''Are We Chasing Our Dreams In Fear Of Them Not Coming True?''

There seems to be a certain panic that hits us as we reach a certain age.
As we get older there's a ''quickening'' in the air and a pressure as to what we are expected to be, have or do by a specific 'time' frame. This ''quickening'' emerges and life seems to become a manic rush, a mad countdown, a bit like NYE as we rush around to be somewhere within an ideal timing.
However a lot of the time we miss the ambience, the build up, the experience of it all in our search once again for the end result.
We want the instant gratification don't we! 

It's like driving through the most scenic places with our eyes solely focused on the driving wheel.
The roads are empty- Imagine the route 66- somewhere beautiful and interesting and we can bask in the nature, the smells, the way it all feels.. But no, we miss out on the views and all that they offer us because we're too busy trying to get to somewhere else! It as if we're at times blinded to the beauty of life, to our surroundings or we've just become accustomed to them and therefore so much eludes us which is a very sad though.-Excuse the overwhelming visuals -even thinking about the ''quickness'' makes the mind spin!

So (Back to the present) -In this ''quickening'' place- all of a sudden we 'must' reproduce, we 'must' get married, get that house, be that person, do that thing before we can do that other thing and then that other thing and so forth... 
And then, only then shall we be happy! 
Do you see that this is another illusion we feed ourselves? 
What happened to enjoying and being in that ephemeral glow of the much anticipated; 'Happy New Year?" or any celebratory event? 
The biggest one we seem to forget about; the daily celebration of our lives? -We're probably all too busy with our resolutions and implementing them- no doubt with a hangover in an over zealous naivety. Haha! Don't we just love to do things the hard way! 

It feels like a chasing of our dreams in fear that they will not come true in a naturally flowing way, instead we think we must force it to happen. Indeed there's a level that is active in pursuing what we want in our lives and also there's a passivity where we can also remain open and receptive to life.
We can feel very fearful or choose not to entertain the latter as we're instilled with this fear that tells us that sitting back shall not bring what we want fast enough or even more cynically, not at all.
We even get annoyed at this 'Nonchalance' ...Isn't this a lack of trust in what is meant to be shall be.. 

With this in mind, are we blocking ourselves from receiving in a myriad of ways because we become so fixated on things having to be an exact time, or for our lives to unfold in a controlled fashion?
Because only then shall we feel satisfied and content?
It's like having tunnel vision where our perspective contracts, yes we can all crave, dream and wish for certain things and truly they are from the heart, but what if we don't get them the way we want them.. Does that mean we can never be happy and is this then saying that everything else in the world is just a lacking second best? 

It's easy to see how we can create prisons around ourselves, an apparatus of how things should be then delude ourselves to believe that this prison is in fact freedom. 
The mind is mad in that sense, we trick and fool ourselves.
We do it all the time in one way or another.
We trick ourselves into believing that if we do XYZ and after getting (Enter desire here) then all will be perfect. Of course we can create our futures to be beautiful, wonderful etc etc, but first we must question; is this imagining of our 'perfect' future an escape from the present moment?
Is this a denial of where we find ourselves at right now? 

So we must take into consideration our heart-felt wishes alongside the dynamic of 'control' and an inability to surrender to life and its numberless avenues. We put so much pressure on ourselves to attain that which is perhaps changeable and impermanent then equally dismiss everything which is fixed and present; The Now, right now. What complex creatures we are! 

We read and loosely quote expressions such as 'It's not the destination it's the journey'
My point is; How often do we really embody this truthfully? 
Can we allow ourselves to slow down a little, to take in our surroundings, to deepen our breath, to life, to our ourselves, to our dreams?

Can we (even if we start today) try to let go of our expectations of how we feel things should be and attempt to accept them, maybe even enjoy our presence stance, just as it is, as they are, as we are?? 

...'Carpe Diem'. 

Zowie Conway 

www.zowieconwayhealing.co.uk ;

Zowie is a London based Healer/Massage Therapist/Writer. 

Zowie enjoys writing about the myriad of experiences in life influenced by a holistic and spiritual perspective.
The themes she generally likes to explore are; vulnerability, authenticity, being in our power, being present in the here and now, finding our balance and connecting with our hearts. She has also self-published a book of poetry called ''Unmasked'' which can be bought through her website, iTunes and Amazon.

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Ok I've updated 

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