The World Soul is Waking and will Occupy Everywhere.


The World Soul is Waking and will Occupy Everywhere.


        What we call forth will heal us, what is not called forth and repressed will cause us suffering and pain.  The World Soul is aching and writhing because we have denied and distracted ourselves with the material world. 


        Those who Occupy Wall Street and other cities across the world are frustrated and their Souls are calling out for more than equality in equity but are seeking unity and harmony, and they are doing it in equanimity; apparently the revolution will be televised. 


        While the 1% is extracting what they can from the economy and our political leaders do anything but lead, while sowing the seeds of derision to keep people arguing so as distract us from realizing we all have a vested interest in the welfare of our neighbors, and the least of us, the World Soul is waking and rising up to seek what it needs to be whole and healthy.


        I find it amazing that the Billionaires who pay a smaller percentage in tax then their secretaries who speak out for the 99ners are attacked.  The audacity of those with more money than God who go on the attack is mind blowing.


 Good luck getting that camel through the eye of the needle. 


        Render unto Caesar what is Caesars’s.  I have a dollar in my checking account right now, and I don’t have a job, and I need to pay my child support, but they are welcome to that dollar if they really need it.  I am frustrated as hell because what they call money is not the only currency.  Love, empathy, goodwill, peace, compassion and understanding are so much more valuable and are currencies that help to move us onward, inward, and upward; these are worth the time and the effort, and Caesar is welcome to these too.

        I am not naïve; I know every job is based on the process of taking money from someone else, be it an individual or entity; however, and whatever the means to exchange or extract money, and its illusion from the other.  You may be peddling a product or a service, but –

 The bottom-line is the bottom-line there is no way around it.

        I recently took a part time job managing a kiosk at the mall; you know those little booths or carts at the mall, you know the ones where they jump out at you and try to sell you some sea salt from Israel or that your child should be a model, or maybe it is summer sausage and a brick of cholesterol guaranteed to clog your arteries. Well, I reacted in fear like I always do; it is my pathology, because I don’t want to get behind in my child support payments because I am a good man and I want to take care of my responsibilities.  Even though I struggle with money I try to do my best.  Hind sight being 20/20, maybe massage therapy wasn’t the best mid life career change, but it is my life path, and it helped me in so many ways regardless. My practice took a nose dive when gas went to $4.50 a gallon and hasn’t recovered, so I do what I can.  But, I digress…

                I found myself at a kiosk selling cholesterol with no real training.  The training that I did receive I found repugnant.  There was an entire segment dedicated on how to fire a brand saboteur.  If someone sighed or rolled their eyes they are not far from being let go without prejudice.  What made me not return the second day is when I realized I was targeting people who I thought would enjoy the delicious samples I had to offer and would subsequently buy what I had.  When I found myself preying on grotesquely overweight women on scooters, and then other overweight people, and then people because of their socioeconomic group, I physically found myself sick.  I am not a Pollyanna I was in the corporate world, and know to be a hungry shark and feed with the best of them, but I left that world.  What the hell was I doing? 

My Soul was sick and my Heart was not in it.  I have to not live in a fear based space but have a Positive Mental Attitude and have faith that I will find what I need and do what I need to without compromising my principles and my SOUL.

Just how my Soul awoke so it is with the World Soul; what we see, hear, feel, is not right, but more so… it is not working.  The World Soul like a tidal wave will rush in and flood what is empty or weak and will seek to heal itself and make right, not with might but with light, so help US God.

In the Kybalion it tells us: “The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.”  Perhaps people are ready and more apt lately to be still and listen.  All the wisdom of the ages is out there for us to access, and all the great truths are Universal.  I besiege you to let your ears understand, open your hearts and minds and know that we are ONE without equivocation we are ONE MIND sharing ONE SOUL, and LOVE is the answer forever and forever amen. 


Jeffrey Scott Turnbull

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