The release of judgment and fear is a beneficial practice for anyone on a spiritual journey. Though spirituality is a big tent with numerous branches of practice and belief, the seeking of connection to a higher consciousness is a common thread. Imagine establishing a practice where, when faced with yet another crisis, we immediately see it from a higher perspective of non-judgment. 

If your belief system is one that allows the idea of a non-judgmental higher consciousness, then connecting to that energy and drawing that perspective to your human consciousness is possible. Our world is full of contrasts—positive things to appreciate, desire, and enjoy, as well as negative, or unwanted things that we don’t want to experience, and perhaps even fear.

Fear being the powerful negative force that it is, if allowed to run amok, can wreak havoc on our lives. A brief glimpse of current events showcases the impact of fear. If you’re a believer in the law of attraction, you likely understand how fear attracts more things of like nature to be fearful of. 

Fear can be a positive motivator, a powerful emotion driving you to steer clear of a potentially harmful situation. But there is a tipping point, where fear begins to stifle our expansive ideas and even motivate us to act irrationally, such as clicking on the “you’ve been hacked” link, which actually activates the hack, or buying all the toilet paper at the beginning of a pandemic. 

Since the beginning of recorded history, fear has been used to control us. Politics, religion, even marketing, all use fear to motivate us. Modern news media uses fear to keep us tuned in. We’ve been fed a steady diet of fear all our lives. So how do we detune the fear mechanism and begin living life fearlessly? Where we chase our dreams and fall in love and color outside the lines of life? 

This is where the zooming out technique can change your life. It starts with accepting that negative things are part of our world, and that at their best, serve the purpose of the creation of solutions that advance, or expand, our being and our society. 

We observe something we do not want and we have two options: 1.) Hold a negative emotion such as anger or fear and then move away from the topic to sooth ourselves, essentially forgetting about it until it comes around again, as things often do. Or 2.) Experience the anger or fear and then “zoom out” to a higher perspective. One where we are all eternal beings, here having a temporary human experience, one of infinite renditions of such. In this zoomed-out perspective, you can establish a point of view where there are no accidents, no victims, because all experiences serve our expansion. If what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and if there is no real death because we are all eternal, then suddenly the pressure of life is released, if only a bit, and the zoom out is possible. 

This practice assumes you hold a belief in an eternal state of being that transcends physical life. But if we are all capable of free thought and free will, why can we not use that thought to our advantage and create a reality where negative aspects of the world actually serve a purpose and can be detuned, rather than just believing that unwanted things are simply evil and must be stopped. Sure, we can solve problems, and that’s the driver of creation, but as soon as we solve one, another inevitably presents itself. We’ve seen zero evidence of the end of unwanted things in our world, and holding on to hope that all problems will eventually be solved robs us of our power to change our reaction to one of empowerment. 

When we move from the initial negative emotion, to one of a higher perspective empowerment, we are in a far better position to solve a problem than by simply labeling it evil, hating the source of it, and then feeling powerless to solve it. 

Imagine having a negative experience cross your news feed. You get angry and allow it to drag your emotions down to worry or regret or some other form of negative emotion. You spend time torturing yourself until you tire of that and either forget about it or solve it. 

Now, imagine having that same negative experience. You stop, breathe, and zoom out. You think from a higher perspective of no fear and no judgment, you recall other problems you’ve solved before or things you’ve seen differently with time and distance softening the impact. You play the game of remembering when something seemed monumental one day, and in time, had less and less power in your mind. Now apply this to your current dilemma, breathe and relax, and take judgment and fear out of the equation. Say to yourself, “If I am fearless; if I am not judging, how do I feel about this?”  

This is a powerful practice, and it gets easier and easier the more you use it. If you’ve been on a steady diet of reactionary fear your entire life, this will take time to develop. But you will begin shifting your experiences to a more and more positive, empowered reaction to every unwanted encounter by remembering to zoom out. 

David Strickel 

OmTimes Radio host, Author, Channel and Creator of the TYA Practice. 

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