Many a people, and ism, have a beef against the word Om.

Are they justified? Or is their objection to the usage of Om, especially in the practice of yoga or even otherwise, a nescience - a somewhat non-knowing of higher metaphysical matters as such? And is the rather ostentatious over-use of the word Om by some over-enthusiastic yoga practitioners a little too much as to be inedible, especially in foreign lands?

Well, yes, and no!

Frankly, the word Om or Aum does have some significance. But it is so in a certain limited context, in the metaphysical realmBut at the level of the absolute, a definite no! For, the ultimate reality is self-created, unconditioned, eternal truth of what is. Not sound, but silence is the natural state of the being-ness of the 'it-ness' of which is.

Yet, it must be added, without doubt Om does seem to do something surreal or the other in the seeker, while chanting it - whether one knows it or not, during the process.

Some people, especially of my motherland, India, are a bit too inclined to think of Om or Aum as the sound of the universe - of the cosmic existence, so to say. Sorry. It is not.

However, it is also a fact that a sound akin Om may be heard were one to meditate upon it.

And it may come into being even without meditating specifically upon it. Even in the beginning stages of meditative practices. Or it may not. For, the metaphysical happenings in the process of the eternal quest do have a will of their own.

It is not the end experience though.

That is, at the moment of the 'that' which is the 'it' of all - in the supra wondrous moment of self-revelation, enlightenment, self-realization or in 'rapture' - no such sound is heard.

Nor does it enter into the calculation of the finality of it all. During the revelation of what is.

  • But does chanting Om or Aum have some practical metaphysical benefit, for the meditating being?
  • Does it enhance one’s performance as if, in one's spiritual quest?
  • And does it aid in getting the ‘that’ of the final reality - of finding God, so to say?

Well, it seems to help. 

Sages of afore, the ancient freemystics of India do favour its usage.

For, this particular sound, or an audible vibration akin its outwardly enunciated word - Om/Aum - is definitely heard at some stage during one’s metaphysical quest and spiritual seeking of the ultimate truth and reality.

Therefore, this much is sure, Om or Aum is a checked out, an empirical but an ethereal self-experience, and a proven metaphysical happening that occurs in the seeking of ‘it': the absolute, of what is.

One may benefit from it, as one may from a voice or a sound guiding us towards our aimed for destination. Like say, a friend you are going to visit, hailing you in the dark, and guiding your steps as though toward the path leading to his house in the deep stillness of a particularly mischievous night. 

So, yes Om is helpful in leading the seeker to the path, of that which is.

  • But could one do without it?
  • Were one not to chant Om or Aum during meditation or in the process of one’s seeking, would it hinder a seeker's quest?
  • Could one yet get the ultimate truth?

To that the answer is a definite yes.

For, eventually the enfolding of the 'god particle' so to say, is unbound to any doings or undoings of one’s own. It is a matter of divine grace.

It, the divine truth and its reality, dawns upon whom it may.

Even upon a fool. But a divine fool, needless to say. So, simply put, the truth or enlightenment may, and does, dawn upon the devotee who pleases the comic/universal self - that which most of humankind addresses as God, or as the Lord Almighty. Though the almighty reality is no human-like entity, it must be clarified. On a metaphysical level.

Thus the question arises, “Should a seeker chant Om/Aum in one’s meditative practice?”

Of course, one should.

Could one do without it? Indeed one may.

Though one should not. For, a wise seeker does not ignore sagacious advice. Especially so if taking up the 'good word', benefits somehow in one’s quest for ‘it’ - the truth of whatsoever is.

So, be a divine fool, if you have to be a fool.


Author's Bio: Metaphysical poet, yoga practitioner for more than 40 years, transcendental meditation and kundalini yoga etc. expert for 25 plus years, Th.D. (Theology and Divinity), PhD (Religious Studies and Metaphysics).

Summary: The article sheds light on the metaphysics of the word 'Om'.

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Comment by Fakeer Ishavardas on May 30, 2017 at 9:15pm

Okay, thanks. Sorry to have taken so much of your precious time. Have a nice weekend.

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