If you could visualize the perfect world, what would it be? How would humanity interact? What would they live in? What's the condition of our planet? How are large populations contained? Is there hope for humanity? These, are just a few of the ponderings of futurist Jacque Fresco, a visionary leader that has gone beyond the thought process of the mind and created real solutions!


The Venus Project is the lifelong work of Jacques Fresco a scientist, designer, inventor, social engineer, author, producer, public speaker and much more. He illuminates the destructive path of humanity and the causes, then offers constructive alternatives for the future of earth. The Venus project takes the best of science and technology and integrates them into a comprehensive plan, a global vision for society of human environmentally conscious living. 


Jacque coined the term Resource Based Economy, which is a holistic socioeconomic system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. Imagine living in a world like that. His premise is that the Earth is abundant with plentiful resources that the practice of rationing them through monetary methods is irrelevant and counterproductive to the survival of humanity.


Today, on earth the means exist to care for all species, to see the beauty in each person as a being of infinite possibilities. Our birthright is to live in peace and harmony, raise our families without struggle and breath fresh clean air on this precious planet we call home.  Jacques, resourced based economy frees the need for artificial boundaries and barriers that are separating people on this planet. Instead it unifies because the world's resources are held as the common heritage of Earth's people. Must mention, this has nothing to do with the world order to which governments are referring.   In a resource-based economy everyone is empowered to be the best they can be and not live in servitude to a corporate governing body.


 His alternative vision for a new world civilization redesigns the inadequacies of worldviews and beliefs on poverty, hunger, human suffering, debt, and environmental destruction creating a higher sense of ethical standards for our planet with technological advancements that benefit all species on earth. Jacque’s view of a global resource-based civilization encourages peaceful self-fulfillment, creativity both materially and spiritually where people are no longer in servitude or overwhelmed with debt. His vision creates a society where human rights are a way of life and all live within inmate sense of the preciousness of earth and all species.


Taking the best of science, technology, human minds, true futurists the Venus project offers you a glimpse into plan for a better way of life.




Cities around the world are are failing.  Functional at one time, leaders spend vast amount of money and resources applying band-aids to hold them together. Infrastructure is failing, there's overcrowding, transportation issues, unhappy people, pollution of various forms,  and a high cost of living  to stay or be trapped there among  more serious issues.


Jacque offers, “it would be far easier and would require less energy to build new, efficient cities than to attempt to update and solve the problems of the old ones.”  The Venus project, has designed futuristic cities that take the earth into consideration by building geometrically elegant structures that facilitate efficient transportation and are a beauty to behold.


All facets of life are taken into consideration, by working cultural activities, entertainment beautiful parks, community service needs, dining and other amenities, residential districts, agricultural needs, renewable clean sources of energy such as using wind, solar, heat concentrating systems, geothermal photovoltaic, hydroponics and built-in irrigation systems for outdoor organic agricultural needs. These cities is designed without costing a resource-based economy releasing and freeing people from the monotonous tasks that consume us now allowing all have quality time to prosper and grow to their full potential.


Consider the world around us, without zoos or aquariums.  Where animals of all species are free to live and roam.  Picture a city in the sea, with large under water windows where you could view Marine life in its natural habitat.  Some of the cites would be floating and could be used as hospitals or forms of traveling entertainment for the masses visiting various continents. Others may be securely fastened to the sea floor offering an underwater lifestyle with views of reefs and towers rising above the water for docking of ships and viewing of the sky.


Sea cites could be oceanographic universities that maintain ecological balances of many marine systems or farms that cultivate marine life.



Houses would be prefabricated in hours with skins containing photovoltaic cells. Those homes are maintenance-free, fireproof, would be resistant to hurricanes and earthquakes and placed anywhere on our planet.  “Thermopanes” would filter out bright sunlight when necessary;  thermal generators and heat concentrators to balance the energy features that power the entire household.



Jacque has looked at a variety of forms of energy that are earth friendly taking into consideration societal needs.  As geothermal energy advances, it is foreseeable that various geographical regions in the world on land and sea could be used to generate clean energy for thousands of years.


The oceans are filled with currents by harnessing the energy created in the gulf stream with turbines clean electric power can be generated taking into consideration all forms of marine life by adding deflectors to the design which prevent injury to life in the oceans.


Thinking outside the box,  how about a land bridge connecting Asia and North America across the Bering Strait that can be used to generate electrical power and much more. Tunnels both above and below would provide transportation zones year-round for people and freight.


Our star, the sun sends earthward over 10,000 times the world's yearly energy consumption.  Harnessing a portion of that energy via photovoltaic panels and new forms of storage batteries  we could build large-scale plants positioning them across the earth both on land and in the sea and have our energy needs met.



The size of our planet necessitates sensible means of transportation for the populous and freight on land, sea, and in the air. The Venus project is taken all of that into consideration by designing advanced sea crafts, freighters, and streamlined automobiles with levitation, air and flight capabilities. New forms of aircraft and air terminals with futuristic designs create faster methods of air transportation. High-speed transcontinental mag-lev trains integrated across the planet were designed to conserve energy.


Want to Know More?


The Venus Project is based on the fulfillment of one’s individual pursuits rather than the acquisition of wealth power and property. Right now, there are enough resources on earth to provide a very high standard of living for all species on our planet.


The vision of Jacque Fresco focuses on the sustainability of our planet for the betterment of all.  If I meet him, I’d kiss him for having a vision such as this.  It is a ‘veritable blueprint for the genesis of a new world civilization’ one with earth’s and humanities best interests in view.


Currently the Venus Project desires to create a major motion picture and build a research city and is seeking funding to initiate construction. To find out more visit: www.thevenusproject.com


Robin Coventry is a citizen for the improvement of humanity and our precious planet.  She is the founder of Coati Theta Healing where she is an instructor and practitioner. www.coatitheta.com

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Comment by Robin Coventry on October 6, 2013 at 10:31am
There are many more photos for this article.

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