The Most Amazing Way to Experience Magick in your Life

The Most Amazing Way to Experience Magick in your Life

By Diane Wing, M.A., all rights reserved

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Category:  Personal Growth

You are the Canvas of Magick, your own Great Work. It is the act of transcending the self and evolving through understanding our role in the physical realm while connecting with the divine. Magick deals with manifest reality and deals with the very nature of reality or perceived reality. The Canvas of the Self must connect with the divine or spirit to work, i.e. that which is beyond ourselves.

There is a process and timing for everything. The process of completing the unique picture only you can paint on this Canvas includes deep self-awareness, the development of a will (self-control and self-discipline), and connection to Divine Will (guidance).

More and more, patterns emerge of waiting until one thing occurs before another one can be acted upon. For example, a complex dental procedure needs to follow a certain order and process that occurs over time. Each action occurring in a specified order to produce a particular result. Healing may need to occur between stages. These actions cannot be rushed and their order must be maintained.
When looking for similar circumstances, in most cases, we have no power to rush it along, regardless of how anxious we are to get to the end result.

The same goes for the development of the Self, understanding that there is a process to what must be learned or experienced and to foster needed healing before the next leg of the journey begins. We are the Canvas of our lives and all magickal moments of inspiration and transformation are what we paint with. We determine, consciously or subconsciously the picture that results, and it cannot be rushed.
The Great Work of the Self has no ending, except for the end of your physical presence at some point and the beginning of your spiritual presence and opportunity to continue the journey in a different form. The process continues. Along the way we pause to reflect and to gain inspiration as we heal wounds and fill in the empty spaces on the Canvas with new insights.

The interesting part is that it is a non-linear act of creation, that is, there is no first this [specific thing] and then that [other specific thing] can be determined in order to come fully into the Self and complete the picture. Unlike the dental procedure analogy above, which has very detailed steps with one part contingent upon the next, the process of life is a bit messier. Each journey is unique and requires only that the individual be true to their own nature and follow a path that zig zags in accordance with the lessons at hand.

There are times when we paint our Canvas with the colors of joy and hope and other times when the colors muddy and our canvas becomes dark and brooding, pushing the brush harder onto the canvas to reflect temporary storm clouds, only to lighten it later when the clouds move away and we can once again paint with the bright inner light of the sun.

We have all experienced setbacks at one time or another that created the need to approach a situation differently or to take stock of our changing values or motivations. These disturbances are in place to make us go deeper into ourselves and to experience disruption to show us how we handle it.
As with oil paints, once a layer dries, it is easy to paint over the layer underneath. The underlying layers do not go away; they become part of the foundation for the subsequent layers. We build upon our experience and our lessons, one on top of the other, using the past to create the future and to add touches of our own magick along the way.

The magick we add to the Canvas is our unique nature, the Inner Magick that we bring with us along the way that allows us to express our gifts in ways that uplift ourselves and others.

So, what are you painting on your Canvas? Are there shackles and dark, empty skies or is there triumph over the darkness with raised arms and a beaming heart? Take stock of what you paint on your Canvas and with which medium. If you do not like the picture, trust that it is possible to paint over it and start again, while infusing it with the Inner Magick that makes your Canvas come alive with your unique nature.


Diane Wing, M.A. is a tree hugger, avid reader, blockage buster, perspective changer, creator, and pet parent to a Shih Tzu named Chrissy. She gets energized from continuous learning and strives to help her clients be happy in the present while creating their ideal future. If you’re tired of skimming the surface of what’s holding you back and are ready to see things differently, go to

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Comment by Regina Chouza on March 11, 2016 at 4:29pm

Hi Diane, Thanks for submitting this article, I enjoyed reading it

I'm sending it to the publishers for possible inclusion in an upcoming edition. I may tag it as personal growth and/or metaphysics, and they can decide on the section.Thanks again for your submission! 

Reiki hugs,


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