How spiritual intelligence creates a humane human

Abstract.....The humane human, how do we define him/her? The trend in the shift towards inclusivity, be it socially, or culturally or politically can pull us together in a shared humanity. It calls for an interconnectedness between humanism and spirituality. The two need to be correlated not isolated from one another. From time immemorial, spirituality is perceived which exists on a higher dimension, that is superior to the erroneous humanness. It is not something that is existential in saints and prophets only.


Humanness need not be bereft of emotions and primordial feelings. It is this ultimate realization which compels us to transcend the self and to break the notion that emotions are illusions. It is believing in divine not only when the dawn is in but also when the dawn is out. It is not just in the rare moments or nearing death that one gets to experience spirituality but in the beat of everyday life, when it is dull and mundane, and madness is not embodied in all facets of our living. We are born with a vibrant transcendental soul belonging innately to another realm, which is the spiritual realm where silence has a sound. Our feelings are shaped by the spirit, the spirit of beyond. We are not just sent to live a fragmentary life which is a narrow perception of humanness. Rather we are spiritual beings embodied in the shell of a human.

By not recognizing this truth, we are desacralizing ourselves. This is the illusion with which humans are burning deep inside. There is no divide between humanness and spirituality but living with the illusion sustains the distinction. It epitomizes the belief that being human is substandard and that spirituality is the pinnacle of standard. It keeps us away from doing the needed work required to be done so we can be integrated into the utmost spirituality. So, humans can merge with spiritualism through humanism.

Far above the challenges and complexity of human experience lies a realm of spirituality that is formless and shapeless where we are floating in stillness. It is a stilling space above the messiness of human thoughts and experiences. Many of us are longing for an inclusive, humane world where the humane humans will create meaningful connections, that make life worth living. But just like acquisitive and unprincipled capitalism is damaging us, similarly humanity-bereft spirituality is stripping us apart of any moral values that are left. It resembles very much a power- seeking patriarchal system where we are centered on living above rather than living among, focused on being above the tribe rather than being among the tribe.

We impact each other, so what happens to our humanness is spiritually relevant. Bypassing this truth blind sights our bigger vision. And in this way, we can be engaged in escapism, willfully escaping the fact that we need to encourage inclusivity as our experience of enlightenment is not far above us but right among us. It is an act of reverence, a homage to our sacred selves, not a feigned but an unfeigned one.

The more we emphasize on the division between spirituality and humanness, the more we turn away from our needed transformation. Instead of exemplifying divinity in our human soul, we symbolize the avaricious human nature. Rather than symbolizing the idyllic humanism, we engage in typifying the power hungry, predatory beings.

From this perspective, spiritual wisdom and emotional wisdom are synonymous. Humanness needs to be tied to spirituality. It is not a higher plane but something that needs to be grounded in us. To embody it is not to rise above but to live in a grounded manner, the way we are sent on this earth. To be all encompassing and inclusive is to live life as grounded spiritual beings, where we personify ourselves as humane humans. Where everyone matters. Everybody’s dreams and despairs, wound and joy, where every struggle, every tear, every bit of emotion acts as a spark. From this belief, we gather together to co-create a humane world for all.

While shifting our focus on humanness, in recent years, rather than just focused on intelligent quotient, we are also focused on multiple intelligences. In this context, it is worth noting that in the previous days when IQ used to the dominant factor in success while choosing a career. Spiritual intelligence is related to emotional intelligence which shapes a person in a better manner. We all feel an innate need to connect to something of the higher power that is timeless, formless and boundless. At the same time, we have an equal urge to connect with other fellow humans and be attentive to them and their needs too. These in turn contribute to the moral, emotional, spiritual shaping of ourselves. Spiritual intelligence is the capacity to behave with others compassionately while maintaining the point of equilibrium inside. So we do not deviate from the center of balance that sustains our stillness. Their wisdom comes through enlightenment  and emerges as a manifestation of love for all sentient beings on this earth. Being among the chaotic circumstances, we are able to maintain the point of placidity the lull and serenity.

Spiritual intelligence brings about a consolidation, a unification in one’s personality, so that the psyche is not torn in an inner turmoil. Spiritual intelligence acts a force of homogenization for one’s entire life, especially the inner life. Gradually we can use this spiritual intelligence to solve other problems in our lives externally. At first, it gifts us internally. Later on, we apply it externally that enriches our lives. So it contributes towards the intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, enhancing the betterment of our lives. Spiritual intelligence beings a manner of functioning that is harmonized and not conflictual. The person’s efforts are directed towards a greater overarching purpose which carries a profound meaning, an insightful vision. That in turn contributes towards the shaping of a humane human.

As the person transcends the compressed sense of self or the ego self, the impacts are observed all around. The ability to experience transcendental and mystical state of consciousness leads to enlightenment so he/she can experience a sense of oneness with all things and beings. They gently guide the person in finding sanctification in all experiences and identification of a higher purpose in all their activities. So they can cope and even find meaning in traumatic experiences. Gradually, spiritual intelligence extracts a person out of the constricted self and propels him/her towards a higher self, like a humane human.





Author.....Jayita Bhattacharjee....born in Calcutta, India and later on education from University of Houston in Economics, she had chosen her career as a trustee and teacher. Her Indian residence is in the vicinity of the famous Belurmath. Currently, she is settled in Tampa, Florida. Her books " The Ecstatic Dance of Life", " Sacred Sanctuary", " Light of Consciousness", " Dewdrops of Compassion" " are among the many that she has authored.



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