Dear friends,

one of the biggest karmicons, lies is that Evil is Good, necessary, useful and mandatory for our progress. They need Evil because they feed with negative energy so they praise Evil.

Don’t be naive. Good is Good and Evil is Evil. There is nothing Good in Evil is nothing Evil in Good. Evil is Evil, unnecessary, harmful and deadful. Karmicons heinously forced us to be partial and shortly bad so they can abuse us.

Wake up, release all harmful behaviors and be what you really are: Wonderful Beings of Love and Wisdom. 100% Good and 0% Evil.

The 6. part is here:

Existence is not in a balance of Good and Evil. Just to say is in balance is nonsense. To say is not is absurd. Existence is a closed system, and it has a permanent configuration of All That Is. The configuration is as it is. All is already as It Is. Existence is not bad and it doesn’t need reparation.  

There is very little Evil in Existence. Most of it is Absolute Awareness and Energy, then Love in different and singular expressions, and after the long and wide nothing there is at the bottom Evil and it’s singular and small evils.  

All that are praising Evil they need it for themselves.

They are destroyers and they are possessed and addicted to Evil. Evil is their anti-beingness, their feeling of personal core and identity. They need Evil the same as drunks alcohol and drug users drugs to get stoned.  

They are not aware of Awareness and they are empty. Only when they are stoned, they feel something concrete in their selves. Evil beings need Evil in any form so he can feel »normal«. He needs to do mental, emotional or physical violence, better all of them, it will scream and hurt more.  

That’s why karmicons say life must be hard, it must hurt. They are drugging themselves with the suffering of other people. They are filling their void with their pain. that’s why they are full of Evil and Bad. They feel strong when they torture others. Natural power is beneficial to all. They abuse power and turn it to violence.  

When they beat somebody, they squeeze their muscles and think they are strong. Milutin, one visitor from other planets, who is long gone home, said to one of the karmicons: »Do you think you are strong if you are violent?«. 

I often remember that when I see the dog owners wildly pulling the collars and literally lifting the dogs in the air. Their biceps squeeze and they feel the power. Otherwise, they are weak and they like to pull the rope so they can feel more powerful. They enjoy it as they have the feeling they control the dog. That’s why they bought it:)

That is the position of the controller, the chain must be always tight and the slave must be on the short leash. So that is clear who is the Boss. And who is the »dog«. 

Satan is personalized Evil and theirs anti-god they worship and pray. Their »creativity« is destruction.

They are always on the second spot as they must first wait that creators create something so they can then destroy it. The destroyers completely depend on the creators. 

The only thing that they »create« is constructing more ways of Evil, harming, torturing, destroying and killing.  

So-called karmicons Good is not the real Good. It is present only for the contrast to Evil so that late one hurts more. So the »good« karma is here just that bad one looks better. 

If Evil would be important for Existence, there would be much more of it, at least as much as Good, but is not.

If Evil would be so special and precious as the karmicons are claiming, there would be the most of it in Existence. But is not. In that case, the Absolute Awareness would be Evil, too, but is not. Also, Energy would be Evil, at least half of It, but is not.  


Karmicons need Evil for them personally so they constructed a story of scale. For them, the ideal ratio between Good and Evil is 50:50, fifty-fifty, black-and-white, yin-yang. In fact, there is over 99.9999% of Good and only 0.0000000 and so on 1.  

Because karmicons sadists didn’t like the natural ratio, they invented their own formula. There have to be at least 50% of Evil and 50% of Good, but just as collateral of the Evil. In fact, 50% of »Good« is just a mask for 100% of Evil. 

To reach their perfect balance, they increased the amount of Evil and they are still increasing it to reach their false, dark and bloody 50% of Evil. With that, they are glorifying it and taking care is at least 50% of it. Rather more, way more.

They will use that as the false fact that the »balance« is necessary. One visitor from karmicons prison on planet Brot said, that they told them that: »Evil must be evenly distributed.«. Or simply, Evil must be everywhere.  

Their perfect balance is that they are on one side and we are on the other side of scale suffering. On the one side is Evil and on the other side is Bad. Not only 50:50 but 50+50 and 100% of Evil. 

To be continued.

Senad Dizdarević is the author of a new model of simultane and natural way of life in which we are all real, original and sovereign beings. He is also a planetary mentor for awakening and development of the planet Palki. Senad is the author of book series »Letters to Palkies Messages to my friends on another planet« and book »You are not your mind, you are Beautiful Being of Pure Awareness«. Visit him at

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