselessly within, one that is not momentary but takes us to the blissful brink of eternity.
The light of divine sails the soul on the path of divinity. An eternal truth pours out from us and we become the fountain that gushes in an unending bliss on this existence around. We are flowering with the beauty of truth inside. A peace, bliss, a heavenly happiness follows us as we leave your footprints everywhere. And every moment becomes a moment of a sacred beauty. An ocean of joy surges within and each moment of the life blossoms to a divine moment. In every breath of ours, we feel the divine , clasped in his invisible embrace.
The divine pierces us with such a holy ecstasy, a cleansing purity, and all grief dissolves in an eternity’s joy. Be anchored in this earth yet have the wings to fly out of the inner ecstasy, the enlightenment of your soul. Soar into the gleaming blue of the celestial firmament, and glimpse the sacredness of this existence, rise to the heavenliness of heaven and behold everything. Joy will flow through us unceasingly, knowing that we been grounded amidst the heart of earth, have the divine wings to fly into the heart of divinity. We drop the minds and fly with our hearts, our souls become one with the soul of this sacred universe.


Jayita Bhattacharjee....born in Calcutta, India and later on education from University of Houston in Economics, she had chosen her career as a trustee and teacher.

Her books " The Ecstatic Dance of Soul",
" Sacred Sanctuary", " Light of Consciousness", " Dewdrops of Compassion" are among the many that she has authored. 


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